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I'm a fsbo carrying contract. Buyers backing out for no reason 25 days before closing & 30 days after purchase agreement signed with $1600.00 paid.
What is my recouse. Its a triplex & are renting part.We have made several allowances 4 them & money it not the issue. Only $1600.00 down 6% interest for 3 yrs ballooon for balance. When they changed…
Why on this site do they separate the mortgage from the maintenance costs instead of listing them in total?
For example I see a co-op that says that the mortgage is $750/mo but when I read the description it's $550 maintenance. Are maintenance costs negotiable, that's why they're listing them separate from…
How does year built in effect house price. For example if I buy a new home of same size as a 20 year old home of same size how much additional would I
have to pay for new home. Later when I go out to sell both houses after 10 years which one will appreciate more
what are capital gains taxes in Ca? long term ownership...
selling single family home for $2m, and bought in 2005 for $1.2m
I need some opinions.
I was recommended this site www.cfsflex.com, by my realtor. Both indicate I can qualify for a mortgage one day after a foreclosure. Can anyone verify this? Rebecca Swanson Phoenix, AZ
Relocating to Scottsdale?
If you are lookin for immeme
If a home is up for Sale could this be in a contract Rent-to-own????
homes that are in Deer Valley for sale,;Are any of these hms w/option rent-to-own?
I am looking for a rental in a gated community in florida for a month since I am alone.
I would like to rent a 2 bedroom in a gated community for a month. It can be in January, February or March or even April. Can you help me find a place?
Rural development loan
Im trying to get an RD loan. Ive been with the same company for 2 years the beginning of next month. I started back to work with a new company after being off work for a while from having my second child.…
I have put in an offer on a home in foreclosure. It was listed at $180,000 and I offered $169,000. The bank came back with $172,000. Now the house
is listed at $170,000 and it's been on the market over 30 days and needs about $30,000 worth of repairs can I ask the bank to lower their price and if so by how much? Thanks.
Why is the roof two differant colors has there been repairs done to it?? What is the lot size??
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3097565789-7376-Moonbeam-Dr-Flagstaff-AZ-86004
We are in escrow on a home and have realized that my husband has been at his job only 16 months.
He has been in the construction field for 20 years but at this new company for less than 2 years. Will this go against our getting a loan?
Flight attendant relocation
Flight attendant relocation to Philly needing furnished studio/1 bd. close to airport but want safety. Will need ground transportation. Absolutely safe complex not ground floor but secure building
Looking for some professional assistance with a relocation to the San Antonio area in September
I am looking for references for great Mortgage Brokers and Realtors in the area to assist with a smooth transition to help us secure the best mortgage and find our new home that would suit our needs.
I am planning to buy an Investment Property in West Frisco. Looking to buy a brand new under construction property
I don't want to deal with the hassles of old property falling off and hence looking at a couple of builders in the West Frisco area. One of them is a 3900 sq ft property which the Builder is willing…
In Hoboken, there are a lot small buildings with 3 or 4 units. I heard it is difficult to get loans and it also affects refinance and resell.
Is it still a good idea to buy condos in small building in Hoboken? What happen if I cannot find qualified buyers when I want to sell the unit because the rigid owner/rental ratio? And also for a small…
The site shows that my house was last sold in 1998, and I bought it from a bank in 2011.
So how does the estimate of the value work with the info not up to date?
I am looking for 2 bed rooms CONDO no more than$350,000.00 .
Hopefully, that's not that old or new.
I am a 26 year old teacher from Richmond thinking about moving to New Bern. What is the young adult atmosphere like?
I want a small town but at the same time would like to meet people my age. I do not want the city "bar" life at all!
Young First time Homebuyer :)
I'm 23 years old and have been working full time straight out of school for a solid 2 years now. My credit score is around 720 and groing. Im looking to only put down a 10% deposit for a house less than…
how do i find listings on homes with lease options?
I'm looking for a single family or multiple family home with a lease option
Ready to buy our first house low credit score and looking for a loan
We make over 70k a year but made mistakes in our youth that put our score now to 580. Me and my wife are tired of apartments and hear all the time of getting home loans with less money and worse credit…
Am I crazy to think that I can get into a 3 bedroom house with a mortgage payment of $1200 or less?
