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how much is a reasonable bid below asking price?
asking price is 229000 what is a fair bid?
How long do I have to wait for an underground oil tank to be removed from a HUD property?
My offer on a HUD house in Belleville, NJ was accepted in March and May 15 was supposed to be the closing date. It has an underground oil tank with contaminated soil which they said they will remove but…
What is required to be done after you purchase a home before you can move in.?
I am looking to buy a house in 63114. It does need work. Is there a list or something that will tell me the requirements of a home that need to be done before you can live in it.
I'm looking for a small house or condo to buy in Los Angeles or in the surronding area maximun price around $ 50K-$ 70K
I'd like to know the dox needed and the monthly utilities to pay and if an insurace on the property it would necessary
short sales information.
are they worth buying? what are pro's/cons. what can be expected?
How is it I've several time over, hit the "unsubscribe" link and I still keep getting this Ad's? You are a VERY disperate trip,
you Trulia people. You have business practices via the web which reveals a sense of loss, and lack of direction. That even after many clicks on the unsubscribe link, your site fails to acknowledge this,…
Extremely interested in purchasing a home in the historic Forest Hill District. Need lease purchase / 12 month prior to buying. Ideas?
*Need to see current home in East TN *Prefer home in $125,000-$150,000 range *Credit needs improving 25 points for loan *Previous military *Income $70,000 / yr
Who has the best Agent I can borrow ?
First time buyer, who is the best agent o yea trulia dont merge with Zillow !
How long after bankruptcy can you buy another home?
I was discharged back in feb of 2010. I currently have a home, but my family has grown and we need more space. I want to keep exsisting home and rent it out. I am not sure where and when to start.
Rent to OWN an someone please share with me some rent to own opportunities in greenville sc around $600???
Can someone please share with me some rent to own opportunities in greenville sc around $600???
What price range has the most flipping action in Vegas today?
What price range homes are being bought today by flippers? Are most of them being found on MLS?
We're looking at mobile homes because we don't think we will qualify for a home loan.
My husbands pay is $100k pre tax and he also maxes out his 401k. I make $34 a year. my credit is high 600's but his is very bad and he also filed for bankruptcy last year around this time. We're not sure…
Refinance with foreclosure on credit report
It has been 2.5 years since our Primary home was foreclosed. One year back we purchased home agai using private lender (8.5% interest). Is it possible to refinance in any scheme? I have 40% down payment…
Why does my contact info use my Broker's name and phone number instead of my own?
I am the agent for 2 properties and the contact information gives my broker's name and number. How can I get my info. to show instead? Lisa
Looking for a second home in florida to get out of the cold of nj? We want to be on/near the beach!
We have 3 teens and would like a town that has things to do with the kids , nice restaurants etc? My husband likes Sarasota or Clearwater Beach? Any suggestions?
I am looking for a private lender/hard money lender for a owner-occupied residential property in Darien, IL.
Need to close within the next few weeks Property valued over $600K Have lived in the property for last 2 years Motivated seller so could be flexible in sale amount
i im looking for a two bedroom house for rent
but that will accept section 8
How do I best prepare by home for going on the market?
Call an experienced agent. Have an appt to go over what can be done to make your home shine and be competitive in todays market. De-clutter, CLEAN, Paint and store excess items so home looks larger and…
my husband and i want to buy a house this year
his middle range credit is 633 and is consider a non traditional credit consumer. we had it ran by a LO. but we want to do a conventional loan. how do we find out how much we qualify for in a loan and…
im looking for a house for sale on contract! In black hawk county i need help finding them thanks
Would live in laporte, washburn, waterloo, hudson, cedarfalls, and anywhere around there!
My child will be attending greenwood school for the first time and she will be enrolled as a 5th grader! We are moving to Florence August 30th,
2014 and my little girl (5th grader ) will be enrolling at Greenwood elementary school! I need to know what kind of school she will be attending! Are they nice and are the teachers willing to work with…
Opinions on Minto Home Builders
Interested in one the quality of their work? Reputation? Thank you
I am looking for a property in the Boynton area, near the intersection of gateway and congress.
Particularly a townhouse that has low HOA and accepts all size dogs. Is this something that is possible to find in this area?
Can you tell me about Jersey City Heights? What is the neighborhood like?
Can you tell me about Jersey City Heights? What is the neighborhood like? Some told me that the East isde (Palisade Ave) is better than the West Side (JFK Blvd), is it true? I'm looking for investment…
how much is a army cape 1940?
i have a Army cape from 1930s or 1940 and a original oil painting old from domingo how much you think is worth.
I need an account representative to call me right away.
I have a message my credit card account information has been canceled. My account was charged for July but it says I'm late. Can someone call me to get this corrected.
Help with lease purchase
We have been renting our home for 2years and love it. We have always had every intention on buying the place. The owners now ,out of the blue, have decided they wanted to sell the place. We have been…
How can a new home purchase in california?
For more information, visit our site >>>>>>> http://pelesaudavelcreme.com/
Need help with first time purchasing..... nervous
My husband and I found a home that we want to purchase. This will be our first home, also the agent we are working with happens to be the seller's agent too. here are the facts: we'll be making…
How long does it take to get Earnest money back after sales contract is cancelled in Texas?
Had sales contract for foreclosure home with bank as seller - we cancelled contract during option contract period due to inspection issues that they would not address. We signed cancellation and request…
House not listed? No price?
Found a house with a for sale sign and immediately fell in love. Called the number on the sign and we were told that since it was a repossessed home they were still waiting for the bank to give them an…
help me to buy a home in new york
They don't want people calling and entrance is see but the park is graded much rare access to the restricted area surrounding the radar tower with a stern warning not to get too close to the rusting…
Which neighborhoods are hot to invest in for fix and flips in Austin?
Which neighborhoods or zip codes are the hottest to buy a home and remodel it? Fix and flip areas where investors are looking and homeowners are looking for remodeled homes?
Can you send me good rental homes for sale under $40K anywhere in metro Detroit?
I am the acquisitions manager for several large investors in the area and I am looking for vacant or performing homes in suburban Detroit that can be purchased for up to $40K, depending on amount of rehab,…
is this a water front home?
Does the house has acces to water canal?
Looking to buy a home in Port Saint Lucie
I live in NYC and want to relocate and buy a home in Port Saint Luice. Are realtors able to help pay some of the travel expenses like air. hotel, car while searching for the right home?
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