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How Choosing Inaccurate Removal Company Be Awful?
Picking of a wrong or not worthy mover can really be a disastrous task. And this will be because you can suffer a new lot due to one wrong decision. Being not firm and decisive which mover is appropriate…
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How could you do this?
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On the other hand, this is simply not to say that you will not look for a good deal .
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So, any idea what? Is doors body reduction out there on-line or ?
We are considering buying a home that needs repairs. Our main concern is the roof...
We are considering buying a home that needs repairs. Our main concern is the roof, is it expensive to replace a roof? If we decide to do so can we change the size? We would like to create a bigger room…
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Can u recommend an reo specialist/negotiator to negotiate a deal in Ohio, or recommend someone in Ohio?
I have a contract accepted on a bank owned reo. However, I would like an reo specialist to negotiate a better price, as the home needs extensive repairs; roof, water draining in basement, furnace, water…
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Are DR Horton homes considered to be bad quality in Washington ?
Im interested in buying a new home from the builder (DR Horton) in Bothell,WA. After reading so much bad reviews in other states ( FL, TX, AZ) about the builder DR Horton, i'm wondering if it would…
Real estates education
Hello members , i am in real estate training and am approaching to 18 years . am preparing for my exams and i want to know important topics , which i need to concentrate more .
I'm planning to move to another state (Oregon from California). I cannot travel back and forth. Is it ever ok to make an offer long distance?
I take care of my 95 year old mother but don't want to loose out on the house of my dreams (if I find it). I'm assuming that you should never do that and while I can look I must wait until I…
Putting 20% down, credit scores for both husband & I are 790's, no debt. We only have 2 tradelines on our reports, but have car ins. & cell phone
alternate credit. (We've been living rent free w/sibling in our deceased parent's home). Can we get a mortgage?
change listing price
Please change my listed price to 278,000 on trulia. 2176 Delaware Drive, Cleveland Heights, OH 44106
Can a buyer use more than one realtor to represent them in purchasing a home?
I live in a large metro area and would like for more than one realtor to represent me in purchasing a home. As a seller or my existing home, I understand that I can only be under contract with one realtor…
Can one find a short-term (6 to 12 Mos) low LTV (?
For home improvement before selling house, the proceeds providing the exit for the loan.
Is the home at 338 Doone Rd still up for sale?
I would need financing for this, and the estimated payment costs
Is the home at 338 Doone Rd still up for sale?
I would need financing for this, and the estimated payment costs
I'm buying a short sale home. Our original offer was bank accepted back in September. The bad news is that the seller went bankrupt days before
close. We hung in there and his bankruptcy discharged about a month ago and he kept the house with the promise to sell. We signed short sale extension documents and we're waiting for the bank to re…
expand a search from a city to a lake area
I want a search for houses on Lake Conroe, TX. When I search for that in Trulia, it brings up Conroe, TX but just outlines the city. I want the LAKE property houses. LAKE FRONT. How do I get it to…
My husband and I are looking to buy a home for $300,000 or below in a rural area (farms, countryside) or very small town (10,000 or so) within a 2
hour (or less) commute the the west village in NYC. We like Cornwall,NY a lot, so far. Are there other towns you'd recommend with good schools, small town country feel, that we could still get to…
I am not seeing anything mentioning taxes on the homes for sale within communities. I see the lot rent and the purchase price. Are there no taxes?
Just looking to see if a home owner pays property/school taxes on property they own within a community where they also pay lot rent after the purchase price.
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My husband and I, recently married, do not own a home. We are looking and I worry about our advanced age, I am 60 and he is 57.
Is it expensive to get life insurance added to the mortgage, which will payoff the home if something happens to one of us.
why is MLS# 922305 not showing up? 21820 42nd Pl. S Kent, WA. 98032
it is NOT in the cul de sac. the address in Zillow and trulia is wrong.
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