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Buying a home with bad credit, but good income
We recently moved to Spokane this past year. We're currently renting, and would love to buy either the house we're in, or something in the same area. My current credit score is 603, and we…
How to find a land contract house?
My boyfriend is EASing from the military in a few months. We are moving back home to Michigan from Florida. We REALLY want to become homeowners when we move back. Problem is, both of us will not have income…
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I am buying a condo from my cousin which I have been renting. I live in Florida. Who would close the transaction if we choose no lawyer. A title co?
I am buying a condo from my cousin who will be holding the mortgage. He will have me paying it to the family trust as he is older. I understand that if we draw up the "mortgage" papers an interest…
I would like to buy a home or Villa in Top of the World Ocala, but I'm concerned about how much the monthly dues might increase over the years.
Is there an average percentage for increases over the years? For a villa, the rate is now $403, how much should I expect it to be is 5 years, 10 years?
I get way TOO may log homes - hate them! Also, one of my must haves is long range mountain views and most emails I get are homes with NO VIEWS!
This is a complaint - not a question so I do not need anyone to contact me! I'm getting to the point of deleting this home search website since I never get what I'm looking for! All of the…
Please send me more information about 12051 Cypress Landing Ave, Clermont, FL 34711.
NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE! I think I have contacted you in the past with a couple of questions and they may have gone to "spam". Why is the crime rate so high - what are the contributing factors,…
Can't remove rental ad
Apparently I auto-created a Trulia listing for my rental when I made on on zillow. Now it has been rented but people are still seeing the ad even though I removed it from Zillow. And the remove link on…
I'm interested in buying a home in North Port, but I don't know the area. Can someone tell me about it, & where the nicest areas to live are?
I'd be interested in a single family home in the 150-175K range. I'm a very "active" over-55 type. I know that Sarasota rocks!
How do I find homes on the market that have assumable mortgages?
ATLANTA, GA I would like to start looking for a home in the Atlanta area next month. I am interested in a property that has an assumable mortgage requiring 10k or less in order to assume it. How do…
Is Pulte homes a good builder in the bay area?
I am planning on buying a single family home. They are building it in 5-6 months.
How often is your site updated?
How often is your site updated?
Stiffed out of a home even before I could make an offer.
My wife and I have been viewing houses for a short while now and we recently saw one that we both fell in love with. After the viewing we informed our realtor that we were greatly interested and that we…
A Real estate agent showed me that I'm not on my title, and neither is my mortgage company. Is this some sort of fraud?
I bought my house 2 years ago and have been living in it an paying a mortgage on it ever since. I was just working with a real estate agent and when he pulled up my home in his data base (mls?), it showed…
are there any 55 communities in the Lincoln City, Newport, Walport OR. areas?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3036209582-5707-NE-Windmill-Dr-Newport-OR-97365
has the city of Newport put the art center up on the market?
has the city placed the art center on the market yet?
popups what can be done about them they are driving me nuts
drive us nuts come on at the wrong time and have very little relevance.
Why is it so difficult to find an agent who takes your requirement specifically and work one on one ?
Every time I contact an agent, all I get is some email listings which are supposed to meet my criteria. All I wanted is to buy a condo or some other type of less maintenance house that I can buy and rent…
what if the house appraisal comes in less than the asking price?
I have potential buyer that got burned on their last offer on another house, how can I reassure them
I'm the buyer. My purchase agreement was amended with a contingency and the closing date was moved. The date was moved to a Saturday?
The title company doesn't work on a Saturday so we can't close. That company was selected by the seller. If the seller refuses to agree to a new closing date, what happens?
Can you give me more information about interim loans?
Just need more info in general. Want to buy land and build a home and not in a subdivision. This is a new term for me. First time I've heard it. (and sell my home which is in a subdivision.)
Why does Trulia post outdated photos and descriptions of my house? I edited to update but my edits are not on the website.
The address is 1753 N. Saint Paul, Wichita, KS 67203. An addition made the house 3 BR 2 BA; the remainder was gutted and rebuilt.
Looking at a home in Woodcroft that was built in 1986. Questions about buying a 30 year old house.
Do you think we will have any problems with trying to resell in 5-10 years at an increased price (obviously) with the house reaching 35-40 years old? This is our first house and we offered listing price…
How long does a septic system last? And what is an approximate replacement cost in Hunterdon County, NJ?
Looking at a house built in the mid-70s. Seems to be well maintained, but the septic system is original. I think that means that we'd need to replace it soon. Am I right? And if so, what kind of expense…
why is it so hard to find a good agent out there.it seems they all tell a different story.
one case was they think if you look at sf that tells the story.so not true.you can take two homes with let say 2500 sf.one will be 75.00 the other can be 125.00.the one thats 125.00 can be a better deal.YOU…
does replacing vinyl with tile help sell my home?
We are trying to sell as soon as possible. Our house is in really good condition however we have vinyl flooring in the kitchen and bathrooms on the main floor. I am trying to find out if replacing the…
whats the turn around time for buying another home after shortselling?
first home was FHA would like to buy antoerh FHA loan home.
Hi, I am looking to get a mortgage as soon as possible. I have a 610 median credit score, with bad credit history.
I have paid everything off my credit report, and am building new credit with 2 cards in my name, and 2 as an auth user, which I am trying to keep in low utilization rates. Is there any way to raise it…
Can i get a 100% LTV HELOC on a building i just bought.?
I bought a 500k building that i closed on two weeks ago. I put 20% down so i have 100K of equity in it. I would like to get a Heloc to do some of my fix-n-flip purchases. I was wondering if any banks still…
My parents are losing the house and we have to be out by June 26. How likely if any do I have a chance on buying a house that's pretty cheap?
with my friend? We both have a steady full time job and getting seconds ones. How do we go about a bank loan and how much should we ask for?
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What is my first step in finding my new home here in Los Angeles.?
This will be my 2nd VA home purchase (first one bought and sold already) in Tennessee. Have returned to Los Angeles and want to find a home to buy in maybe Burbank, Atwater, North Hollywood. Not sure what…
I like a particular home in Pelham NY and I'm thinking about buying it. However, everyone I talk to thinks
buying a home 2008 is a bad idea. Wall Street has only just begun to be hit and thousands of jobs are expected to be lost next year. The people I've talked to think 2009-10 would be better, w/ property…
Kannapolis Area?
How is Kannapolis? Is it quite and safe? What are the demographics? Would a caucasian couple with two kids be out of place? Are there any neighborhoods you would recommend or recommend we avoid? One…
I want to buy a condo in a 55 plus community soomewhere not to far south in NJ. No more then 1 hour and 20 from NY.
In need of agent or real estate website that can choose options and annemities needed. Has to be reasonable in price. Unfamilar with NJ but needs to be near some shopping and restaurants, doctros ect.…
what type of heat? what does it need? what type of siding?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3104057528-48-Corbett-Rd-Milton-NH-03851
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