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Hello! First time home buyer here. Pre approved for 203k up to $125k. Interested in finding a home under $80k and be able to renovate it.
Looking in Point Breeze, Brewerytown and Kensington/Fishtown Area. Do not have an agent at the moment. Available to see homes this weekend. Thanks
how can a appraiser fail to catch when there is no SEPTIC TANK?
pipe it was ran out into the woods, he checked septic tank on the contract for the appraisal, Bank loan was approved
What company is a Good, Honest, Trustful TITLE/ESCROW company? I've had 2 very ILLEGAL experiences with First American Title Insurance Co.?
Need also referrals to an Honest, Truthful, Sincere Real Estate Agent Licensed to do business in Las, Vegas, NV? I've had and only run into many who only pull SCAMS.
First time homebuyers able to get Usda loan in Dallas area?
My fi├ánce and I our looking into buying our first home , we are really interested in the USDA loan. I have 1 year with building my credit, and all timely payments, he has no credit. We have no debt at…
We have closed on a home in Oregon, and we have an addendum to occupy after closing for up to 60 days. Are we entitled to keys to the property?
The addendum does not specify this point, and the sales agreement shows buyer takes possession at 5:00pm on the day of closing. The sale has closed and recorded.
Seems like lending standards are loosening again, thoughts?
I have been receiving emails from new lenders with new programs (many of which look like the pre-2008 programs). Thoughts?
From AZ to VA, working in Merrifield
Must have. Great school. Large yard. Short commute! Where should we be looking? HELP ...
Recently had an on exchange about how agents charge commission. Maybe you guys can explain it to me.
When an agent is representing the renter-to be and advises the said rent-to be to terminate the lease, prior to occupancy, and the owner and owners agent both agree and refund the deposit, would the renter-to…
NCSECU and Appraisal
Does anyone have experience going through State Employees Credit Union to purchase and house and the appraisal process? Will it be an issue with the appraisal if the house that is being purchased has…
Anybody or website can provide a more accurate m.v for the houses?
An agent is helping me to look for a house in Great neck. Whenever i am interested in a house and want the agent to find me the market value from the public record which only the real estate agents have…
If the rent-to-own contract is done by an attorney, should the buyer or seller pay closing costs?
In this case, the seller has an attorney to do this. Galax 24333
How do I find the owner/s of an abandoned property up here in Wahiawa?
I walk by this property that has been abandoned for years. I would like to find the owner/s and make an offer, are there any agent out there that are able to do this?
If you don't use a realtor when purchasing, doesn't this put the seller in a situation to accept a lower price since?
I know many of you are realtors, so very bias. But please be honest, upfront about this. If I don't have a realtor represent me, wouldn't the seller be more willing to go down in price since they won't…
I am looking to sell my house; on the west end. I am in the process of sprucing it up for the sale. How slow is the market?
I have a contemporary home; 24 years old. I want to sell fast, I am retiring and moving out of state. My house is estimated around 600,000, but I would take less; for a quick sale. Four bedrooms, 2 bath,…
I recently entered a real estate contract with Fanne Mae. Deposit paid,Contract signed by all parties. closing set for March 11, then they wanted a extention to March 31, We did sign extention, Now they…
New assessed property value in Hoboken NJ
I am concerned as the new assessed value for 2014 is lower than my purchase price. Does that mean I over pay for my place?
Looking for a house in sunnyvale(94086)
We would like to buy a small house in sunnyvale. 1/2 bedroom is fine. Our budget is less than $150000. Can anyone advice
Would there be a possibility that the owners of the home located @Pine& Walworth in Greenville, Tx would lease this home?
It would be a married couple no children. I have 2 little yorkies who are housebroken. I used to be a decorator at the World Trade Center and I promise you the house would show beautifully while I was…
Is anyone finding that even with pre-approval for buyers, financing is falling apart at the last minute.?
Being told by a lender that a buyer has been totally preapproved, then find out that they haven't- 4 days prior to closing and the financing is falling. No adverse information at last minute for a denial???
I would like to buy a small, clean condo in Philadelphia.
I would like to buy a small clean condo in Philadelphia for two people. I don't want the hassles of buying a 'fixer-upper.' Any suggestions where I should look and the pricing. My maximum price would…
I am looking for a weekend home. I am currently cash poor (partly due to the rent in my current rental- which is due yearly).It seems that the
agents I have talked to have no interest in discussing purchase options such as rent to own or something to that end- I could pay 'rent' until I accumulated the requisite 20% down that the banks…
should I sell now or wait until spring to sell?
ive been working on getting hse ready and mostly all packed.but its becoming overwhelming.i am single and live in five bedroom home.After 20 yr marriage thers lots to do.is it my best interest to try sell…
is this the home or the both the land or just the home?
Add some detail about your question
How can an outsider access a home for sale while being shut out by real estate pro's?
I have a tiny cash budget of 40,000 or less and have been looking in the reno area for an investment property, but every time a gem pops up I am totally shut out by realtors. Phone calls and email go…
why do properties in zip 89148 rent for less than in other Summerlin areas?
looking to rent in Summerlin and notice rent is lower in 89148 than say in 89144
Making an offer without a buyer's agent
If I was to make an offer on a house without a buyer's agent, what forms would I have to fill out? Where can I get those forms? I live in Massachusetts.
Im currently in iraq under a military contract but wish to purchase a home back home in texas. my mother has a general power of attorney with the
authority to purchase under my name.. how difficult can this process be since its long distance..?and how approachable are realator with these kind of circumstances??
Looking to relocate to this area from NY.. Need help
Looking to relocate to this area from NY and interested in doing a cash deal, no mortgage because our credit isn't great. Need a place with at least 3 bedrooms.. Budget is $110K. If anyone can help us,…
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