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Could you suggest offer language to convey that we are interested in providing a matching price to the highest bidder.?
I don't want to overpay a huge price if I don't have to; but don't want to be losing the house either. Has anyone used a language that motivates the buyer to come back to you and give a chance to match…
In Bedstuy are there any 2rm studio/1br available for my son and I $1,000-$1200??? My son takes the G train to H.S. and I work in the area. I've
seen a few listings, but they go fast..some on the ground floor/yard..please let me know, would like something no later than the summer..
ware I could fix my credit score
ware I could fix my credit score
My husband and I are thinking about relocating to the Windsor, Loveland, Fort Collins sea. We are looking for a patio home. Any advice.?
From my internet research, it appears patio homes are priced higher. Can anyone give me insight into the pricing of a patio home versus a stand alone ranch home.
What is the best way to find information regarding particular properties and features of those properties?
For instance, I am looking solely for 3 deckers in Worcester around the 01605 are code. I would like to have fireplaces and an open layout with most primary updates already done. Concrete floor in basement…
How long does it take HUD to notify the bid winner?
I recently submitted a bid on a HUD home and at the end of the exclusive listing period the listing was taking off of the HUD Homestore which was Monday. My realtor says he still hasn't heard anything.…
What is a good place in Atlanta to move if looking to move out of the New Jersey area can find a?
quiet life, but within 20 to 30 minutes for a drive to the hussling scene? Also how is area code 30215
OK...got it procuring clause.
OK...got it procuring clause. But what if a buyer brought to my house by agent is interested in my house a week after seeing it but I have is no listing agreement with the agent. That is, nothing signed…
I am looking at a short sale condo as investment property. The now homeowners do not know where they are moving to.
Can I legally rent it to them? I never met them before, this is an arms-length transaction. In speaking with the father, they are going to be getting assistance because they have 2 disabled children…
What does a real estate agent demand from a buyer/ seller for his services?
What does a real estate agent demand from a buyer/ seller for his services? In California, what is the percentage or amount that a real estate agent may demand from you for getting you a buyer/ seller…
Hello, I want to buy a home that is in short sale. This home has mold damage in the basement. What is my best loan option? 203K? Streamline 203k?
This home has mold damage in the basement that will cost around $8,000 to gut the intire basement. I have $30K to play with. This home is in short sale. I can place a bid and if they accept my offer the…
I put a bid on a house that is a "short sale". What are the chances of this actually working out?
The house was listed at 69,900 and I put a bid of 63,000. I just found out the owner owes 95,000 split between 2 mortgages. 50,000 to one bank, 45,000 to the other. I also put on my bid that the seller…
To be within School Distric 12 which areas should I be looking to buy a house in?
We are a military Family with orders to move to CO in November.. We are interested in buying our first home.. Education is very important for us.. It seems School Distric 12 is the perfect place for our…
I'm looking to purchase a home, but my W2 from the past two years don't quite reflect what I am making now. Advice?
I've been at my place of employment for over three years now. The first year and a half I was in school so I was only working part time. Last year, I split time between work and an unpaid internship and…
Buying a duplex or converting a house in topeka
I moved to Topeka last year and have been renting. (I sold my duplex in Minneapolis, MN when I moved). I decided I don't like renting (I just got the lease renewal and they are increasing my rent charge…
Have anyone heard about new boston apartment's?
share with me some reviews. http://ketoneadvancedhelp.com/
Would the owners be willing to lease with option to buy?
Professional couple, with kids out of the house. Interested in leasing with option to buy. Please let us know at 518-512-7435 (Barbara's cell). Thank you, Adam and Barbara Czolowski
Hello I am seeking a 3 bedroom townhome or home in the Taylor, Romulus, Dearborn Heights area.
Even will consider Inkster depending on the neighborhood. I have average credit, and one judgement on my record from about two years ago. I broke a lease a month in half early somewhere I lived for three…
What do I need to qualify for home mortgage with credit score 608 on high and 588 on low?
What do I need to qualify for home mortgage with credit score 608 on high and 588 on low.i gross 40,000 a year live in Southfield michigan Would like Fannie Mae or FHA loan
Realtor sends contract to sign saying buyer, will pay 3% of her commission. we never met face to face.
Do realtors always want buyers to sign a contract stating to pay 3% of their commission? I have been communicating via email, never mention to hire the realtor. We never met face to face...really.
The Hollywood Effect: An Obsession To Have Flawless Skin
Everything we see in the movies and on television reminds us that we should all soul flawless strip and wait similar a pic grapheme. With their lucent youthful looks, these stars preserve to dazzle us…
Will FHA not insure a loan if you have been denied before?
We are currently trying to purchase the home we are renting. I have a FICO of 603 and we are doing an FHA with 5% down. We originally started the loan with BoA but were denied in underwriting (we had a…
When you buy a home with a pool is there an inspection that needs to be done on the pool as well as the home?
Interested in a home with an in ground pool that hasnt been used in 3 years!
We have two house to choose from -One having a crawl space (but huge Attic ) ; other with a Holding Tank type Sewer. Which is a better option?
The one with crawl is very well maintained ; It has a full conventional septic system (including leaching ground); However, most houses in that street (except 3- 4) has basement. the other house…
Please delete my account.
Do people do house closing on line?
I am buying the home in baltimore its a fixer upper i have to close tomorrow but when i call my agent she say i have to Wire the money 16,000 thousand to. the people and sing paper, here,
Rental Homes....What can I expect to pay in rent? Is there a large selection of rental homes to choose from?
Please provide, if possible, the average square footage and number of bedrooms & baths.
Looking at a HUD home in a USDA RDL area. I already checked and it qualifies. We are a large family (9) 2 adult and 7 children.
Our credit has come back 2 ways as we have used all cash for 3 years. One was a low credit score on the free credit report. One was with a lender at "not scored" Now what? We know what we can afford as…
may be interviewing in boise, what areas should we look at...?
have small children and want safe area & good schools (pub or priv), nice yard (acres would be great), range 150-300ish, newer home <20yrs old, would be working at hospital so maybe within 15-20min…
Torn apart and unable to decide which house to buy :)
We picked two homes today as "possibilities". One is in Piedmont Valley and the other in Virginia Oaks. Both are priced the same, just a 10K difference. One of them is constructed in 1995 but seems…
will fannie mae lower the price due to low appraisal?
Have a contract in on fannie mae backed REO for month now and appraisal came back $10,000 less than negotiated price. Will the seller, i.e. fannie mae, lower the price?
How long after pictures of a house are taken does it take to get on the market?
My husband and I know of a house that is going up for sale by my parents house. I love the house, and seen the realtor there taking pictures of the inside and out. I was just wondering how long before…
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