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We are a 30 something couple with a 1 yr. old. We were thinking of looking for a condo in West Plam Beach for
We are a 30 something couple with a 1 yr. old. We were thinking of looking for a condo in West Plam Beach for a vacation home? Any insight?
I want to purchase a second home as primary residence.. Retired VA
What loan options do I have? I'm leaning towards fannie mae financing if I cant get a VA loan..
how can I get approved for a loan?
Hi I recently checked my credit score and they are at 698 and 705. I have 6k for downpayment. My downfall is that I have a judgement from 2003 and I have been working to try to come up with a settlement…
1282 Mirasol Lane Corona Ca 92879 This is house not a condo. but VA loan department want to have condo ID No. Because, exhibit "A" of
title showing a condiminium comprised of parcel 1; described in the condominium paln for corona ranch terrace. That why VA loan officer want to have Condo ID. Would you please explane this matter? June…
I wish to build a portfolio of low end high rental yield properties in Atlanta (price from $20K to $50K), could anyone help?
My search includes condo and single family house, mostly in College Park and inner city, includes foreclosure, bank own and short sales.
What can you buy for $10,000.00?
How much of a home can you afford for a monthly mortgage of $10,000.00?
If I am under contract to sell my home to the buyer and in the contract under Special Provisions the Agent puts Contingent upon final Fianancing
and the buyer writes in within 7 days and signs it and twenty three days later says she was approved for loan but decided not to buy the home. The realtor contacts finance company and learns she is lying…
Rough average cost to build my own home?
Looking into buying a piece of land and having a home built. I have absolutely no idea where to even start as to guessing a rough price on what it would cost to have that done. I don't want anything big,…
Hi, looking to buy in Orlando FL within the next 1.5 year. What are the best neighborhoods to buy a place under $200k?
Good neighborhood. Single young professional. No kids. Near a good night/social life.
Appraisal Issues
Address your Valuation Questions to: Commercial Appraiser 310.337.1973 http://www.harriscompanyrec.com harris_curtis@sbcglobal.net
Are condos eligible for first time buyers down payment percentage?
I will be in the market for a condo in the OC area (California) in a few months. I am a first time buyer, and part of my down payment will come from a retirement plan. For my budget, a condo seems to be…
first time homebuyer
i dont know the first thing about homebuying however im struggling to figure out moving to georgia verses newyork can anyone tell me pros and cons? how much money should i save before actually going to…
I am looking into purchasing a Maronda Home in the Pittsburgh area. I have looked up as much information as I could find. There are more disparaging
remarks made of the construction and other aspects than positive ones. I have a child on the way and where I live the homes are either small and priced too high or large homes with a large price tag. Maronda…
Pittsburgh Gated Community in the City? Where can you enjoy Exclusivity, Security, Privacy & Quality of Gated Community & still enjoy City Living?
Where can you enjoy City Life & still have - Gated entrance - Private security guard - Groundskeeper for landscaping - Friendly neighbors - Low H.O.A. fees for everything outside
The house I want to buy is FSBO. It also happens to be the same house I sold to them when my husband and I separated 13 yrs ago.
My realtor also happens to be the same realtor who sold this house to the same owners. He believes their asking price is $25,000 higher than what he thinks it is worth. Apparently they had the house appraised…
1 year after foreclosure
I'd like to know if financing is available under a portfolio loan, or otherwise, after a foreclosure. I had a foreclosure 1 year ago. I currently have 5 different properties that I own in CA. I rent out…
IRA contribution for self employed
Hi, My wife and I are both self employed. Does IRA contribution reduce our AGI when it comes to getting a home loan? Thanks
Does anyone know about the sub division 'Park at Vinings'? About the homes off Bright Hampton Road?
Does anyone know about the sub division 'Park at Vinings'? How is the crime off that area? Is it a good location overall? Any advice appreciated please....We are interested in a home there...
We are thinking of buying a home in north Scottsdale and renting it out for a few years until we retire and make it our winter home. Rental market?
Property upkeep and rental mgmt not an issue, we are just wondering how many good renters there are for the area in price range of app. 2000 to 2500 month.
Life after foreclosure?
I have been increasing my credit score for the past few months after a big decrease from credit card purchases, etc I am sitting at 580...599..649 I make close to 100k a year. I have a foreclosure from…
Absolutely not be all to end like a lot of pics
Property taxes so high! Why?
I was looking at 513 Carolyn, 15202 online. Price looked good until I saw the property tax $3,317. Is this typical for the area?
We are relocating to Columbia, SC and being a DC native, I'm a little freaked out, I have visions of snakes and southern drawls and bad schools,
etc. Everyone here is telling me homeschool because the schools are so bad and we have no clue what a good family area is down there, we have a ten year old son. Any advise to quell the panic and give…
I am interested an in apartment that owes over 6 months in back maintenance. It is a short sale and the buy would have to pay the pending...
maintenance for the expected 3 month time frame it usually takes to turn over the unit in additional to the back maintenance. We're talking nearly 10k alone in maintenance for an unoccupied unit! Is this…
We are currently looking for a home in Tallahassee community that you can have a horse in but still have a neighborhood feel. Any suggestions?
We would like a 4/3 in a good school district under $400,000. And is it true just because a home has a few acres doesn't mean that you can have a horse on the property?
How can i find a home at this price in the San Pablo Area?
ok i have been looking everyday on sites such as realtor.com, homesnap.com. when i look everyday but i dont see these listing? http://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/2659-Shamrock-Dr_…
I just want to leaves a comment that concerns us all. I my housing search, I have discovered many fraudulent posts here on TRULIA ( and flagged them
all.) Remember, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably isn't. Many of these fraudulent posts contain strange area codes such as 568, 576, 254 ect.. They also come with emotional letters stating…
Do you see a lot of buyers waiving Financing in order to compete with multiple offers?
In the current market, getting a pre-inspect is not enough.
Paying an Agent but not his agency? Is this illegal or unethical?
So recently my agent contacted me telling me that I had broken our Buyer-Seller agreement by signing a lease under and that I would owe 1/2 month's. He then called me and told me that he would be…
My wife and I are buying a home. We need a stated income mortgage. My husband and I make good income but would prefer not to verify. both employed
- 730 credit score - Home Price: $149,900 - $100,000 gifted to us but not in our account yet - Putting $45,000 down on the home - We own a current home, but will be renting it out upon purchase of…
I have a problem with one of my listings at 203 Willow Tomball TEXAS. I would like some one from your company to give me a call. 281-923-1989 KenAdair
my house shows up on your site as a rental. It never was put on MLS but to sell. We are getting threating letters
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