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we are looking for a ground floor, as we are older and also havea dog to walk also older.
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do you have to join fiddlesticks golf club, if you buy a home there?
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whar are taxes? are there any other fees? Is this a first floor unit? What is distance from downdown? what about parking? thnank you for
respond -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3007675416-834-Deer-Woods-Rd-101-Celebration-FL-34747
is buying into Jamaica Bay a good idea for retirement living?
not sure whether to buy and condo or mobile home.
Is Fort Myers a good market to invest in for cash flow properties? Also, what is the typical vacancy rate?
Greetings, I am looking for experienced and well connected local agents that can help find properties that cash flow well. Any recommendations from members appreciated.
buying a home near a higway
we have a good deal on a house next to highway in atlanta. there is a buffer of trees , but we can hear it. lot is acre / half. is this a mistake to buy?
Short sale - under seller contract - Southern NJ
We have a seller contract with $2K deposit. A tentative 4/19 settlement date. Our realtor says we came in at the end of the process, but everything I've read is saying that us signing the contract…
We are ready to purchase a condominium. Owner is elderly. We are skeptical that she will have all of her possessions out at closing.
Once we sign the papers at closing, what are our responsibilities to her concerning the furniture, etc. If we don't own them -- how do we force /urge/ etc. her to have them removed in a timely manner?…
Is it a good investment to buy a single home in Poinciana for a long term rental? What may be a reasonable appreciation rate (%) there?
Will Kissimmee or Orlando be a better choice? (which one) The target investment is under $120K
Couple looking for a Condo/Townhouse w/ In-Law Quarters
My fiancé and I are looking for a 3 bedroom Condo/Townhome in the New Hudson, Lyon Township, Novi, Wixom area, that has atleast a 1 bedroom In-Law quarters/apartment. Her section of the home has to…
Seller finance?
In CA I realtors often advertised seller finance or even lease to own. Since moving to Lake Charles, LA I've never once seen that offer and I was wondering why? I was hoping to maybe do one I those…
Is there any way to find out the status of the house at 91069 N Coleman st, Coburg. It was listed and pending the next day, back in 03/12
http://www.trulia.com/property/3098684896-91069-N-Coleman-St-Coburg-OR-97408 truila, redfin, say it is for sale, zillow says it isn't
Can I buy a house just in my name if I'm married?
I live in Rhode Island and will be getting married in a few months. I want to buy a house in my name only bacause my spouse's credit got ruined by a family member. Is this possible to do. I heard…
Please assist re short sale weirdness...
Hello! :) Please help! I live in HI. Last Friday, my cash offer to purchase a short sale property in WA was accepted by the owner. Now I get to await his two banks' agreement. My realtor in…
Employment checking when applying for a conventional loan
I heard the lender would check the borrower's employment history for 2 years back. But I've only been employed for 1 year. Does that mean I would be disqualified for a loan or I would get a higher…
Do I qualify for the credit even though my wife has a condo in her name?
I got married at the end of April and my wife owns a small one bedroom condo. I have never owned a home and even pay rent to her. My name is on neither the mortgage nor the title of the condo. We'd…
is it a good time to buy a house in harrison michigan?
im looking at one too buy and all i want to do with it is rent it out
Investor Friendly agents
Hi, I'm looking for a real estate agent with experience helping investors. I do a good volume of sales and would be interested in talking to you!
We got a letter today saying our backyard is 2 inches over someone's property and they would like to pay for the fence for us.
We bought the house 8 yrs ago. How do we know if our yard is 2 inches over their property? what options do I have? Thanks
Can I buy a house in Atlanta, GA while working in NY and move my family to GA where my kids can start schooling.?
Are there any extra costs associated with out of state buying? I will be a first time home buyer!!
Looking for a Realtor for my Clients who's moving to California.
I am looking for an agent that covers areas around Santa Rosa -Calastoga Ca these are very special clients to me so I need an agent that is GREAT... they are a great couple to work with. Please contact…
Will I able to find a decent condo at a reasonable price or should I just go the co-op route?
I have excellent credit (above 900). Seeking a home in either Northern Bronx, Mount Vernon, or Yonkers
we are intrested in this property
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If a short sale property has two cash offers already on the table, is it even worth the bother to submit a conventional loan offer? I'm in no rush.
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3105815528-8801-Charlie-Walker-Dr-Odessa-FL-33556
is this in lake-meade?tax'es?h.o.a.fee? size of shed and pool?
we are currently selling our house in lake-heritage thru remax.have been now for 7-months. -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3075927687-37-Schofield-Dr-East-Berlin-PA-17316
Getting a mortgage with no U.S. credit history?
