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Is it true most city building violation fines will be removed if the new buyer shows he/she is serious about fixing the problems?
Looking to by a home with violation but was told buy an investor that previous violations fines incurred by the the previous owner can be forgiven as long as the new buyer who inherited the property attend…
Why does listing for 10451 N Fairway Vista Ln, Oro Valley, AZ 85737 say 1 - Bathroom when it clearly has two full baths.?
Listing for above property should be listed with 2-Full Bathrooms, and features should have Extra Room listed as stated in narrative.
tips for home inspection as first time buyer?
What did you wish you've done differently during a pre sale home inspection as a first time homebuyer? Or what did your home inspector overlook that you wished they didn't?
I noticed that you have erroneously listed MY home (3490 Yarmouth Hill, Lawrenceville, GA 30044) on your website as "foreclosure / bank
owned." My home is not in foreclosure, not bank owned and definitely not for sale!! I have lived in this house for 30 years and never missed a monthly payment and can verify that with the bank. If…
I am in the fort Wayne Indiana area, is there anyone around me that I could meet with sit Down and talk to about starting a career buying and renting
out duplexes? I am 19 years old recently graduated high school and am very excited on starting and how I am going to get my foot in the door.
What are the possibilities of buying a home after a bankruptcy has been discharged?
We qualify for a VA loan, and have very little for a down payment.
Can I lose out on my home due to usda?
I'm doing a home loan through usda. The process has been quite long due to it being a short sale. Last week I was told it's in the final stage and everything is looking good. One thing though...I…
Why is my Home on you web site it is not for sale!!!!!!?
You have my home on your web site and it needs to be taken down it is not for sale... I need to know who put it up on your web site ??? Thank you Lori Clay 828-291-3618
Looking for a home loan, (self employed) Tax issue.
Hi, i am in the market to purchase a home under FHA 30 year loan or if there is anything else that might suit me, i have a credit score ranging from 680-700. i am in the market from 130,000 - 150,000 price…
I asked my realtor to release me from the Exclusive Buyer Agreement but I have not heard back from her.
Basically she has demonstrated a complete lack of integrity and has openly favored the seller amongst other data I have. I am not looking to discredit her as I believe she is already doing an excellent…
Closing cost $7642 for a $151k Condo. is it right?
Loan Costs A. Origination Charges % of Loan Amount (Points) Origination Fee $1,798 B. Services You Cannot Shop For Appraisal Fee $499 Credit Report $50 Flood Certification $21 HOA Certification…
Should I pass on Stucco Homes?
Our Realtor says we aren't allowed to look at Stucco homes. She says they are hard to resell and relocation companies refuse to deal with them. I'm familiar with good and bad stucco, but should I be…
Bank instrument
Dear Sir/Ma, We are direct provider for BG/SBLC specifically for lease, at leasing price of (5.0 2)% of face value, Issuance by HSBC Bank London , Barclays Bank London , Deutsche Bank, BNP Paribas,…
How would I find out how many legal bedrooms a house has? I'm interested in purchasing a house that has 2 legal bedrooms. The listing says 3
bedrooms. The 3rd "bedroom" is a family room that has a closet and window. However, it is currently being used as a family room (not a bedroom) and does not have a door on it. To put a door on…
On average, how many homes does the average, run-of-the-mill realtor in SE Florida sell per year?
My realtor said she made 100 transactions this year. I ask her to clarify "transactions". She said "I sold about 100 homes already this year, 2013". This seems highly unlikely to me...
I access Trulia through my gmail account and have you searching for homes. When opening your search email at work, I can open the emails, see the?
property and view initial picture of the property - but when I chick to open the "more photo's" it does not open anything ... just shows black. Is that something with your system or is my…
How do I a house off my saved list?
I want to take the house off that you are sending homes compared to the address is 4665 Blackmore Rd. I am looking for homes around 50,000 in 49251
I would like to see a print button for me to have the home selections I like to share with my wife.
I would like to see a print button for me to have the home selections I like to share with my wife.
I would like to see a print button for me to have the home selections I like to share with my wife.
I would like to see a print button for me to have the home selections I like to share with my wife.
How do I get in contact with someone on this site about a mistake that has been made?
My property is being listed on this site with a picture of one of my mobile homes and my land description for sale. However there is a property that is for sale in this area there has been a mistake…
What mobile home parks on long island NY are bad?
What mobile home parks on long island NY are bad? Meaning I should stay away from them. Possible because of crime or other such threats.
I have a 621 credit score, first time homebuyer on Soc Sec Disability. Need down payment assistance.
I do have a couple of items on my credit report. A $6000 charge-off (not in collections) and 2 medical items recently placed I was unaware of. (I have seizures and had a seizure and was treated and didn't…
Re your. Recent emailed eight things survey Please repeat after me
Or none of the above Or none of the above Or none of the above
I want to purchase a retirement house at Tampa area that can rent out for investment and pay for itself the mortgage, property tax, HOA fees?
I am 56 living at a mid west state, plan to move to tampa, FL when retired. thinking of buying a retirement house right now or in the next year or two for investment until we retire. any suggestions?
good community for a second home?
is there a swimming area for home ownwers?
I want to buy the empty lot behind my house.
I would love to buy the empty lot behind my house. Can anyone help me with that? I have cash in hand. Thanks.
Is Portola Highlands area foggy?
I'm considering buying a house in Portola highlands. I visited the open house twice and the weather doesn't seem foggy or wet. But I'm not sure how it is like usually. Any local insights? Thank you very…
Possible Relo: What are the best suburbs/schools near Atlanta? 600-800k
I may be relocating. Because my job will cover the "SE region", I can choose to live in Charlotte, Atlanta, or Miami. We are looking closely at Charlotte but also considering Atlanta Priorities in…
comps for 13 Hillside Way?
This single family house is 3 bedroom 2 bathroom located at 13 Hillside Way. Can you supply comp information for recent sales?
How do I add more filters?
We are looking for a home in the Broomfield area but your filters do not permit us to fine tune our needs. My wife is disabled and we can have no steps and the washer and dryer need to be on the ground…
Are there still Lenders offering 100% Loans with no PMI for Physicians / Dentists ?
I have heard of these kind of loans in the past , Just wondering if they are still available .
Home buying with a loan for primary residence, can I rent out a room?
Hello, I am considering purchasing a home in CA and having it be my primary residence. I am wondering if this precludes me from renting out a room? I would still live in the property and it would be my…
The comps your system used to value my property aren't even close in size, number of beds and baths, etc.! Your valuation is ridiculously
low! My home has 5 bedrooms, 2.5 baths and is twice as large as your closest "comp"! How do I get it changed?
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