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My husband and I are looking for a small, well maintained home (not fixer upper) with 2 bedrooms or more tthat allows our 75lb dog. We're looking in t
he 20,000 to 40,000 price range in Clearwater or surrounding areas close th beaches. Thank-You Cheryl and Ron Boggs PA.
What condo or townhouse properties allow you rent your property when you are not using in Islamorada?
I live in the Northeast and we are interested in finding a quality condo in the Islamorada area for or use but would like to also rent to cover some costs. Thanks
Are there any lenders that can help me get approved for a loan with a score under 640??
I make great money, 150k salary on the job for 2 years, I have 25k I can put down but my score is about 600.. Do loans for people with bad credit still exist? If so where? Help!!
Is it worth spending over $1.5 Million for new construction in the Boulder Brook neigborhood of Wellesley? Desire lots of young kids and great school.
We are struggling with relocating from one MW town to Wellesley. The tear-down we are looking at is very nice but will cost us almost triple what it would fetch in our current town. That would be for less…
Is it possible to buy a condo with just 10% down?
I was told that for coops you need 20% or whatever the coop sets as minimum. Is it the same for a condo or can I get into a condo with just 10%?
House we are looking suddenly delisted on zillow ,trulia and all other websites but listed as still active on MRIS homes.
House we are looking suddenly delisted on zillow ,trulia and all other websites but listed as still active on MRIS homes.we see a "for sale" board at that house.what might be the reasons? The owner of…
Can I refinance a land contract with a 625, 636 and 641 credit score?
I purchased a $65,000 home by way of a land contract, 10 months ago. I put $10,000 down on the property. I want to refinance to fha and my scores are 625, 636 and 641. Who will give me a…
Wells Fargo owns foreclosed home that is not availble on thie site. How can we look into purchasing it?
There's a house in my neighborhood that we found out is owned by Wells Fargo what is not available on there reo website. A call to a mortgage broker at local Wells Fargo was not returned. Any way…
Looking to buy a house.
My husband and I are looking to buy a house. I submitted an application to a bank already they haven't replied back yet. What should I be looking at when getting a loan and what should be my next step?…
Hello I would be grateful for some and expert advise on purchasing land/lot beside a beach.
Hello I am currently based in the UK and would be grateful for some useful advise. I am in need of some guidance and an ideas of lot/land prices with direct beach access. The area I am looking at…
Who is the best voted realtor in Philadelphia?
Best voted as far as industry standards, client satisfaction, and local reviews.
Qualifying for a mortgage with an employment authorization card?
I have a employment authorization card and a legal social security card. I am not a US citizen or a permanent resident alien. Am I still able to qualify for a mortgage? Income is about $80,000 and I am…
is there a way to report listing fraud?
Viewed property (a condo in a 100% invest rate community), made offer and never got response to our offer in a week, during which time listing agent was scarce and the lender (recommended by the listing…
What should I expect in terms of cost per sq ft for new construction in the beach area?
Specifically, I'm looking at building in the Madeira Beach area.
Hi,currently living in New Hampshire and would like to move to Fort Myers in a couple of years.
Want to find a condo/single family home in a community that has a pool, looking to spend >$80,000. Wondering if this is a realistic dream. What are the costs of living, taxes and what should I expect to…
I am interested in the rio rico,az area.But I'm concerned it's too far away from everthing.(work,shopping,etc)
I like the fact of the wide open spaces, no brick walls in the back yard. Is there police and a fire dept. near? How far away is a hospital?
Why is the motivation behind creating 2 unit condos?
I've ran into this a lot during my online search for new homes, but there seems to be a glut of 2 unit condo associations created and sold. The units are either freestanding condos or duplex condos, but…
Who should get the EM?
I moved to another state and used 'A' company to help me with house sale. Buyer didn't show up on closing and EM was withheld by 'A'. I was the home owner all that time.
shady dealings??
Hi: in inital offer, verbal, estate attourney wanted us to pay 4k for safety repairs to home that the city imposed liens on. For smoke detectors, railings, etc. we came up 1k on our offer and it was verbally…
Am having no luck with banks - none are offering refinance on a manufactured home. Our home value with share is 94,000. Our existing loan is 59,000 at
5.6250% We are retired and have pension income and social security with excellent credit. Can you help us out? Teresa
an apartment complex that allows pitbulls-
moving in june of 2014- looking for an apartment or place that accepts pitbulls - i hate the bad name that people have built for these dogs!
Can I buy a house in pa with 646 credit score?
Hi I live in Philadelphia pa I'm would like to buy a house in upper Darby pa but i dont know if I can get a morgage my credit is 646? Can I get a proof ?
Since B of A has changed its process on how they do short sales have realtors seen any improvements on the timeline?
They claim that all short sales will be approved in 20 days. Has anyone noticed thats the case?
I’m looking for a 5% down conventional loan?
I’m looking for a 5% down conventional loan (no PMI would be much more desirable, if possible; I’m also interested in an 80/15/5 loan if that is an option…) in Phoenix, AZ (buying a…
I have a low credit score in the 500's. Troubles I went thru. There is an eviction on my credit from 2008 from a rental property i owned. To
this day I pay all my bills on time, including a car note I currently have. With this kind of history, would I be able to purchase a home. I have seen a few in the $80ks that I am interested in, but wanted…
House hunting in Yorktown and thinking of changing my buyer's agent?
I have been working with my buyer's agent for several months but recently have become a bit dissappointed. I think that it might be in our best interest to change agents but I am feeling a little…
Want to know what to do during the winter season in the New Hope area?
Check out the local festivities- The New Hope & Lambertville Winter Festival is set for January 18 – 26! Featuring their Annual Chili Cook-Off, Fire & Ice Ball, Parade, Gallery Crawl. Check…
Moving to Colorado in 2016 (potentially Castle Rock), wondering what neighborhoods are recommended for checking out?
My wife and I (along with 3 kids) are considering moving to Colorado, from the Kansas City area, within the next couple of years (hopefully 2016). We are going to spend a day in Castle Rock on our way…
How long do you have to be on a job to purchase a home? How much income do you need to purchase a home?
How long do you have to be on a job to purchase a home? How much income do you need to purchase a home? My husband is a self-employed truck driver that has a high debt to income ratio. My husband credit…
Need Mortgage advice for a person with crappy credit score 610-620 range.
hello i do realize its a broad generic questions. are there any decent mortgage products available for a person with credit score in 610-620 range? Would prefer to stay below 10% down, for home purchase. Just…
1009 Big Bear Ct, Milpitas, CA 95035
This ​single home has 3 bedrooms, 2​.5 bathrooms, 1742 sqft, 37 years-old ​in Milpitas​ listed Short-Sale for $388,888​ while its market value ​probably around…
What does deed restriction refer to??
We've seen a number of listings which state deed restrictions in the description
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