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I am looking for a portfolio lender in Illinois to refinance an investment property that was financed with a line of credit that will not be renewed.
I currently have financed more than 10 properties. Would possibly also refinance other properties that are financed by floating rate lines of credit if the terms were favorable. Could provide 25% equity.
what are some of the preparations we need to make sure we qualify for a new home loan? What resources are available to us to take advantage of?
eg. credit scores, how does the loan work for husband and wife both first time buyers, and which type loans are available to us....etc...thank you for assistance
I am looking at moving to the north Orlando area (Seminole county) Looking for Lease to own property, any ideas where to look?
I have been seeing adds on Craigslist, but they appear to be fraud laden, pay money first to get a "List" checked the BBB and they get a D- rating. Is there such a thing as lease to own in Seminole county…
Hi every one I have question. Should I be worry if Freddie Mac property extends the closing date because they don't have the Tittle Work?
My interest rate is locked until july 12th and they want to extend the closing date from July 3rd to July 18th. Their reason is because they don't have the "Tittle Work"
Closing costs in Miami?
Can anyone please tell me avaerage closing costs I would pay to an attorney for an $80,000 house purchase?
Interested in Briarwyck subdivision, but it is right next door to a wastewater trmt facility. Anyone hear of complaints or concerns?
Looked a beautiful home in Briarwyck that backs right up to the wastewater plant. No smell noticed, but not sure which was the winds were blowing. Concerned that this could be in issue.
I rented a house in Long Beach. CA thru a property management, the house was put into auction so we have to move out .
We gave security deposit and dog deposit but the Property Management said they dont have it so how am i gonna get it??
Can anyone give insight on the Green Valley Ranch area? A realtor I spoke to said it was a rough place to live...
I am a single twenty something female. Safety is a definite priority for me when house hunting! Thanks.
Non portable Mortgage Woes
I have a condo in Los Angeles. I lost my job and am looking for another position. I have considered selling my condo and looking for something less expensive in another area but the lender has said that…
Which school district is "better" , Lynbrook school district or malverne school district ?
-- This question is about this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/map/3096965824-111-Hart-St-Lynbrook-NY-11563
can i put up my listed property on Trulia?
The property I listed is in McAllen TX 78501
Take me off your list. I'm not buying or selling. clpress@rcn.com
take me off your list. I'm not buying or selling. clpress@rcn.com
this is the first time i like a house presented. however i find the price very high compared to the median in the same area. what is the problem?
is there a possiblity to have a floor plan of the house, more details about the conditions of the house, and nearby facilities (nearest airport, shopping, weather local taxes and transportation etc)
What are the benefits of owning a property in Valley Stream, and paying village taxes?
Opened a new Real Estate Office in Lynbrook, and thinking of buying a home for myself. Interested in School District 14 for my kids, but village taxes are an additional cost. -- This question was asked…
Is skipping a binder typical?
Is it typical for transactions in New Canaan to go direction to a contract without both parties signing a binder first?
Why can't TRULIA filter out all of the SPAM that's haunting these boards 24/7? Can we get an answer from the president or CEO of Trulia.....?
....or are they too busy raising funds for the company? How about doing what your paying membership needs? Anybody? Anybody?
Can I rent out 4 physical units in a legal 2-unit apartment building?
I have received an acceptance from the seller my cash offer (no mortgage loan involved) for a foreclosed 2 flat, which currently has 4 physical units (1st flr has 2 units, 2nd floor has 2 units). While…
I was recently scammed.
The address they were trying to rent out was 13323 Star Heights Dr in San Antonio. I didnt think it was right because it was way to cheap. I looked up appraisel district and tax assessors office and the…
RE: MLS #: 11918585. Why would anyone take pictures of their disgusting clutter and messes when listing their home for sale? Yuck!
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3113141288-606-Forest-Trce-Rockwall-TX-75087
I am planning to buy townhouse in Chase Oaks Village, plano to rent it out. Is this a good investiment. Please advise.
I am planning to buy townhouse in Chase Oaks Village, plano to rent it out. Is this a good investiment. Please advise
How low is too low for an offer?
For some homes in the area that simply have been sitting on the market in foreclosure for over a year or more, how low is too low for an offer? What are bank's motivation to sell homes quickly these days?…
What's it's 'true' value?
I notice there have been multiple homes on top of Mt. Soledad in the last several months go for less than $500k at bank auctions. After speaking with a family that used to live up there about the recent…
I am looking to buy a 2-3br/2b condo in LaJolla Village. I am looking for at least 2000sq ft. I am hoping
to find a good deal on a bank owned property. How can I get an agent to take me seriously, keep me updated on everything that is out there, some things I may need to know, what things have sold for in…
rent a home in San Diego, walking distance to beach June and July
I am a realtor out of Phx, I have a friend whos english is not real strong trying to find a beach rental, for Bothe June and July. minimum 2 bedrooms, community pool. walking to the beach can you help
What are the out of pocket closing cost?
I know the appraisal fee is listed on the estimate for closing cost although I have to pay that out of pocket. What other fees are typically paid out of pocket as well?
Are you a military family living in or relocating to North West Florida?
I know from my own experience that you start to feel better as soon as you know where and how your new home will be. Need help? E-mail me. Have a nice day, Leonie www.mynavarrebeach.com/Leonie
What is the average cost for homeowners insurance for a condo in the Pacific Beach community of San Diego?
Just trying to estimate homeowners insurance costs. I'm a potential buyer who has been renting up until now in the PB area of San Diego. I just want to have a figure for a more accurate monthly payment…
Hello, I am a first time home buyer and considering in Plano or Frisco TX.
I see there is plenty of land available in Frisco. If i buy house in Frisco, will the house value depreciate in next 5 years ? comparison with Plano.
applying for mortgage, but tax returns have non-reimbursed expenses from previous job.
I recently got a new job a the end of December 2012 and signed a purchase price offer. I noticed that my last 2 tax returns contained about 10k in non-reimbursed expenses. My last job I needed to make…
What are my options if I have no buyers agent but still want to make sure someone is looking out for my best interests in an offer/counter offer?
I searched several realtor sites not expecting anything to interest me, but found an ideal new home for my family. We requested a showing (without getting a buyer's agent - I realize now that was dumb)…
Neee help months , we feel that wem
Im 19 yrs old & im married. We are planning to buy our home in a term of 6 or 5 months. We have some money to put on the down payment and still building ourour emergency funds. He can not show income…
Can we get a USDA loan after one year old short sale which is not on wife's credit report?
She is currently unemployed and we have otherwise perfect credit.
I'm a foreign student coming to Pittsburgh this August and intend to buy a house instead of renting. Do I need to find a buying agent? And how?
I do not have loan issue as I can pay in full for property costs $200,000 or less. Interested in condos near good elementary school (for my children) but not too far from CMU.
What if I find a better home than the one I have already had an offer accepted on?
Found a home, had an offer accepted, put $2000. on account with the realty office, and settlement scheduled for Feb. In the mean time, found another property that is more desirable. Do I have any options?
How much are maintenance fees for a co op?
I am interested in buying a co op, and I would like to know if there is an estimate that you can give me, on what the maintenance monthly fee may be? The co op in located in Jamaica Estates, the price…
whom I need to contact to buy house
i am looking for 1013 1st north house to buy and itd details
Looking for SFR's in Mooresville, Denver, Sherrills Ford, Davidson & Cornelius..
We get the MLS so don't need that but if any smart properties become avail please know we're ALL CASH investors and have bought a few homes in the 28115 .. We look to have long term rentals and the occasional…
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