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I signed a contract in April for new construction near Tampa. Mortgage was supposed to be through the builder co, however, after signing the contact
they said it was denied due to unreimbursed business expenses taking too much of my income (I just claim a home office I use 100% of the time). So, now the house is going to be finished in 2 months and…
KB Homes selling 900K homes which sold for 200K less six months ago.
I am seeing KBHome selling homes over 900K. As early as this year, the same houses were only selling in 680K to 720K range. Is this home 2600 sq ft worth the price? What's the market trend in the last…
what is the best starter house for a person that wants only a 1 story house?
im new to houses im 17 currently and i am trying to use trulia to find an idea of what i would want but what would be the name of type of houses with like 1-3 bathrooms and 1-3 beds?
Home prices in Warren Nj
Hello, looking at the amount of available homes in Warren it seems like inventory is favoring a buyers market.. is that assessment correct? What is the average % off from list price most homes close?
Radon in Warren?
I am hoping to move to Warren NJ, but recently came across a website that shows Somerset county as having almost 4 times the national average of Radon exposure. This concerns me a bit. Does anyone know…
Rental Investment Properties in Raleigh area
Hello, I am looking to get some perspective on rental investments in Raleigh mkt. What are the avg home prices as well as rates - could be a Condo/Townhome/SFH. What are the avg rents / vacancy rates /…
What legal recourse could we have against a seller or seller's agent in sabotaging the purchase of a short sale?
Listing agent represented the home to be 1,915 sq ft with his source being county records. Come to find out during our inspection period that the home is in fact only 1,416 sq ft & the garage conversion…
Exposing Listings from Selling Agents
I've seen this done, but not locally, where I as a real estate agent will take an MLS listing and repost it on my website, with the permission of the listing broker. Purpose is to attract buyers.
Geological issues with home in the Encino Hills
I am buying a home near Hayvenhurst Dr in Encino (91436 zip code). Has their been any geological issues with the homes or soil built in the 50's around that area ?
Buying a home with a credit score of 630(ish)??
Hi all, Just looking for quick advice of the odds of me getting a first-time home buyers loan for a mortgage with a credit score of 630(ish)?? I just reviewed them all online the lowest was 635 highest…
hello i need help asap looking to buy a house .
At the moment i have 15,000 dollars cash saved for a down payment up, no credit. i am looking for something nice in the price rance of 30-50,000 (no apartments or condos) here in las vegas. where do i…
What can go wrong at closing?
I am wondering, what are some of the reasons the closing doesn't go through. Not in terms of getting ready for closing, but on a closing day itself... Thank you!
What would be the best route if I own a home and my spouse has not in MD. I am also a vet.
My husband & I want to buy another home. I am a vet. He has never owned a home in MD. I have owned mine for 12 yrs. but plan to rent it out. Any suggestions about the what route we should take?
what are Homeowner Assessment Fees for?
Add some detail about your question
property taxes
How do the property taxes in Maryville, Blount County, TN compare to the property taxes in Seymour, TN?
I am in new Orleans and trying to find financing for a townhouse with a low credit score
I am in new Orleans and I have a credit score under 600, I am in the middle of repairing my credit however I was told that their are lenders who will approve me to receiving funding, however, after weeks…
Is Athens, GA a reasonable place to retire for an old hippy like me?
Looking for older remodeled home in safe neighborhood with no UGA students around (few OK)
is this home still for sale?
address: 131 El Nido Ave. -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3105155342-131-El-Nido-Ave-Monrovia-CA-91016
I have a home in La Puente within the Avocado Heights/N. Whittier area. I am ready sell and purchase perhaps in Monrovia.
I have paid off my credit cards, except for one in efforts to raise my credit score...had some credit issues before. What do I need to do to prepare myself and if I need money down. Thank you.
Who is responsible for Property tax penalties?
What I noticed was the prop tax is 3050 500 in penalties. So on Escrow, they stated prop tax as 3550 and I have to pay my prorated share. In essense I am paying $350 in penalties. If it's up…
I am looking to buy a multi family rental property in PA that is close to New York City in terms of driving distance. 3 or 4 family would be ideal
With tenants paying there own utilities, I've heard Allentown is a good area where they have an abundance of multi family houses but how is the job market for prospective renters over there? would…
I need help!!!!
Im looking in the maryvale or alhambra to rent a house. 3bd 2ba rent 750.00 a month. This is the situation im in. My bankruptcy isn't discharge yet within 45 to 60 days I'll have my discharge. Will…
Looking for owner financing and a good deal............
Any home owners looking to sell? Looking for owner finance 60-75% of the price and a good deal........single house without HOA or multi-family
First time home buyer looking for a good area to buy a starter home.
I am a 25 year old first time home buyer looking for a good area to purchase my first home. Work on the eastern side of Hunterdon County but spend a lot of time down the shore and Monmouth County with…
Low Fico Score, Need to rent or buy quick!
If rental, I need 3/1 or 3/2 no more than $1400 a month. We have a small old dog no more than 20 lbs or less. If I can buy a home we are looking for at least 4/2 but would be happy with a 3/2. I am looking…
Can anyone tell me anything about the City View area of Wichita Falls? Is that inside the city limits? What?
about crime? How are the schools? Would you want to live there if that was the price range you needed to buy in? Why or why not?
I am trying to buy my first home. I'm fine with either FHA or Homepath. I'm in the last few months of my chptr 13. Where do I begin?
I've tried to contact the realtor of a house I'm interested in. He is not calling back. I make 50,000/yr, and have drastically improved my financial situation. Please help me with some steps or someone…
are there any units in pahrump?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3094147885-2021-S-Dandelion-St-Pahrump-NV-89048?ecampaign=con_day_propertycomp_bk&eurl=www.trulia.com/property/3094147…
Legally & practically, what does it mean that my agent wants to list my deceased father's house as a cash-only "AS-IS" sale? House is in Mass.
Details: House is indeed decrepit. And should I have the house inspected beforehand to disclose as much as poss to potential buyers so that agreed-upon price is less likely to be renegotiated (or buyer…
Dublin vs Pleasonton vs San Ramon
Hi, I am planning to buy a home in Pleasonton (Mohr Elementary), Dublin (Dougherty james elementary) or San Ramon (Hidden Hills elementary). I have flexible range from 650-900K and was wondering the best…
Who has dealt with buying a home in a short sale? We put a bid in on a home of fair market value and the seller/realtor countered?
From reading all the various posts, it appears that the bank is the one that is counteroffering, not the seller. We are dealing with a pre-approved short sale and we believe that the seller or selling…
Is this cable or DSL? -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3061501638-5816-S-Rapids-Rd-Branch-MI-49402
Where do kids in Samarkand/Hidden Valley go to school since, per demographics, it's obvious they're not in Adams (and Hope Dist. kicked them out)?
Please be candid. These neighborhoods are lovely and full of "professional" families, but with house prices so high, private school tuition squeezes already tight budgets (pretty much forget about saving…
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