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Is a condo (under 200K) in zip 19103 a good investment property?
positive cash flow is not required, break-even would be enough.
Active Duty Soldier want to buy a Home on VA with 600 credit score
I am a Active Duty Soldier and I want to buy a Home in the Houston, TX area using my VA loan. I am due to paid the two public judgments against me this week. Can any lender work with a soldier with…
I'm a Canadian hoping to purchase a property in Kissimmee 40-90,000.
For use as a vacation hope (young kids) but also something that will pay or itself while I'm not there. Is a townhome the best bet? Resort condo? Appreciate any advice. Hoping to purchase soon.
How can I make sure I get the house of my dreams?
I have seen a house that I really love and want to buy. I was amongst the first 4 to put in an offer and my offer is for the listed price. I have learnt that there are about 9 offers on it now. I am willing…
Looking for the best area of Spring?
We're currently renting in Kingwood and want to buy. Home inventory is very low in Kingwood so we are starting to look into the Spring area but are not familiar. Some of the homes in the Ponderosa area…
Need a good agent in the La Mesa/San Diego area to help with buying first home.
Here is the problem. Credit score is around 610, but only been on my job since March. Also, I get paid more then my check shows in cash. My work will write a letter saying that I do make more, but don't…
I have lived in Anderson for 5.5 years and have a middle credit score of 601. I want to buy a usda home.
I have been employed at the same place for 4 years and have my wife's income as well. we have a combined income of @ $60,000. how hard would it be for me to get a home priced at @ $133,000
I am looking for a pet friendly 1 bedroom coop/condo in the area of E. Hartsdale Avenue, Hartsdale, NY.
There are a lot of listings, but most of them don't mention whether or not they allow dogs.
I am thinking about relocating from Brick, NJ to Lyman, SC, but my credit is very poor...do I have a chance to own a home?
my credit is very poor, but my work and salary history are excellent. I need to find out how to apply for a morgage and loan with my poor credit rating. Also where or how can I get real state listing books…
how can i findout a home i,m going to rent is in forclosuer?
a friend of a friend has a huge house not living in . has a pool etc. willing to let me live their.how do i know it isn,t in forclosur?
Clayey Texas soil and leveling
Wanting to buy a 100-yr old home on clay. Was leveled 10 years ago. It's pier and beam obviously, about 2500 sq. ft. How often should this be leveled, and could anyone give me an idea of what I'd be spending?…
looking for short term rental approx 6 months - furnished
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Holly Cra# Trulia
Oh my God Trulia. Those words we now have to type in to post an answer are IMPOSSIBLE to read! I tried 15 times to enter a question. I understand the span has been heavy but no one will have the ability…
If I can pay cash for a home, what are the benefits of getting a low-rate mortgage instead?
My friend is telling me I should get a mortgage since interest rates are so low and put my money into a stable money market fund to put my cash to work and earn interest.
Closing on home that has people living there. No written or oral lease exists. Do I still need to issue 30 eviction notice to start eviction process?
Tenant has not had to pay rent since seller put house up for sale. No written or oral contract exists. Do not want tenant living there after closing. Not willing to do cash for keys. Just want them out…
hard money lenders in Illinois
is there any hard money lenders in Illinois for owner occupied? I don't qualify for a conventional loan due to a foreclosure a year ago,but I make 70K, credit score 680 and can put 15k down..looking…
Any 2 bedroom lofts for sale in Fort Lauderdale area? Looking to spend 250K or under if possible
Any 2 bedroom lofts for sale in Fort Lauderdale area? Looking to spend 250K or under if possible
How do I go by buying a house off truila?
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I'm relocating to the East Point, GA area. I'm looking for a 4 bedroom with at least 2 bathrooms. Pet Friendly with rent not exceeding
1,100. East Point Fulton County housing voucher accepted. Looking to start a lease on 4-1-14
Dear Trulia, actually I love to search the house from Trulia, but recently, the house buying and selling was not accurate, todays date is Feb 2014
Base on todays date, February 2014, I did not saw the house in 1703 S Chadwick St was sold on January 28, 2014, so Trulia was not accurate.
Experts opinion needed on Rivershire comm?
Two houses listed have the Oven in the middle of the kitchen, HOA, not enough backyard and no basement. Resell is a problem?
How long does the eviction process usually take if everything is done correctly?
I am looking at a property that is for sale by owner, mainly because they are willing to sell it to me in 1-2 years. My question is - there is currently a tenant there that has a 3-year lease (and only…
Buying a new primary home after Rural Development.
I bought my first house with a Guaranteed Rural Development loan in August 2011. It is a 2 bedroom 1 bath 995 sq ft I have since gotten married and have a step son. Step son does not live with us full…
how can we use our home equity to acquire a downpayment for a second property?
we own a home that we rent out to our son, now we rent but are trying to figure out how to use equity to acquire another place for us ?
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