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where can i find past sales history of house's in kure beach?
wife and i bought house in 2002 and she past away in jan of 03, i recently sold the house and my accountant did not do afair market value on my tax return in 2003, now i need to come up with compareble…
where can i find past sales history of house's in kure beach?
wife and i bought house in 2002 and she past away in jan of 03, i recently sold the house and my accountant did not do afair market value on my tax return in 2003, now i need to come up with compareble…
is this home owner association fee is for monthly or for the whole year?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3108650816-104-Mackenzie-Ln-Stephenson-VA-22656
Is the property above the flood plain?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3097111090-22-Hampton-Rd-Cranford-NJ-07016
How to find waterfront mid-rise or high rise condo in Sarasota or Manatee county?
We are trying to identify condo complexes but are not sure how to go about it. We are looking for something waterfront, top floor, private, quiet and great views. Our budget is up to $300K. We are 65.…
In the last 3 months how many one million $ homes have been sold in Missouri City?
I am interested in a million dollar home but am anxious because I was told that homes over a million dollars are not selling. -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/prop…
what is the lot rent on this home?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3055972894-6223-E-Sahara-Ave-193-Las-Vegas-NV-89142?ecampaign=con_day_propertycomp_bk&eurl=www.trulia.com/property/305…
any small rv rental spots near or in the glendale area?
need pet friendly,laundry on site, mailboxes, sewer, cable/satitlite,water,30/50 amp electric hook-up's,place that will except senior citizins with long ago past felony records
sheridan and jarves
Hous for sell
What could be the problem with this Wells Fargo short sale?
I entered into a Short Sale contract March 10th with the guidelines that we would receive lender approval within 60 days and the closing to be set for June 14th. Sounded too good to be true from what…
Closing June 12th
I have made an offer on a home I fell in love with were supposed to be closing June 12th today's the 11th but the tenant is still there my understanding she was supposed to be out what's going…
looking for some advice,my husband and i would like to put our house on the market we are looking to move to either huron twp or south rockwood areas
we live and have lived downriver for 30yrs,my question is how do i know which agent to go with, so confused some advice would be helpfull Thank you.
Is this unit for rent?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3107420427-4420-Eastport-Blvd-M-5-Little-River-SC-29566?ecampaign=con_day_propertycomp_bk&eurl=www.trulia.com/property…
Question on financing a primary residence in Arizona with FHA and renting out my current home
In 2011 I purchased a property with an FHA loan. For the past 2 years I have renovated the home from top to bottom and last month I was able to do a cash out refinance and refinanced to a conventional…
It will be two years from my bankruptsy in August 2013. I would like to rent a house I can buy in September2013.
A 4/2.5 with 2car garage, pool on a lake,one story. Around Jacaranda Lakes, in Plantation,Florida
Question about Earnest money potential issue?
We were pre-approved for a loan and as of yesterday have submitted the final application for approval. We have an offer on a house costing significantly below the amount we were pre-approved for. We wrote…
Can we sue the seller for lying on the Sellers property information report?
He said there had never been any flooding, no high water table, and no bad odor to the water. They were all lies. The house has had at least 6 floods, has high water table, and rotten egg odor to the water.…
In order to qualify for an FHA loan, how long does my work experience have to be?
I was told by a broker that it should be 6 months and another said 2 years. I took a break when I was pregnant and just started working again. Thank you for any information.
I have about 52,000 in cash to buy a nice livable 3 bedroom house that has a nice size yard but all i see are houses that are 65,000 / 75,000 and
I don't have enough so do you think if i offer 52,000 in cash for a house that wants 65,000 does anyone ever get that lucky for a seller to except what i have because i can't get a loan because i have…
are fences aloud for pets in this community ?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3121396228-581-SW-Saint-Johns-Bay-Port-Saint-Lucie-FL-34986?ecampaign=con_day_propertysearchforsale_bk&eurl=www.trulia…
Which golf course community is recommended for a seasonal golfer looking to purchase a home?
I am from Canada and looking for a winter getaway on a golf course. Since I will only be visiting for 2 months a year, rental potential is a possibility. Looking for 3 bedrooms/2 baths detached.
