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requirements for homepath rnovation loans
what are rquirements for homepath renovation loans
I would like to invest in New Jersey and I'm looking at options.
Does it make investment sense to buy a family home in New Brunswick (preferably 5 bedrooms ) , remodel it and rent it out to college students. Is that a better option for investment purposes or invest…
what's going on with SONO?
The original building has a huge "For Rent" sign on top of it. SONO East is completely boarded up. What's going on?
Can I have 2 realtors help me search for a house.?
I don't think my realtor is doing a good job but I already signed a contract for 6 mos.
Retired and looking for safe, affordable place to purchase small home under $100,000. Is this realistic, if so where should I be looking???
Ideally, I would like 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, one level single family home. I am willing to do some upgrades but not structural work. I am open to areas in North Carolina, Florida and will consider other…
Retired, can I find a home in Florida in a safe neighborhood for under $100,000
Interested in 2 plus bedrooms 2 plus baths. One level, older property. Willing to do upgrades but not structural work.
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Sad to leave this area
We moved here from Seattle a year ago after we both got job offers to help set up fitness studios and coach employees. We were then offered extensions and good job offers, so we started looking at property…
I have been searching for homes on this website a while and found very nice homes to rent but there's alot of fraud information
whom are not home owners or realtors. We will be forest not to use this website or recommend it to anyone eles until this has been carefully looked into.
Getting a loan after a short sale for less than a year.
We short sale our home last Dec due to almost two years of unemployment. We got a new job after that with a decent position and salary. We have plenty of cash now and looking to buy a house for up to 1.2m,…
Buying a new house from a builder
If you are buying a new house from a builder what should you be looking at upon delivery of the house??!! Should you hire an inspector although it's a new house??!!
Up and coming Neighborhoods - The Path of Progress
Hi all, I'm wondering what everyone thinks are the next nieghborhoods to go through gentrification/period of progress/price increases. I'm looking for a fixer upper four unit multifamily in an up and coming…
why are soo many houses for sale in Amsterdam? I am relocating and want to have the Canajoharie School District for my son.
Should I stay looking in Canajoharie? How is Funtonville? for a Married Couple early 40's with an 8 yr old? Thank You -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/propert…
$99 daily extra fee written into contract as extra charge till escrow closes!.Under what conditions is the buyer considered responsible as "late?
The listing agent is also my realtor & wants to charge me for the extra days it takes for mobile park approval.
How much money do we need in our savings for the bank to lend us a house loan??? ( for lets say a 340,000 home)
We are looking to buy a house, we have for the mortgage taxes if anything goes wrong with the house etc... But we want to know if we put down $30.000 we would get declined do we need more?? To ask for…
Investment Property in Orlando
Hi I am looking for investment single family home/apartment in Orlando area (Price range of $110,000 - 150,000) which has potential rental return of $800-$1000 per month. Prompt response will be highly…
price of 10539 walker dr., grass valley,ca 95945
what is price of listing #20133546
House inspection - new constraction
Hi, I am buying a new home in Willowbay community in Frisco, TX. This is my first house, and I do not have a realtor, and my house inspection will come soon. Cab you please provide any advise like what…
I reside at 527 N. McKinley Avenue and the owner is a slumlord. He recently lost another property for not paying his taxes and mortgage.
How can I find out if this property may be also getting ready to be sold, auction or taken from him. I pay him every month for this property.
Renting your own single family home in Secaucus
We first time home owners looking to buy in Secaucus and we realize we might have to rent it out sometime in the future. We are looking at a 3 bed 2 bath property single family house in the range of 400000-500000.…
about getting back my escrow
Add some detail about your question
I am moving to the Houston area in late February for my new job. Is there any decent neighborhoods to rent a house in the $900 - $1,200 range?
I lived in Killeen 08 - 11 so I know TX a bit. My job has me traveling all over Texas 5 days a week but most my business will be in Houston so I want to be reasonably close. I am willing to live anywhere…
I found a house that is bank owned, the asking price is 92, 070- can I offer 62,000 without offending the bank?
I am thinking why not offer 50% less then the ask, I figure the worst they would say is no, plus this is for a town-home and there are several others in the same neighbor hood for sale. I am able to move…
Summit vs Manhasset vs lower Westchester vs demerest
Thinking of selling my place in Manhattan and moving to the burbs, but as I work minimum 10 hours a day, want something with no more than 60 minutes opening the home door to office building door(times…
serious real estate broker davenport/clermont fl
hi.. im looking for a serious real estate agent to help me locate a home in davenport /clermont fl.. for $100,000 or less.. need to move by September
Condo or home in Davenport?
Hi, I am 32 year old Canadian that is thinking about purchasing a condo or a home in a short term rental community in Davenport. I have saved my money from a very early age and I plan on living off of…
I'm noticing an awful lot of foreclosures in the West Ballantyne area. Is there a problem with employment in the region?
I'm mean more than the rest of the nation? What is the avg commute time for someone in this area?
I refer clients to another agent for a commission - do I inure any liability if the transaction goes wrong ?
I know this is bordering on legal, but maybe someone knows. I refer clients to another agent, if anything goes wrong errors and omissions, car accidents etc, do I have any liability ? I assume the RECIPIENT…
Can i get a home loan with a 610 credit score in Delaware?
I am interested in purchasing my first home but i am concerned about my credit score. I currently have a score of 610 (middle score) and so was trying to find a mortgage company that would accept such…
I have a credit score of 597, am a single parent, and would be a first time buyer. Could I get a loan for a home?
I applied for an FHA home loan in August, and was pre-approved for $225,000. I have been looking for a home since that time, and just recently found one that I really love. I placed an offer on the home,…
We sold our home on the first showing. Our agent told us that the buyer was pre-approved. He contacted us and told us that we need to vacate the home
by the 20th of Dec, 2013, about a month after the sale. Now that the 20th is here, we get notice from our agent that the buyer has a foreclosure that is suppose to end about Jan. 20th. I have resigned…
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