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Conforming vs Jumbo Loans?
I know for a conforming loan the amount needs to be less or equal to $417K. However, is property taxes and insurance included in the loan amount or is this separate? For example, if I put 20% as a…
how long does it take to get government lien released?
We are purchasing a short sale and the home has a government tax lien on it. How long will it take to get this lien released?
What is the etiquette when it comes to giving closing gifts? Should you give a gift as a buyer? If so, what type of gift should be given?
Should a small gift be given to lawyer? agent? mortgage broker? sellers? First time buying a home so not sure what the proper etiquette is...
I have just accepted a job in Durham, and now realize how much more expensive it is there than where I live. I am a single mother of a four year old
who will be entering kindergarten next fall, so childcare is also expensive. Looking for safe, affordable housing with good elementary school. Credit score too low now to buy, and rent seems to be at least…
I have a credit score of 600. We are first time homebuyers. Does anyone know any lenders that offer bad credit FHA loans with a score under 620?
We cannot afford to put more than 3.5% down at the most, down payment assistance would be great! Ready to move ASAP, have great income! Thank you!
Can I find a house or a town house ( not a Condo apartment) in a decent neighbourhood for under $130,000 anywhere in Broward?
I am planning to rent it out for a few years, so I prefer no or low HOA. It has to be in a low crime neighborhood. I will buy it in Cash.
Do real estate agents get first pick of homes on the market over the general public?
I have been searching for a good deal in Dearborn, MI and I have realized that in the 48126 area code alot of the homes that are renovated top to bottom and being resold are owned by agents especially…
How do I get a note of the type of loan I got way back yr 2000? I don't have the settlement papers anymore.
Tried to call numbers of mortgage company abn and great northern financial and go to the website but seems like there is no info anymore Can you help me?
buying rent stabilization building with pending tenant eviction
After seller accepted my offer on a rent stabilization building, I was told one of the non-paying tenants in the building is currently being evicted. Eviction paper server, court date has not been scheduled.…
I am trying to buy a foreclosure home in Chicago. Contract expires in 3 weeks, appraiser wants items repair. ...it is a "as is foreclosure”
We have estimate on the repairs and are willing to have the work done before closing but the selling realtor has dragged his feet in getting us answers from the bank and we have asked that we be allowed…
Looking for a home, but need a loan
We are looking for a lender that specializes VA Loans, can anyone help?
How much are association dues at 2430 Rosewood N?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3116805305-2430-Rosewood-N-Mount-Pleasant-MI-48858
What are the places around South Brunswick that are commute friendly for New York ? Looking to buy a house / town house.
We have been living in South Brunswick for more than 5 years and are now looking to buy a house. My husband commutes to New York so we are looking for places close to our comfort zone. Good schools is…
If i plan to move in this community, i.e Kingsland drive Mommouth junction, how do i commute to NYC
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3113863136-66-Kingsland-Cir-Monmouth-Junction-NJ-08852
Is there a way to count my fiance's income for a mortgage application without having her credit scores factored in?
I gross about $2500 monthly with only $310 monthly in debt expenses and have a 650 average credit score so I am looking to see about what kind of loan amount I could get.
looks like hiway 431 it how u get to Lake Tahoe from Carson City. Or is that a little dirt rd.?
How DO u buy a low price mobile around Stagecoach? NO agent will help. How do they ever get sold? I've had agents say in this forum:'I'd be glad to help.', then u E ml. them and they…
Foreigner would like to purchase a home in Washington state paying cash. Do I need to open a US bank account or can I just transfer money in?
I am a Chinese citizen and would like to purchase a home in Washington state. I have enough money to cover the price of the house, but that money is in HK, not the US. Can I just transfer the money to…
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3103691047-4512-S-Lamon-Ave-Chicago-IL-60638
What are the PROS/CONS on "Dear Seller" letters?
I read a lot online about buying homes that aren't for sale...People just write the home owners letters offering their interest on their homes and make them an offer, even thought it isn't for sale.. Sometimes…
Looking for a 3 BR 2 Bath Ranch in Westfield...
Check out 13 Sleepy Hollow Dr! http://www.trulia.com/property/3138025415-13-Sleepy-Hollow-D… Listed through Avery Garrett, Coldwell Banker Kaiser. 317-721-2274 Not on BLC due to new showings…
I'm a 26 yr with a credit score of around 700 and a little over $17,000 in savings. I make about $32,000 a year. What can I afford?
I keep getting told that I can only get a loan for about $105,000. My monthly bills equal about $200 a month because I still live at home.
We are going to put our house up for sale this spring in Michigan near Brooklyn We were wondering if you have any newer condo areas with garages in
a small town atmosphere near Fort Wayne area. Our daughter lives there but we'd. Like a smaller town that still has access to shopping restaurants and within a half an hour of Fort Wayne Has to…
Out-the-door monthly $440,000 mortgage payments
What's the average payment on a $440,000 home with 10% down on an FHA 30yr loan? Monthly payment with of mortgage, insurance, tax, FHA insurance. Thank u:)
How do you feel about recent talks of increasing flood insurance?
Be heard. Contact your local politicians to stop the increase of flood insurance. This would effect many people trying to by affordable homes.
I know Lenders use middle score...but here is my question. I have a charge off only listed on my transunion report.
My middle score is on my Equifax report and this charge off is not listed with Experian or Equifax. If my middle score is above 640 and I have no negatives or charge offs, can I get pre approved, or will…
How much, would it cost to vent a kitchen stove/cooktop fan to outside?
Many homes in Missoula without fans vented outside, even more expensive homes.
Is there ANY mortgage broker out there that will use the vantage score?! FICO does not reflect my history accurately at all.
Fico scores are significantly lower than my vantage scores. I have a 637 vantage experian, 632 transunion, and 632 equifax vantage score. But fico states 577 equifax score. These scoring systems are ridiculous...seven…
When the new Kapolei Mall is finally built, do you anticipate all the house prices to jump significantly?
Is there anything else that may cause a surge in house prices in Kapolei?
Can you buy land & Place a modular home ($170000) in Topanga/Malibu for $250000?
I am a new home buyer with limited funds trying to take advantage of the current buyer situation. I am tired of renting for 1400 a month and would rather use that to pay off a mortgage. I have found…
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