Considering a move to Westchester from London, UK. We will rent initially but would like to buy asap. We would be selling our house in the UK so will have a substantial downpayment (900,000-1,000,000$).…
When a home is priced for Short Sale do you have to go in at full price? Also, what sort of terms are required?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1084423599-8112-Coquina-Dr-Port-Saint-Joe-FL-32456
Moving from very rural PA to work in Paramount CA. I do own several large trucks and trailers. Land/home availability?
Since I have the trailers, there's just no way that I could move into the city. Are there any areas that I should be looking, within a reasonable distance, with around an acre or more of land? I'm not…
What's the property tax for Savanna Homes?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3108447287-Nona-Terrace-Estates-10709-Savannah-Landing-Cir-Orlando-FL-32832?ecampaign=con_day_propertycomp_bk&eurl=www…
How can i buy an apartment or a home in Arizona with my ITIN number??
I am looking to buy my own place but dont have SSC, im renting a 13 month lease apartment rightn now im on my first month, i would like to know how can i buy my own place, i have being working at the same…
I am looking to finance with a great company that will help me out in not having such a good credit score.
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3097552900-44-Landover-Ln-Four-Oaks-NC-27524
Roaches, termites, mold & alligators?
I know this may seem ridiculous but after being a home owner in CO (no humidity, high altitude, very few bugs) for the past 20 years we are considering a move near Ormond Beach FL. My questions are...when…
Show me houses in California please.
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/35956116-11682-Arrowwood-Cir-Houston-TX-77063?ecampaign=con_eyecandy&eurl=http:/www.trulia.com/property/35956116-11682…
I am looking for an FHA mortgage for a property north of Dayton (Harrison Township). I have a 612 middle score.
My recent payment history is perfect for the last few years, I lost a job before that and fell behind but I payed off the debts besides a few medical bills. I have the money to cover those and enough for…
What is the average cost in building a house from the ground up in Hillsborough, CA?
Hello, I'm looking to buy around an acre lot in Hillsborough, CA. I know the cost to build a house varies widely, but would like to have an idea and starting point. Basically, a 4000-4500 sq.ft.,…
Disclosure Statement in Michigan info
My kids are interested in a house in Hastings, Michigan. The disclosure statement is over a year old, and some things on it contradict with information from the selling agent: the agent says roof was…
I have a 401K plan from my previous employer but no longer working for that company. My question is that I would like to take a loan against my 401K
plan as to a new home buyer. It's my 401K so it would be a loan not a hardship loan for a down payment on a new house. How much can I take out? Is there any penalties? Thanks for all the help!
Buying a house from probate and agent wants a check for $10k payable to the trust so the atty can get a court date...is that normal?
I am buying a house that is scheduled to go to probate (not court approved yet) and the RE agent wants a check for $10K (payable to the living trust) so the attorney can get a court date. Why would they…
Which is the right mortgage loan?
My husband and I are newlyweds, and this is will be our first home-buying experience. We'd like to get a loan that has a fixed rate, but we're not sure what exactly to do. We are looking at a 3 bed,…
89 Mockingbird Lane is no longer for sale. I purchased it in January. It needs to be noted as SOLD. Thank you.
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3084358059-89-Mockingbird-Ln-Monteagle-TN-37356
89 Mockingbird Lane is no longer for sale. I purchased it in January. It needs to be noted as SOLD. Thank you.
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3084358059-89-Mockingbird-Ln-Monteagle-TN-37356
FHA loan with a co-signer.
My husband and I want to buy our first home but we tried to get pre-approved and didn't qualify because of our credits.My lowest credit is 570 and my husband lowest is 610,the other two credits are…
No contingency offer with option of rent back for cople months ?
Getting ready to put an offer on a house for which seller advised to keep short contingency. Based on market conditions, we are going ahead with no contingency along with option to rent back for couple…
I was wondering if you can suggest somewhere that finances modular homes with great rates and less than 20% down
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3047602721-656-Willeyton-Rd-Gates-NC-27937?ecampaign=con_day_propertycomp_bk&eurl=www.trulia.com/property/3047602721-6…
My fiancé put a cash offer on a house that was a short sale but taken off the market because it was starting to turn into a foreclosure..
We put our offer in ASAP for what the bank was asking and they recently asked for a 2nd extensions in the course of 6 weeks. The bank negotiator told the selling agent this past weekend that they wanted…
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