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If I'm within my inspection period, and want to back out of the contract, do I have to provide proof that I actually had the inspection done?
I'm having major doubts about the place I'm under contract for. Can I simply state to the listing agent/seller that the home doesn't meet my inspection standards without having to pay for the inspection??
Why this house is a short sale? http://www.redfin.com/CA/Los-Altos/10549-Creston-Dr-94024/home/1764446
How can this house be a short sale? This house is currently not under water. It was purchased in 2006 for $1.2 M. With the current market, it can be easily sold for at least $1.4 to $1.5 M. How can any…
Lease option - can the seller back out before the contract has expired? In Nevada :)
We have a lease option agreement ending in 2015 and we just tried to get qualified but because of a schedule f filed with our taxes we won't qualify until jan of 2014. We have a letter from our lender…
I think my apartment is illegal, how can I tell?
clue rent 1250/month all utilities, no light, gas, or water meter, my apartment has flooded several times from the floor and the roof. Comcast and post office does not recognize the address, they called…
Can I get my deposit refunded in full as well as my appraisal and inspection fees? The seller has failed to perform as stated in the contract.
Since escrow has opened, I have gotten zero from the seller. No disclosures, no reports, not even all the doors open in the home in order to complete inspection. We are in California and it is now day…
If a builder does not meet the closing date, and the additional days allowed to finish the house, is the buyer able to cancel as breach of contract?
My husband and I are building a home in a neighborhood with covenants. The builder did not follow all of the covenants, and now is dealing with legal issues from the neighborhood. The builder claims they…
I am looking for a rental situation in the Zephyrhills/Dade City area. I am breaking up with someone.
I have not worked in 7 years so I have no income proof yet. Expecting a big settlement in a week to ten days. Is there someone willing to help me?
is this house for rent or not?
look for 6th lane 14150 se williston FL 32696
I am seeking a lease-purchase or Owner Financed home in West Chester, PA.
I currently pay $1600 month for a townhome in a desired area. I am seeking at least 3bd/2baths. Any assistance or advice on how to go about this would be so helpful.
Is my rent home required to have both a front and back door.?
I rent a two bedroom house that has only a front door. I am wondering if my landlord is required to put a back door in. Thank you
I want to buy in the Phelan Comm.I am credit challenged however I do have 20-30k to put down on a 100K home?
I would like to purchase in the Phelan Community. Unfortunately I am credit challenged however I do have between 20 to 30 K to put down on a 100K house. If there is anyone that can help me with this it…
I have a discharged bankruptcy I have been working as RN nurse for 4 years. Whats the possibility of someone approving a loan for a house for me?
If not I would be interested in a rent to own options, owners finances options in south euclid or beachwood neighborhood.
getting a mortgage based on high net worth and investments
We have a very good credit score, not that much income, but 1.5 million in various investments, IRA and non IRA. We could easily afford a mortgage on the property we are interested in buying. We also…
Where could I find a good real estate agent?
My wife and I are first time home buyers and are looking to buy a home around the Humble TX, Atascocita TX area just out of Houston. We have already pre-qualified for a loan with a lender and just need…
Is this home still for sale?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3097857720-20635-Fieldtree-Dr-Humble-TX-77338
Cheap Woodlawn, Chicago condo, buy or don't buy?
Am I making a mistake in buying a 3bed 2bath condo in Woodlawn for under 50,000? It needs cleaning, fresh paint and appliances but has no HOA and seems like nobody really takes care of that building. Few…
Mortgage for Non US Citizen for investment property
Hi, I am an Australian and I'm looking to get finance for an investment property in Calhoun GA. What deposit would I need and who should I contact to assist us with getting financing? We have a bank of…
hello, i would like to find something that would be willing to do a rent to own option.
looking for either a home or land -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1068507455-1257-Sokokis-Trl-North-Waterboro-ME-04061
Is an agent liable for presenting a contract which the agent knew the property had several owners and the seller's signature was not the sellers?
1) The contract was not signed by person with full ownership of properties 2) The contract was not signed by the person…to date, we have no idea who signed the contracts. 3) They had…
Does the seller or bank have the responsibility to have to lights,gas,water on during the inspection?
i am buying a home the bank turned off the lights,water , etc and now asking me and my husband to have to lights turned on for the inspection to be done.... that's CRAZY TO ME. its still not officaly…
Can you purchase a property by paying the back taxes if the county has not issued a lien?
If there is a property that taxes have not been paid since 2005. The county has not issued a lien notice. Can you pay those back taxes & then issue a foreclosure notice to the owners?
tax abatement in montgomery county pa?
I am looking to buy a new contruction in Montgomery County PA (Collegeville, Royersford or Limerick). Is there a 10 year tax abatement in this county?
AGENT/BROKER ASST ///Asset Management /REO/Resale - PT work
I'm looking to work with realtors/brokers, and or companies that need help with pre & post sale staging (taking pics, walk-throughs, collecting lockboxes, signs, etc). I'm trying to gain some experience,…
Please help. My realtor is working against me!
I'm currently under contract to purchase a property (which includes inspection and financing contingencies), however, I'm wanting to back out. I still have two more days to do my inspection, but do not…
We're looking at buying a home around Hanover Park, but not in it. Preferably Schaumburg or Bartlett and are looking for something under 200K.
Is it possible to find something in this range which has 3bed/2bath? And does it make a difference to have an "Exclusive Buyers Agent" ? Thanks!
Looking for LOCAL buyers' agent - Rancho Cucamonga, Upland, Etiwanda school district
FHA pre-approval obtained from QuickenLoans (will contact other direct lenders for additional options). Looking to purchase SFR, Condo, or Townhouse in Rancho Cucamonga, Etiwanda school district, or Upland.…
Is it beneficial to purchase investment properties in Florida, Orlando area in a company LLC or personally? Uk buyer, cash purchases
Hi, I am a UK citizen looking to move into the property investment, rental market in Florida, Orlando area. Is it more beneficial to use an LLC or purchase personally. This is going to be a long term…
I am looking to purchase a house within the next 3 to 4 months in the Schaumburg, IL area. My credit score is 591 at this time.
I filed Bankruptcy in 2010. I am looking to purchase a home for $250K to $300K. My income is the mid 90’s and my debt is $8K Auto Loan, $700.00 credit cards and $20K in student loans. I have paid…
I want to buy a property as investment in Houston. Budget around $70k-100k. Just started doing a bit research. Thanks for answering my questions.
#1 The most important question is : how much would be the rough ROI with current market situation with all the tax , insurance, HOA, manage and maintenance fee deducted in Houston? I studied for a while…
I see few studio aprtment listing around $50K in Yonkers area. Sounds very cheap. Is there any catch?
what will be the typical monthly payment including everything (tax and monthly maintenance etc)?
how much land comes with this? What land use restrictions if this is leased land? Looking to have horses....
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3027515275-9039-Fish-Creek-Rd-Alberton-MT-59820
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