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How do I get my listing to a different part of the same town?
My listing is in Feeding Hill which is a part of Agawam. How do I get it into Trulia under Agawam instead of Feeding Hills?I sent this question in last week too but no answer yet. Please help me.
I am getting an FHA loan and the house I am trying to purchase has appraised for $7,000 less than the contractual price; what happens now?
The asking price was $79,500, and our contract was for $77,000, not sure if the seller would negotiate to $70,000 ... I know with FHA I can easily just walk away, nothing "loss" ... but I really…
How to update or remove listing?
Our house was put on Trulia without our permission and includes incorrect photos. Please let me know how to contact the individual who initiated the listing so I can reach out and have this corrected.…
I am retired, and have a mortgage. I want to help my son & his fiance' to buy a home by using my IRA for a down payment. How do I do that?
I wanted to pull $10,000 out of the IRA, but it would cost me 33% interest according to my broker! How do I help them? I can't co-sign.
Residents of 33705/Bartlett Park etc. WHAT IS THIS AREA LIKE?
I am looking in this area and nearby for home and am a re-locater. I would love to hear from current and past residents as to what the area is like to live in. Noisy? Quiet? Safe in day or night? Crime?…
How do I update this site?
I have remodeled the entire house and it is for sale
How to delete photos from site after the property has sold?
I closed on my home at 6212 se 81st terr, okc, ok 73135 and would like the photos to be removed from the site. Please assist on how to delete the 45 photos listed online. I can reached directly 405-641-8019…
How to remove home pictures from this website?
Hello, I recently purchased a home that was listed on this website. The interior pics are still showing up for anyone who would want to. I would like to remove those pictures.
Gifts from non-relatives. Can my loan be denied because of them?
I'm at the stage to providing gift letters to source large deposits. However, I've been told that only immediate family gifts can count towards down payment closing costs. I would have enough to cover…
Looking to purchase a vacation home on the Gulf Coast-Need advise on best area!
We are looking to purchase a vacation home on the Gulf Coast of Florida. We may consider renting the property to snow birds. Our three children (ages 23, 21 and 18) need to be able to use the property…
While I appreciate you sending me info on homes "similar" to ones in my save list, did it not occur to anyone that the homes in my save
list are all ranches (maybe one or two raised ranches), have at least 1500sq ft, and are at least 3bd/2ba, while the "similar" homes you send me are mostly two story, under 1500sq ft, and/or…
Your updates come to my work address (mkonwinski@bbd.org). PLEASE send them to my personal email which is: mgk48@verizon.net.
I have changed my profile to show my personal email information but the emails continue to come to my work email.
How do I get a ballpark estimate on my small condo?
Trying to get my monthly payment down another $200 and I may have just come out from being underwater but not sure.
Question: When buying a new home... If you order extras and pay cash for them up-front, can they still add them to the purchase price to bump it up?
I bought a home for $240,000. They told me in advance that I have to pay cash for any extras. I ordered $15,000 extras, and wrote a check to the builder. Closing time comes, and the purchase price was…
Interested in Castle Rock area - moving from Boulder
Hello! My husband and I are looking to move south of Denver this summer (I will be working in Colorado Springs and he works downtown Denver, so trying to keep the commute manageable for both of us). We…
Why do I see so many homes in the South Bay marketplace go under contract, then back for sale multiple times? Appraised value & diff w/ mortgage?
So many homes (Manh Bch, Herm Bch, Redo Bch) across the different RE websites (Trulia, Zillow, Redfin) that I have seen go under contract & back on the mkt a lot from what I can believe is not lawyer…
If a house is in escrow....
what are some of the factors that can happen that would cause escrow NOT to close. On an REO can the bank still deny someone even if they're in escrow? Basically a house we are interested in is in escrow…
How do you pick a title company?
What do you look out for when picking a title company? Is it a rate comparison activity, credibility check or other factors?
Failed title 5 in MA - How do I get replacement estimates?