I have a credit score of 720. My income is $38K per year. I don't have much for down payment but was hoping to qualify for a first time buyer loan. I hope to find a program to help with down payment.
we never signed the contract and the deal therefore fell apart and we now want our 1000.00 back. the broker says she cannot release the money to us.
she claims that she needs the other lawyers permisson to release our funds back to us despite the fact that the contract was neve signed. the broker says she has a legal obligation to hold the funds untill…
Hi im writing on behalf of my dad, his been pre approved for a home loan now his trying to get a real estate agent to represent him and help him buy
a home but nobody seems to wanna help how does he get or find an agent help my dad buy a home when he has been approve for a loan?
Should we find a new lender?
Got approved by FGMC at 5.5%. We are looking at an FHA loan for a $230k house. Can anyone recommend another lender for our scores? Thanks! Her scores- 663,639,625 My scores- 658,619,617
What is your top concern when working with a new Mortgage Loan Officer?
What is your primary concern? Are you more concerned with closing costs, fees, and rates? Or do you put priority on his/her availability, honesty, integrity, professionalism, and knowledge? I'm…
is this legal? selling agent wants a signing bonus of $1500.00 for keys to our new purchased home ( short sale?)
We are almost at the end of a short sale. Keys will be given to us in a few day. But was told that the sellers agent (of the short sale) will not give us the keys unless we give a signing bonus of $1500.00…
Chase bank loans? good or bad?
We are first time home buyers- we have been approved for a USDA loan through our bank but have found a house that we like. The house is owned by Chase Bank. Anyone have experience with Chase Bank loans?…
Do townhomes typically allow large dogs?
I am considering buying a town home is norwalk/Santa Fe Spring California area.I'm leaning towards a townhome because it is much more affordable, but I don't want to give up my large dog. Another…
Do you need a social security number to buy a house cash, in Chicago?
Client just old me that he does not have a social security number. What IDs are acceptable to bring to the closing? Thank You in advance for all your responses.
Is the appraisal coming in $1,000 higher than purchase price a good thing?
I'm a first time home buyer and I've never been so nervous in my life, the "am I doing the right thing" always pops up in my head.
Can I possibly get my deposit back?
I put a deposit down on a house and started a mortgage application with the lender who gave me pre-approval. The appraisal took a long time and came in $30,000 below the one done the previous year and…
Is it a conflict if the same Real Estate office selling in the same building pushing one unit over the other?
My home is listed with a RE office in Bensonhurst area who is showing my unit as a comparison with the unit that was listed after mine in the same building. Mine unit is not on Truila and the other unit…
Does anyone know of a lender that will finance a mobile home for someone with a 580 credit score?
I went through a divorce about 5 years ago. However, I have financed a car within the past 6 months and my credit score is slowly improving. I have a steady job and am tired of paying 1K a month for rent…
Do I have to wait 3 year to purchase a home after a short sale?
I had to do a short sale on my home in 2011, I currently rent and apt, but would like to move to a home, I have been looking at rentals in the LA area (2,000 to 3,000) monthly for a home in los angeles,…
Getting inspection today and get call from OUR agent teling me that a "back-up" offer submitted and we can not ask for any repairs or lose
house. He would not tell us what "back-up" offer is, just said it was "good"...is that legal? And why was house still on MLS? DO NOT TRUST AGENT! At this point, what can we do without…
need help finding full house for rental with option of buying ?
3 room min near Chicopee, westfield, springfield
For short sales in the state of FL, are earnest money deposits required by the buyer after seller accepts (but before bank does)?
My realtor told me contract is "void" unless deposit is received just after seller accepts, despite bank not approving yet.
How is the monthly maintenance fee calculated in co-ops?
Is it by square footage or are other factors also in play such as floor unit is on, property value, etc? At 310 West 56th Street, I see two 450 sq foot studio apt both listed at $299k however with different…
What are the resort communities in and around the Lakeway and Spicewood areas with premium amenities?
We are looking in these areas and really like The Reserves of Lake Travis as well as Rough Hollow. Do you know the names of any others we should be looking at AND ones to avoid? Thank you.
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