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Need a Lender or Broker for borderline credit score.
I need to move soon and I would really like to purchase. My current credit scores are 591, 583, 596, but of course those are FAKOs or Plus scores. I got those scores with no credit cards at all, except…
What exactly is PMI?
What exactly is PMI
Parking spots in Charlestown
Does anyone know the approx. value of an garage parking spot in Charlestown? We plan to start looking for a condo next spring and would like 2 garage spots. Can anyone guesstimate what enclosed parking…
My cousin just pointed out my unit 16 Claremont Park, Unit #4 , Boston is incorrectly listed as a 1 bedroom/1 bath. It is a 2 bedroom/1 bath unit...
and was listed as a 2 bedroom/ 1 both when I bought in 1990. How does that get corrected? Each bedroom has a full closet in case you were wondering.
Can anyone give me the inside scoop on a program called Fresh Steps? Is this program even offered still?
I was about to qualify for a new conventional loan after waiting the two year period following a Short Sale from my previous home. When all of a sudden Frannie and Freddie decided to make it a 4 year…
We were never disclosed we were buying a home short sale.
We were in the process of buying a home that was never able to close as the seller couldn't get a payoff. The seller was trying to get a short sale approved and we were never told it was a short…
is there any 'concern' about the SW vs NW porta vista communities...it seems like the NW is a bit far out from shopping...any other or -- ?
the better prices seem to be on the newer NW porto vista units...is that because they are so far from shopping,cinemas,restaurants...or is it taxes, or crime or something else???? the SW area looks like…
I wanted to buy a brand new house in Rochester Hills located at Hamlin by Livernois. However, there are only 11 lots in this new neighborhood.
My question is if the size of neighborhood would affect the resale value of the house. Would people not buy a house because the neighborhood is too small?
What are the long term risks and things to look out for when buying in an over 55 community in central NJ?
For example, does it take substantially longer to sell in those communities? Do the HOA fees in new communities trend up quickly, or do they tend to remain fairly stable?
My family is being transferred for my husbands job to Homewood, il. We have to children (3 and 5) and our main concern are the schools.
We are looking at areas in the South West suburbs that don't have more than a 45 minute commute to Homewood. Our budget is 420K or less. We like newer homes in family friendly neighborhoods where the kids…
Frustrated with restrictive lending. Have perfect credit. Have no debt. Have all equity in my rental property. Have 825 fico. have one problem:
income/debt ratio only obstacle to purchasing my.home. Any private lenders???? Any conventional lender, broker can't help..ive tried... Need a loan asap. Im zero risk. Perfect credit. landlord…
How do I know if I should offer more or less than the listing price in Singer Island?
Is there a difference if I'm looking for a single family home versus a condo, or some other type of property?
Are there any condo complexes in Bradenton that allow motorcycles, and if so, which ones?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3103527689-4850-51st-St-W-9103-Bradenton-FL-34210
What if I'm intending to quit my job after a joint home loan is approved?
A few months ago, my husband and I made the decision to downsize on our home so that I could quit my current job and work part-time while I finish my last year of law school. We were trying to ensure…
Selling, and then buying... without a W2 showing income for one spouse.
I'm looking to sell my home, and purchase another. However, I don't have a W2 showing income. Yet, I'm paying my current mortgage and other utilities with no problems (no lates, etc). I'd like to sell…
How much should a HOA have in cash reserves for a building with roughly 20 units?
We're interested in a property that has about 200 units but has about 300k in reserves. There is also a special assessment coming up that is a couple million. The seller indicates they will pay the special…
Manhole Sewer in the Backyard. How bad is this?
I signed a purchase agreement 5 months back and now my property near to completion (about couple of months away from closing) I knew that there was a manhole sewer in my backyard but now when I see my…
I own a home and my fiance owns a home both in AZ. We are moving in a month to MI. Can we keep both our homes in AZ and buy one in MI together. Z
We have mortgages on both houses in az and will have on the house in MI. We can qualify for all three so that is not the issue. I just dont want to pay higher rates for my mortgages like I am an investor.
I'm trying to find out who is showing the house at 108 cedar glen dr williamston sc 29697. I lived there in Sept of this year. We put a change
of address in at post office. My husband's old employer sent a very important package to that by fed ex on nov 5th by mistake. Just trying to locate the package. Please if the company can help us…
Purchasing a home with a homestead tax relief in Monroe County pa, mount pocono.
Purchasing a home with a homestead tax relief in Monroe County pa, mount pocono...When I purchase the home...will the stated tax go up because it is a homesteas?
How can I tell if a house has liens on it?
3920 Eton Pl Sarasota, Fl 34241
I am in need of buyers agent with proven experience in closing Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac REO properties. Need referrals/suggestions please!
I want someone who is detail oriented (as I can be a bit of a control freak) and very diligent, as I know that the paperwork can sometimes make or break a deal with these REOs. I am specifically interested…
How do I change my search city?
Cannot find how to opt out of search?
I'm thinking about buying from a bank a house it is holding in foreclosure. I've signed a contract to work through my real estate agent
in that commu agent in that community. Does this apply in regard to foreclosures? And does the agent receive the same percentage commission when the purchase is of a house in foreclosure?
If the home inspection found problems with windows that were cosmetic, can I ask the seller to repair?
My realtor says most times sellers refuse to repair cosmetic problems. But if I repair it, it will cost me $225 per window (3 windows seep air) which is alot to me...I'm already paying a lot in closing…
Home buying and selling in New York?
Food and that's why you feel terrific because you don't have to go through that withdrawal you and that's also why we have the two days at the initial loading period to just allow your body to get used…
I'm no resident USA,but I have had fill out DV lottery this year.If I'll have good result ,may I purchase a home(house)in USA?Thanks!
If I'll have success and became winner,who can help me to find new home or work for the first time in USA?I'm not have any friends or relations over there.House or flat which I want to buy should…
House or condo?
I'm 20 years old. My girlfriend and I are looking for our own place. We've thought about a condo compared to buying an actual house. we don't plan on staying in a home forever if we do buy…
How much of a problem is polybutylene piping?
We are thinking of buying a house in the area that has PB pipes. Is it worth trying to find another property? How much of a hazard are PB pipes? How many houses in the area have them? Thanks!
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