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KB sales person told me not to bring an agent. Do I need one for a new home?
They mentioned if I bring an agent they will have to pay them a commission fee, they could use that money to pay my closing costs... What do you all recommend? this is my first home purchase.
how long does it take to get the title for the house we purchased? we closed the deal in early January, but have yet received the title.
our lawyer said it's normal for such a long wait. Any suggestion what we should do to push it?
Hi, I'm in the market to buy a home but have been really shocked with the over bidding going on for used homes? Is it good time to buy a new?
home now I am looking to buy in the bay area. Preferrable locations are Fremont, Dublin/Pleasanton and North San jose. Please shed some light. Thanks.
Is Roseville Appreciating in price with all this new development going on? If so at what percent?
Is it a good area to buy an investment property? Any one knows what percent of new homes being sold are to investors vs owner occupied? thx
In Bourbonnais, is there any market "for sale or trade" in selling but want to buy a smaller house in the area?
I am ready to downsize. Last year I tried selling but the market was so soft that I wasn't ready to discount my price a lot.
Maronda Homes - Why Such a Secret?
We found Maronda Homes (new home builders) in the Yulee Area in FL. We were able to purchase a gorgeous 3,000 sq ft home on a large (way over 1/2 acre) lot for under $240,000. And Maronda paid *all*…
It is important to know HOA fees and what they cover. I notice that no one mentions them. I need to know to compare single family with condo/townhs.
I will only view sites that have that information. I have cash and am considering both Maui and Florida. Maui at least mentions HOA's and taxes. Also how does insurance compare to other cities?
Mortgage over 60. Is it even possible??
I'm buying my first home in the comming months, I've put this off for years and I'm finally ready to make a commitment to a home, but one thing I'm afraid of is my age. I know that…
Negotiation on a home sale
I'm curious about negotiation on home sales. Witht he market the way it is I've heard that homes are staying on the market for months (if not years), and sellers really want to sell their homes.…
I'm buying a house early next year and I'm wondering if at 660 my credit is high enough to get a mortgage? And how much permium will I need
to have? I've read that mortgages can be obtained with various credit scores, but the lower the score the higher the APR and the worse the terms are. My credit scores are between 656 and 660, I…
3530 Deer Hill Rd, Lafayette has, or had, serious construction defects & it will soon be the subject of litigation. Diddo Clark
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3116230320-3530-Deer-Hill-Rd-Lafayette-CA-94549
Is buying a home while on 30-day temp housing feasible?
I'll be moving down to Mountain View for work soon and while I'll most likely rent I was wondering it was even feasible to find and close on a house within 30-days - which is the length of the temporary…
I'm a first-time buyer looking in the $375 - $400k range in the Lakeview and Wicker Park/Bucktown sections of
Chicago. I've been saving lots of listings on Trulia to get started. This morning I logged in and discovered that about a half-dozen of those listings have disappeared - apparently off the market. What…
How to find foreclosures?
Can an agent help you find foreclosed homes? Listings on Trulia from RealtyTrak show foreclosures that could fit our needs. I haven't seen any way to get details on those without paying for Realty Trak.
We would like to sell our house to relocate due to job. We still owe 200K and our house is now only worth 160K.
We would like to sell our house to relocate due to job. We still owe 200K and our house is now only worth 160K. The house we would like to buy is 160K. Is this financially possible for us?
I need an experienced agent in Corona 92882
I have a few family friends moving to Corona, and I am looking for a seasoned agent in the 92882 & surrounding zip codes. -I know the inventory is pretty low there so ideally I would like a listing agent…
The Vineyards Townhomes
What can anyone tell me about the area of Palmdale where the Vineyards PUD community is located and any information on the actual community itself would be great as well. Is it a good area, bad area,…
Military Family willing to sell, lease to purchase or rent beautiful home built 2006 in Hoffman Heights CD school District-
Very family oriented neighborhood, 4bdrm, 2 1/2 bath, 2 car garage, 3000sq ft, finished walk out basement with wet bar, security system and more.... email chelli7452@gmail.com
what is wrong with this house?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3075692540-1049-Stephen-F-Austin-Blvd-Dime-Box-TX-77853
Where is a good place to live with kids in Florida?
Where is a good place to live with kids in Florida:low taxes,safe and good schools.
need help finding a fixer upper house to buy
I would like to find a fairly cheap house to fix up must be a three bedroom,since finding a house to rent here in odessa seems to be harder than it looks we are trying this option
Credit score of 520 is getting a home loan possible?