As a buyer, I recently paid for a title five inspection that failed. This was expected. Every company I talk to wants engineer design plans (I was told this costs thousands) before they can provide an…
how long does it take to get "Clear to close" after title search has been submitted to the lender?
My attorney sent the title report in to the lender and it's now been a week and we still have not yet received a "clear to close" yet back from the lender. I've spoken many time within the week with my…
Does anyone do no income verification mortgages ??
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/8223841-3682-Roanoke-St-Seaford-NY-11783
Buyer to pay Lender and Owner's title insurance? Why should I pay for the Owner's title insurance?
What is approx cost when paying both lender's and owner's title insurance for a $540k single family home? Can the cost be negotiated during the 17 day contingency window?
What is title work? Is it the same as title insurance?
What criteria do you use to choose the company for title? Is there a rating system? Is there much difference in rates? What is a fair price?
Looking for a lender (hard money or not) to lend on 80% LTV primary residence.
Looking for a lender (hard money or not) to lend on 80% LTV primary residence, provable income, but cannot qualify for FHA and the 20% down may not be seasoned. Loan amount of $340,000.
When is escrow officially open?
When is escrow officially open? The day escrow account is open or when earnest money is deposited into the account? Is the date on any document for me to confirm? Are there any documents that need to…
What is the purpose of an owner's title policy?
I see new home builders offering to pay for it, one even included $1500 for it on my good faith as part of my closing costs. The information I found doing internet searches seems to indicate that it is…
title insurance florida
What are the title insurance requirements for purchasing a home in Florida??? I saw on a good faith estimate 2 entries for title insurance, one for the buyer and one for the seller.
In Michigan, whos right is it to decide what title company is used in a real estate transaction?
Can a buyer's agent dictate what title company is to be used? Please be specific, note laws if applicable.
203(b) or 203(k) Repairs w/Escrow amount added to purchase price?
I recently had an offer accepted through FHA that had a Repair Escrow of roughly 5K and we are applying for financing through FHA 203(B) program. My question is if we offered 117K as the purchase price…
Hi, I'm from kuwait and would like to buy a vacation home which i can spend my vacation in July and August and rent it for the remainng of the
year. I also would like to have it in an area which you expect an increase in property price. so which area do you recommend? what type do you recommend? Apartment/condo or single house family..? Thank…
What is the typical CA escrow fee for the buyer?? Our 1/2 of the escrow fee is almost 2% of the sales price.
That means the escrow company is making 4%! Seems like a rip off in San Diego. Sellers who are listing with Prudential choose Pickford which is all owned by the same companies. Seems like a very anti-competive…
Negotiating escrow fees at closing?
I am being given the following fees from escrow, closing in a couple days, and would like some advice how negotiable any of these are, and if they are excessive? What amount, if any, should they be?…
is it better to buy a home that is insured with escrow?
ok looked at a few houses that are insured with escrow also some that aren't what does insured with escrow mean and is it better to do the escrow thing or not? thanks
Why does the length of time in escrow vary?
What would be the purpose of having a long escrow? Who benefits?
Can someone explain what is a legal quiet title action?
Can someone please explain this, it's in a counter offer and not sure I understand: "Buyer is aware of present legal quiet title action in final phase, which is expected to be resolved by closing…
The address 2215 Bow Side Dr. Fort Collins Co. 80524 zoned for two dwelling?
I heard that the Landlord is renting out the basement with a kitchen and it's not zoned for that. I want to buy a legal home.
Value of a ground floor condo vs. higher floor?
Hi, I'm looking at two-bedroom condos in small multi-unit buildings (i.e. not hi-rises) in Lakeview and Wicker Park/Bucktown. I'm curious if ground floor units have a lower resale value than those on the…
Jumbo loans with 5% down
I'm moving to the San Jose area and would like to purchase a house around $1M with 5% down. My income is >$200K, assets>$300K, and credit score is 805. Most of my assets are options/derivative trading…
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