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Purchase after short sale in Arizona
Hello- I sold my home via short sale in March 2012. When is the soonest I can purchase another home? My credit score is great and income is great as well. I would also like to know what options I have…
What areas of Apopka new construction is worth the price and why?
Looking at communities off 429 and not sure properties are holding their sales value in this area. Any thoughts??
When putting an offer on a home do you have to do that through the listing office? Can I go to my local realtor and go through this process?
It's a foreclosure in South Haven Mi and the listing office is about an hour away and I just don't want to make that long drive.
I want to sell 2 lots next to each other that are total 1 acre in Newfoundland about a mile or 2 from town.
How can I sell it within days? What's a great price to get cash deal?
When a co-op apartment has a private outdoor garden space, who is responsible for the space?
I guess that the structure (like brick walls, etc.) would be maintained by the building, but that any trees and plantings would be the owner's responsibility. Do you know? Might it be different from…
I just got an offer for my home. My question is what do i need to sign for a counter offer? Do i need to sign the buyers first offer then counter?
Im assuming you need to sign the first forms you get for the offer and then there is a separate form you need to sign for a counter offer? Or am i wrong?
Glenhardie neighborhood Waynes vs Canterbury Woods Berwyn
Hi There, I am planning to buy a house in TE school district. I have seen two house in above neighborhood. The one in Berwyn has 2900sq/ft with 1.3 lot. Needs about 25k for paint and bathrooms update. It…
Conventional refinance and access the equity
We have $332k FHA mortgage. We want to refinance and get into a conventional, get rid of PMI. Our home value is 440K. Are lenders doing refinance and then able to do a second mortgage to tap the equity…
Can I buy a house from my wife? Legal?
My wife currently owns a home that was co-borrowed with her father, prior to us getting married. The mortgage is always paid on time and there is positive equity. I am looking to use my VA loan to purchase…
Making 3000 a month no credit card or car note to pay dept free. How much house can i afford?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3118695432-Canyon-Gate-at-Park-Lakes-9727-Clanton-Pines-Dr-Humble-TX-77396
First time buyer
Looking to possibly purchase my first home in the near future. Don't have the best credit but have stable income of about 800-1,000 a week. What would it take for me to get into my first home?
The property next door to me is for sale. It's abandon and is a tear down. How much does it cost to tear down a 1st floor wood frame house in?
Chicago? If I were to buy it, I would like to make it one big lot, how do I do that? Can I do that? How much are curb cut outs if I want to buid a garage on the property? I know these are alot of questions,---…
We need help in purchasing a home in Huntington county in the country. We are 1st time home buyers with very little or no money down.
We are interested in either buying a one level 3 bedroom home in the country with 2 acres and a barn on contract. Or if you know if there's help for 1st time home buyers getting a mortgage with no money…
Why is my broker showing as the listing agent, rather than me?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1077664549-9051-Arena-Dr-Amarillo-TX-79119
How do I find out how much is owed on a house that is in short-sale right now?
I am trying to find out how much is owed on a house that I am interested in that is in short-sale right now. I read online different things you can do to find information on the house (i.e. what taxes…
Can you trade a home for another? No down payments, etc. Just a staight trade?
I have a home in Scottsdale that I'd like to trade for a home in Van Nuys, Valley Glen area. Do people do this?
what the lot rent and are there any other fees i would need to know about? is the rent and fees about norm for all parks in Gold beach area?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3112940632-94260-Strahan-St-46-Gold-Beach-OR-97444
Why the APR jumped to above 4.2? the Feds did not raise the lending rate !
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3118578892-9502-John-Russell-Rd-Charlotte-NC-28215?ecampaign=con_rlt_post_lead_agent_sale_fr&eurl=www.trulia.com/prope…
Buying Property in a different state
If I own a home in Nevada and I have an FHA loan in place, and I want to buy a house in California as a 2nd home, is there any conventional loan programs that ONLY requires a 3-5% down payment?
How do you get financing to purchase a property at an auction? Thanks.
There is a home in Loveland, CO It is to be auctioned off around June 1. I know there are liens on the home. Is it possible for me to purchase it before it's auctioned? It does not have a C/O but…
can I buy a house with a cridet score of 600 ?
I pay 900 in rent already and always pay on time. Please help me
What is the transfer tax rate for Santa Clarita CA?
Do any local Santa Clarita agents know what the Transfer tax rate is. For a $300K property, how much would the transfer taxes be?
Hidden Fees By real Estate Agent Help Me!!!