Currently in a owner finance home and paying an interest rate of 17%. Desperately needing to get out of this loan. I know that loan may not be favorable however well take anything lower than current rate.
I am buying the home currently@$252000 in Okemos 48864 MI , after 3 years I would like to sell it then what will be the market rate?
I am buying the home currently@$252000 in Okemos 48864 MI , after 3 years I would like to sell it then what will be the market rate and usually how long it takes to sell home at this location and also…
How do I select the right real estate agent?
I have started by asking family and friends if they can recommend an agent. Obviously I will cross-reference my suggestions with Trulia's directory here: http://www.trulia.com/voices/directory/ Anything…
after a foreclosure deed in lieu how long do you have to wait before purchasing another property? My credit score is 764.
Three lines of credit that we pay on time monthly. Also we are concidering moving to Utah, would the time frame be the same state to state?
what is the space rent and ANIMALS RULES???
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3088411926-537-Puerto-Vista-Dr-Coos-Bay-OR-97420
What will buyers who are sitting on the fence have to see first before taking the plunge?
Analysts believe people would open up their wallets if they didn't feel uncertain about the economy. So along comes Ben Barnanke who tells Wall Street there is uncertainty in the economy. It's…
does this house have a contract on it as of today.?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1037699587-9400-E-Manzanita-Cir-Prescott-Valley-AZ-86314
Siena @ Saratoga
Any thoughts about this community? I understand that schools are good, there is a lot of retail around which is good. Any downsides? Seems like this community peaked in 2006. It it fairly priced now? Thank…
Local Agent for Land/Dwelling Ratio problem
Looking for a local mortgager for 27 acres with a home on the property? I'm told there may be some issues of land/dwelling ratio and I want someone who has dealt with this and can point us in the right…
What are the prettiest neighborhoods in Bay Ridge, NJ?
We have two children and a dog and would prefer a detached or good-sized townhouse. Our budget is about $2 million.
I want to buy a single family house as a rental property in homestead, cultely bay or surrounding area within $150k.
I need someone to help me buying,renting and PM. I see a lot of newer house, not sure about the rental market there, how to avoid Chinese Drywall prolem, flooing issue. cash purchase. Jeff
I am looking to buy something that is not going to be too expensive, my husband is the only one working now, and he is self employed.
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3104716378-35250-SW-177th-Ct-Homestead-FL-33034?ecampaign=con_day_propertystatus_bk&eurl=www.trulia.com/property/31047…
We're relocating from NYC and renting how is the job market in Florida base in Medical field.
I have heard pro and cons of all school in Florida. My daughter has been bullied since the sixth grade and I have pull her out of that environment.She is in new school; we are relocating next year. Always…
I am a Broker..have updated pictures by professional photographer in MLS. How can I get Trulia to replace old pictures with new?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3114444734-48-Dorothea-Dr-Weymouth-MA-02188
Relocating in Houston - please help?
We lived in Jersey Village, Houston for about a year, when our children were very young. Then moved to England. I do not know Houston well, and was very limited to my neighborhood and NW Houston when I…
Hi, I would like to know from the listing prices on the homes , is that the actual price on properties? or they go up or could go down?
Am trying to figure out how much house we can get with our $$$. And if there is room to negotiate on prices. Thank you.
Is is mixed-use house?
Hello, Today while talking to mortgage agent he said the property I'm interested in is mixed-use. The owner in meantime told me it's no any mixed-use so I'm totally confused. Do you have…
I live in Boynton Beach. My condo is paid for but I had a short sale on the house I owned over 2 years ago. If I sell can I get a mortgage now?
Who would you recommend for a mortgage? My FICO score is 719. I have heard that I would have to wait 3 years to qualify for another mortgage. I would be putting at least 20% down. Thanks for your…
My husband and I are looking for a home in Boca Raton. 2 bed/2 bath. He has a VA pension,SSI and a VA certificate of eligibility. We can afford $1400
We would like a 10 to 15 year mortgage.The only problem I see is when my husband was ill,(prior to marriage) he got behind with the IRS. However, we have been paying on time and in full for almost 4 years.…
how important is square footage when doing comps..?
there's a house being built down the block which already went into contract..the asking price of that house is the same price as the one i'm planning to buy(new construction too)..except the other house…
what are disadvantages of buying an income restricted apartment? do they check your income every year?
i'm thinking to buy an income restricted apartment because i don't make that much now. but what will happen if get a raise and no longer meet the restricted income requirement? will i be forced…
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