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When an offer is submitted, should the listing agent cash the deposit cheque even if the Offer is rejected.?
On Oct 16, I submitted an Offer to Purchase with $5,000. deposit cheque. On Oct. 18 I was told via phone call that my Offer was not accepted. I enquired about my Bank Statement and deposit cheque from…
why are u posting a picture of my house in your Erie Ct,Tracy Ca 95304. It is not a forclosure. The listing said information is provided by RealtyTrac
I have not been able to contact Trulia or Realty Trac. regarding this matter. My house picture has been posted the past 16 days< I want it to be taken off immediately and I want confirmation it has been…
Commission rebate question for agents
I have a question about commission rebates. It seems everytime the subject is brought up on these boards, real estate agents get very defensive about them - and use the premise that "anyone willing to…
Am I being scammed?
I listed my house and got an offer right away. After negotiating back and forth with the buyer we had a contract. This was supposed to be a cash sale. The buyer provided proof of being able to purchase…
Because of the recession, we are underwater on our townhome in Ayer (Wells Fargo), and need to relocate in June, 2014. Need an experienced agent.
Every agent we have contacted (4 in total) has first made an appt. with us, and then cancelled the appt. before coming, which seems unethical. We need some advice from this group and help in finding a…
sales commission when there is unrepresented buyer
I am placing an offer for a unit in a complex that I am already familiar with. As such, I did not enlist the help of a buyer's-side agent. The Seller's agent provided me with an offer form that…
Rejected a loan because of my score and last month late payment. Where can I go to get a loan at 78572?
I requested a loan to a bank. My score is 650-660. My total debt in credits is 1400 usd. Last month I paid late 2 credit cards and I am asking for a loan and because of this they rejected my application.…
Interested Buyers
Hello all....any interested condo buyers in Chesterfield?
What are qualities to look for in choosing the real estate agent that is right for me?
The last time went looking for a home, the real etate agent that showed me around really turned me off. I need help to find someone that is right for me. What are some good qualities to look for? What…
How would I purchase a home by a family member that is not listed with a realtor?
I live with my 85 year old mother in Rogers, AR in a home she bought a little over 2 years ago. I want to purchase this home from her but it is not listed with a realtor. Please advise
Can anyone tell me about the housing market in Frederick/Longmont area? We are considering a home on a 1/2 acre with great views, but no basement....
The home is over 2500 sq ft, has a 3 1/2 car garage and is newer, but we worry that because the area is more rural and the home only has a small/short crawl space that resale would be difficult. Any thoughts?
Multifamily house in single family zone.
I was looking some multifamily(2-4 unit) hoses on trend located on Germantown and Mt Airy, They are zoned in R5(As per my knowledge its single family). Is it legal to rented multifamily house in R5/R2…
i am looking for a foreclosure
i just sold my house in riverside and am looking to buy affordable home . i thought there might be a foreclosure in north smithfield
Where I can find info re:parking costs? I'm considering a move to Paramus area, and will commute to NYC.
Are permits needed, does this vary by town, do parking costs differ for residents/non-residents, etc.? Any info is helpful!
Personal property in sellers house
Can a potential buyer go through personal items and bins in a sellers house?
Purchase waterfront home/condo in Port Charlotte/Punta Gorda
We are thinking of purchasing a home or condo in either Port Charlotte or Punta Gorda. I am a value shopper; best bang for the buck, so to speak. I want to keep the purchase around $130K or less for…
what taxes are applicable?
how many different taxes does a wake co. resident pay?
I'm looking for a Flagstar Bank reo professional.
Looking at a property in Bradenton, FL that is already foreclosed by Flagstar and they have taken ownership. Not on the bank website yet. Interested in making an offer on the home.
Asking to have a personal meeting with the seller.
We are in escrow on a house and have extended our first extension due to appraisal issues. Our agent suggested getting together with the seller and asking them to hang in there with us while the bank figures…
I am purchasing a home for 78k but being charged over 12k in closing costs and prepaids on an FHA loan? Isn't this too much?
My gfe went up $1200 and we haven't even completed the appraisal. I am getting a grant and I know the money isn't coming directly from my pocket but It just doesn't feel right.
Should buy a home already built? Or custom build my home?
I am looking to buy a new home. Is it more cost effective to purchase a new home that is currently on the market or have a home custom built? How do I go about having a home built? What type of loan…
If i search again with $20000 down payment am i able to approve at least $140000-150000.for home loan ?
First-time home buyers, good /fair credit score (620-630)with a $6000 down payment. i thought i will able to get at least 150000 home loan.But I did not get . (but last month i shopped with 5/6 private…
Beazer - New Construction
We are considering building with Beazer, however I have read mixed reviews online. I asked a couple of residents in the community if they were happy, and they were and simply said to stay on top of them.…
What are the Pros and Cons of Owning a Hawaii Leasehold Property?
What are the Pros and Cons of Owning a Hawaii Leasehold Property in Hawaii
Just a friendly warning 3228 river drive in fort pierce, FL
My husband and I saw this listing and fell in love, till we went there... The house has been taken over by the "crips" gang having plenty of markings spray painted at the front door and all inside the…
What is a pre-inspection agreement?
When I made an appointment for a home inspection the inspector advised me I would have to sign a pre-inspection agreement. This is the first I have heard of this. Is this typical? What is the purpose…
Is flipping houses a thing of the past?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1077860624-6-Bertha-Ave-Vauxhall-NJ-07088
I African American and my fiance is Hispanic...does this area still have racism issues that I should consider before purchasing?
Concerned about racism, we want to live comfortably...without vandalism or feeling on edge in our living quarters.
OK so we switched to a 5% down conventional loan, paying the PMI insurance up front. From our previous 3.5% scenario we are saving about $300/month.
Current mortgage interest rate is 4.2% but bank is charging us 4.5% citing credit score of 689. Does this make sense?
My husband and I plan to relocate to central Florida and are interested in purchasing a double wide in an adult community.
We want to purchase the lot along with the home. Are there any homes for sale with the lot included? Where should we look?
I was seriously interested in buying in La urel Lakes, arranging to fly their but, read covenence... ...
So, if dogs are barking excessively you can be told to leave Laurel Lakes..or get rid of dog something like that, who could risk it,,i usually put them inside if they bark to much but they still bark in…
Buying without an agent in Berwyn PA?
We are interested in purchasing a property in Berwyn PA. We know that the seller's agent splits the commission typically 50-50 between self and the buyer's agent. But because we have done much…
I am thinking about relocating back to Oceanside since I retired. Am looking for a mobile home with an own your own lot.?
I think there are one or two in the San Luis Rey Valley. Is that area safe? I have heard thru the years it is not and has become gang infested. Any opinions or experience?
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