I am a New Home Buyer, i went to coldwell Bankers...They didnt helped me with anything infact they registered me with every builder building new community in area as i was looking for new homes only and…
Looking into buying a home..Poor score
EQ Fico is 609 and rising. Have an account with NFCU and looking at homes as we speak. What are the odds of getting approved? Any recommended lenders?
what if offer is accepted but buyer cant get a loan.?
Could the buyer back out within 3 days? How would the escrow know that the buyer has backed out? IS buyer obligated to make the initial deposit?
My husband is a veteran, He has a credit score of 622 and we can't get a mortgage, why?
due to the market crash in 2009 we foreclosed on our VA loan. He is not eligible for VA loan.
How can I find out if a previous buyer has done inspections on a home that fell out of escrow?
We made an offer on a home in LA that recently fell out of Escrow. Seller said that the previous buyer couldn't get financing. After our inspections, we believe they may have walked for non-financial…
Better to have mortgage in Sacramento or Wisconsin?
I am selling large home in Wisconsin (currently on market). My plan is to purchase small home in Sacramento with my one son and also a small home in Wisconsin (children living in both areas). I will…
My name is John Bickjohn, I have less than perfect credit and am a Viet Nam vet and am looking for a Realtor that knows how to work with VA Loans?
Lost last home in Texas in a divorce, and have had financial problems of late but am receiving Disability through Social Security. Really need help!
alright, had an offer in on a short sale property for 10 weeks. Heard nothing. Then we get a call and they
accept our offer but want to close in 10 days. Trouble is there is a renter in the house. What do i need to do to cover myslef so we dont get burned here somehow? Since they are sold as-is couldnt the…
Does the side by side home for $339.000 have a fireplace?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3119045386-Multi-Family-Home-West-Hartford-CT-06119
Found mold after closing on a VA financed house.
We bought a house with a VA loan and found mold in the drywall in the basement after closing. Is this just a case of bad luck or should this somehow have been detected? It was not visible at the time.
Home loans with "Poor" credit?
I am a first time home-buyer. I have very poor credit due to unpaid/late credit card bills that were racked up by a person in my past. Will I even be able to qualify for a home loan?
How often do Buyers come prepared with a Pre-Approval letter when shopping for a home?
Curious to know if it is something most do prior to looking at homes, or after they have found one... Don't need to know opinions on IF they should have one or not, just want to know how often you see…
I'm looking to purchase a condo in the West Hollywood area of Los Angeles at $380,000. What would my property taxes be on a purchase at this?
price? I'm wanting to understand what my monthly expenses will be with a condo at $380,000. Thank you for all your help. H
Do I have to call the agent listed on the sign in order to see that house?
No you can call any agent you wish to use and they can represent you as a buyers agent. This is if the house is listed in the local MLS service.
SONYMA loan approval for house with needed repairs
There is a house that I like very much, I would like to know if the bank will require these repairs to be done before I can close on the house (I am getting a SONYMA loan). The garage roof is in very…
What is happening in Forest Hills Real Estate market?
It seems that there is a huge shortage of inventories in Forest Hills now. The moment there is a house comes on the market, it gets sold higher than the asking price! This is definitely a seller's…
Can my Buyer use the rest of their VA Financing entitlement in addition to using another program to Finance the rest of their loan?
I have a buyer who qualifies for VA Financing and has used a portion of their entitlement already. Basically a portion of their VA Loan is tied up in another house that their upside down on. Their looking…
Home inspection
Hello, Im looking for foreclosed/short sales/ homes for sale in the Lansdale, Hatfield and North Wales area. I am a little picky and was trying to understand how can I tell if a property basement has…
I was told that banks will not finance manufactured homes. Is this true??? And if true why not.
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3079201534-1680-Sunny-Brook-Ln-NE-J111-Palm-Bay-FL-32905
Child support payments different from divorce decree
I'm currently in process of closing a loan. We have child support as part of our income. The only problem is the child support amount is not the same as the amount as on the decree and the bank is asking…
Can a seller guarantee a house will appraise favorably?
I'm in the process of going into contract on a house. But the seller, a real estate company, wants me to use the lender they recommend because he "guarantees" that it will appraise for a favorable value.…
we need to know the previous owners history or if anyone died there ? because we don't want to buy or liveee in a hauntedd house
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1070273473-18-S-Orange-St-Kiron-IA-51448
HI....what condo / townhouse complexes allow cats?
is there a limit on the number of cats?
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