Anyone knows about 5904 Hidden Pine Ln?
It's 120,000 and hang for half year already. The price looks ok and why still there? And the agent never answer the queston...)
How do I get a loan with excellent credit, large down payment, co-signer yet only have had job for 10 months?
I was a stay-at-home mom for 9 years and wasn't prepared for a sudden divorce. 1 Bank said I don't have enough credit history and made too many inquiries about mortgage pre-qualification. My…
I am a long time retired RE broker from MA/ NH. Sold many homes VA 0 down in 50's 60's 70's. How has the requirments changed since then?
Reason for ? A very personal friend, very qualified for a loan VA is told after the the signing of a real estate agreement that he had to provide a bank statement verifying 10K in sav. act for at least…
Clarification- Home loan for self employed
My husband and I currently own our home California and are planning a move to the Austin area at the 1st of the year. My husband is a self employed truck driver and has been for 9 years. I want to know…
Are lending programs available that offer construction funds for a short sale?
one loan covering construction (rehab) and mortgage
A lot of the houses that come up in my searches are sold, but they do not state this on the website. How often is this updated?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3115864886-326-Reist-St-Williamsville-NY-14221
me and my family are moving to san Antonio June 2014, my wife can get a job transfer I will be starting with a new company.
my question is can we start applying for a mortgage even if don't live and work there yet? or will they go by our income here?
Is there a way to limit the Search Selection criteria to only show 1 story houses?
I'm looking for a house in the 2000 - 2500 sq ft range that is single story on a lot size between 1/3 - 1/2 acre. I'm getting a lot of suggestions from Trulia but about 90% of the homes are…
Mortgage loan with itin #???
My husband and I would like to know if we can get a loan with his itin number to purchase a home. I do have a ssn but i do not report any taxes since i just got it and i work for myself. Can anyone let…
what is the winter temperatures?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3111376252-4440-Boyce-Dr-Joseph-City-AZ-86032
I grew up in a house @ 200 Narragansett Ave,I heard the city changed the numbers on address,Is this correct?! Would anyone know the new number now?!?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3117635062-Single-Family-Home-Long-Branch-NJ-07740
Looking for rental investment SFH in Toledo with cash flow at least $400
I am looking out for good rental investment SFH in toledo with cash flow of at least $400 (after taking out property management fees, vacancy, maintenance etc). My budget for the house is around $35K and…
what are the requirments to buying a home for the first time?
I have been curious about if I qualify for purchasing a home. Currently I have a pretty decent credit score, im young and have a pretty decent career and I am also in the Air force reserve. Would like…
I have been renting a home that is being sold at sheriffs auction on 7-5-13 in ohio. we do not have a lease.
This is a friend of ours. When do we have to be out or will we be formerly evicted?
I know of people that bought a home for $113,500 using usda and have a mortgage payment of less than $800 including taxes and insurance.
I was looking into the area of horizon city but I know this program will end for that area soon, is there other programs similar that would help with low monthly payments?
is there any real help for a retired combat veteran to save his home from fore-closer.?
i have been in my home for 20 years, i served my country and went to war for everyone's freedom and having finance troubles due to a bad accident that i had 2 1/2 years ago i can not work as much as i…
Value of a finished basement
Looking at homes in the Blount County area, there are several homes with improved finished basements. I always look at cost per square foot when viewing homes to help determine value. Is finished square…
How many acres?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3064022168-3563-Reber-Rd-Fairview-MI-48621
any homes with a "mother in-law's quarters"?
guest house -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3030155332-1608-Sobra-Ct-SE-Albuquerque-NM-87123?ecampaign=con_day_propertycomp_bk&eurl=www.trulia.com/pr…
Hello, Are there any single family 3 bdrms 1.5 bath homes for rent by owner between 14 and 16mi rd in sterling heights approx 1400 to 1600 sqft.
I am looking to move from my current location at least by Aug. 30th. I can afford 1100. I would like a basement along with an attached garage. Please feel free to contact me @transition.dj@gmail.com
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