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Is it possible to take a partial VA loan out 220K and a conventional for 200k on a house that is 420k total?
I am having to do a short notice relocation because I'm in the military and think I may have to rent our current house out until the market recovers in our area. We will still need to buy a home at our…
Hi, I do not know much about real estate but I am interested in buying a condo for 2 2. I see that some of the properties are foreclosure auction.
What is that mean? If I am interested in, how long I need to wait or should I offer a higher price? Same thing for bank owned, what's the process to purchase a condo and how long it takes.Thank you.
Me and my husband are renting and want to buy in the next year what can we do to make that happen right now?
What should we specifically so far as our credit is concerned seeing we don't have the best credit rating and my credit is not good but we both have employment history and verifiable income. hat can we…
If the appraisal comes in lower than purchase agreement price, can the buyer walk (with deposit return)?
Can the buyer walk away with a return of earnest money if appraisal comes in low AND IF the seller offers to reduce to appraised value? Essentially, could this be a way for the buyer to back out no matter…
hi, can i sell the property when i used rental income against it?
I used rental income as part of the loan process to get another house. loan has funded and i got the house. But now, I am thinking of selling the house. Are there restrictions on doing that? - like minimum…
How do I find an FHA mortgage for a 595 credit score?
My fiance and I are looking to buy a home and our income is fine but his ex left him in a horrible mess taking out loan after loan, apparently in his name, which he found out during their divorce settlement…
Can i afford a 300k house?
Hi i make 57000 a year and was wondering if i can afford a 300k house with 50000 down and no dept or loans what so ever and i dont have any credit because ive never had a credit card? Do you guys think…
Hello, I want to know more about Tracy city in CA. What are good and bad neighbourhoods in Tracy. I want to buy a single family
house. Thanks Jason Hello, I want to know more about Tracy city in CA. What are good and bad neighbourhoods in Tracy. I want to buy a single family house. Thanks Jason
Hi. I'm a new agent, passed my test and waiting for the state on my official license. I'm looking for an agency that will pay a salary. I
want to be in real estate full time, but I need the financial support to do so. I'm located in Southern California. I'm right on the L.A./OC border and am open to locations in California. My…
FHA loan program
Will I be able to get an FHA loan with a 580 credit score and 3.5% down payment? Quick overview is I make 1,920 gross a month 20k in student loan approx. 4,800 in credit card debt monthly payments:…
I'm looking to buy a TH in the Bristow/Gainesville/haymarket (not manassas) area for under $220k. I'm having trouble finding a good realtor.
We have been looking for a place for over six months now. We need to buy a place and move right away. How do we go about finding a realtor that will make us a top priority? We have been working with…
Why is Postlets not syndicating to Trulia?
We have 3 listings on Postlets, and only one is reflective on Trulia. This has been an on-going problem.
Do you really have to perform an inspection in order to back out of a contract during the inspection period?
Does the seller really request a professional inspection report to make sure the buyer isn't just backing out because they changed their mind?
In your experience, is there a strong demand for loft (high ceiling) homes?
I'm under contract on a 2 bed/ 2.5 bath property in Boca Raton. My offer was $165K. Personally, I think it's wonderful with the 20 ft ceilings and feel like I'm getting a great deal. What's been your…
1. Stock market went up from 6500 to 16000 2. Unemployment rate went down from 10% to 6.5% 3. Home values have gone up 1.7% over the past one year in Albuquerque. California 20% up, Florida 15% up, and…
Housing market forecast for Albuquerque?
Can some of the market pro's give me their assessment of the current housing market and their projections the next few years? Is the market better for sellers then the last few years? Do you expect if…
I am wondering if it is possible to buy a home while on SSI.
I am wondering if it is possible to buy a home while on SSI. I know legally I am able to own a home but would like to know how hard it is. I will be getting back pay and could put down $8,000-10,000…
It would be really helpful if realtors would list the size of their lots for sale.
I don't know how many listings I have reviewed that have no lot sizes. It would also be helpful if there were pictures of the yard or land of the properties along with the surrounding area. I plan to…
I'd like to save the house I sold on Trulia so I can track what happens to it & stay updated on the nearby market. Can anyone tell me how to save it?
Is it possible to save a home that isn't for sale in Trulia the way I do it on other real estate sites?
Can families live in a house that was built as a family residence but converted to a commercially zoned property?
House was converted to ALF and zoned commercial.. can it be a single family residence without doing some sort of rezoning magic?
Are there any good and dependable rental property management services located in Clinton? I've tried several of them over the years with poor results
The last 2 I've tried haven't performed even the routine services expected very well. Their monthly statements were difficult to read with all the convoluted accounting methods being used and multiple…
why is it I'm not able to get any assistance in purchasing a home That I can afford I can't even get help with rent?
I fell behind on rent because of falling behind landlord is having me move and is selling the house I'm in
Where exactly (what source) does the official property, sales, and tax information listed on a property come from?
The information on a property I view was showing different property specs in the "Featured" section then it was in the "Public Record" section. Which is correct?
what happens if your parents pass away , and you have a copy of will and trust but you want to sell,?
First thing they must do is record the Death certificates to prove that they are passed away and have copy of will and trust. for title company
How to have the realtor make good on his promise?
I bought a mobilehome as is & my realtor was also the seller's agent! (his uncle is the home owner) After inspection realtor said they would replace w/ new h2o heater. Now, months later, I'm told by contractors…
Hud 1 statement. Who all gets it?
Once we get the HUD 1 statement. Will my agent (real estate agent ) also be getting a copy of the document , my HUD 1? Can they obtain it from the title? Is that legal?
is there any good place to me for live long in usa?
want to buy new home. http://purecambogiaultra-mexico.com/
How Does Maxx Test 300 Work?
After all, "There's no use crying over spilled milk." In those day I was very much in depression by life, and I can do anything to build my self even I was ready to pay any cost to maintain my health overall.…
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Bodybuilding tips for beginners men
This isn't anything this is something that people talk about all the time but trying to implement it in the day-to-day life is very hard in this is where we get the extreme tithe people who are like…
Should I buy a condo in SF peninsula in 2014 (first time home buyer)?
My price range is 400k to 550k and can afford a 20% downpayment, where at the high end I would like to get a 2BR. Convenient access to downtown SF or South Bay would be a plus in terms of renting out the…
Appraisal holding things up...
My husband and I are buying our first home using an FHA loan and going through one of the largest banks in the country (we are in Florida.) According to our loan officer our loan is going to smoothly,…
Does any one know the steps on purchasing properties from Bronx County foreclosure sales?
I call the court help center, but they don't provide any info.
Can I recommend an agent 2 different times on trulia, once for selling and then again for buying?
I purchased a home in 2012 and then sold it in 2013 due to a change in jobs, both times I used the same realtor and she was excellent. How do I recommend her for each buying and selling?
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