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I am on fix income. Can I find somewhere I can get a loan base on your income?
I live in Charlestown Indiana . I paid rent @ the same place 4 or 5 now. PD $16,800 . credit is fair. Don't know where I can go to get help. The Mayor of this town to take the homes can u help
how many days do i have to get out after closing?
Do I have to be out the day of the closing?
808 SPARROW ROAD CHESAPEAKE, 23325 - MLS# 1602613
I have repeatedly requested that I not receive any e-mail from Trulia, Zillow, etc. Our home isn't for sale and we do not care to have our
mailbox li ttered with extraneous information about comparison properties. Cease and desist or we will again ask the lawyer to take appropriate action against further harassment.
Whats Better?? FHA or 80/15/5 Loan???
Hi, I am actively looking to purchase a home and found 2 types of loans im interested in. One is an FHA loan @ 4.5% and 0 points with closings fees ~$2000,,, the other, 80/15/5 loan both 30 year fixed…
Selling mineral rights
What is the difference between leasing and selling of mineral rights?
Leasing and selling of mineral rights
What is the difference between leasing and selling of mineral rights?
Selling mineral rights
what happens when I sell my mineral rights?
i would like to buy another house and sale the one i have. How would i go about selling my house .?
And using some of the money for the down payment for the house i want to buy
what schools would kids attend at 8701 Vineyard Ave residence?
Would that be Miles Park Elementary and South High School?
The property on 67 Fresno Ave. Cayucos, CA 93430
This property is not in foreclosure, I happen to be the owner! Correct your insulting information,
Must sellers sign mutual release form
We are the buyers. The sellers did not comply with the contingency which just emphasized another part of the purchase agreement that ALL of the property had to be accessible during the inspection. Garage…
Can I use a 1st time homebuyers loan to buy 2 separate condo units? If not, what are some suggestions in going about making this purchase possible?
I want to buy 2 separate condo units. This will be my 1st purchase, therefore I am able to use the 1st time homebuyers loan. I want to combine 2 units to make 1 larger unit. The purchase price for separate…
You changed your map and search results so I can't right click and open the house in a new window, which makes searching for a home difficult.
I have to start from the beginning of the list every time I look at a house, which is a total pain in the ass when I'm trying to scroll through a list of homes. Change is back to how it was before,…
Can I buy a house when the asking price is much cheaper then the house is worth?
Because I would like to pay off some credit cards bills with extra money.
I have a credit score of 564. Can I get a home loan for $200,000 with a credit score that low?
My credit score is low right now due to a few things one being I maxed out a credit which I am paying off now. I made one car payment late, and I did have a bill go to collection while I was out at sea.…
Horrible credit but want to buy
I have three kids , self employeed, and want to buy my first home but without a mortar thats a billion dollars and I want a 30 year fixed. Is it possible or am I dreaming?
About to graduate, low income now but not then, mortgage possible?
I graduate mortuary school in December, and I plan on moving to WA from CA and I'd like to buy a home rather than rent. My credit is high 600's but I'm capable of paying off credit cards…
Rent to own is it real
Is rent to own a real way to buy while building credit? Are there agents that work with rent to own properties.
I bought a HUD home well over 30 years ago, sold it off 10 years ago didn't have to pay I.R.S at that time for capital gains, and have since
remarried Is there anyway I could once again apply for 1st time home buyer? I have lived in the upper range of the poverty level, about 18k a year the entirety of this time.
I never bought a house, it was given to me. Am I a first time homebuyer or what am I? My situation is that Dad gave me his house while he was alive.
I didn't buy it. I let him live in it then he went to an adult family home. Then I had to take out a loan to a new roof, windows, floors, paint, etc. Dad let the house go. So I never bought a first…
Can I qualify for a home loan if I am a non-working student, with an excellent credit score and $100k to use for a down payment?
Hello, I am looking to buy a condo/townhome in West Bellevue (98004) in the next 6 months or so. I am interested in FHA, and wondered if it was plausible. My credit is exceptional - in the low 800 range.…
With a low credit score, what is our chance of owning a home with annual income of $70k-75k?
Hello, My wife and I have a combine annual income of $70k-75k. Due to being young and careless, I didn't do a good job of paying my bills and some of the accounts went to collection. Now that myFICO…
Hello, my husband and I recently went through a chapter 7. We were able to keep our Condo . How soon could we buy again?
We would like to sell our condo and relocate, but not sure of how long before we could get a FHA loan.
Mortgage for a Microsoft employee, good bank balance but a victim of Identity theft with low credit score
I'm a Microsoft Employee for past 7 years and at Senior position (joined directly after my PhD). I also have enough amount (>300K) to make a good down-payment. However, I was a victim of Identity…
How long should I wait to get preapptoved to buy a home after starting a new job that will largely change my income?
Recent grad starting a new job come the start of the year. Me and my fiance are hoping to buy our first house come April or May. Because of the large jump in my income from going from a paid by hour job…
covenants for OPPOA
need covenants for OPPOA Hampstead NC
Wanting to buy a home.
I filed bankruptcy in 2011 after my wife passed and didn't reaffirm on my home. The bank took it back in may of 20013. Now I want to buy another home, is it possable. I live in Indiana.
Anticipating a divorce; what is the best way one married party can purchase a home (in Spokane, WA) without their spouse involved?
Spouse who wishes to buy a house in Spokane, WA intends to apply for a VA loan. The other spouse wishes not to be involved or have any ties/ liability to the home purchase. Intent is to avoid complications…
When to start home buying and mortgage process?
My husband and I relocated and are currently renting our old home, and renter will either purchase or we will list the house in late May when she is moving out- She plans on purchasing as long as she can…
I was told my credit score was too low for a mortgage. Would a higher down payment allow me to get financed?
On the three major credit bureau websites, my FICO score ranges between 680-715. When the banks pulled my credit score using their tools, I have 605-630. They say for FHA I would have to have a minimum…
Please HELP landlord didn't pay mortgage.I was renting a home in Duncan it is now being foreclosed on and my family is being put out.HOMELESS W/KIDS
Would like to stay in Duncan SC I can pay $800.00 to $1200.00 a month rent kids R in school here we have pets. 3 dogs and cat well behaved VA wants us out by 3/30/16 my email sandypuig@yahoo.com cell…
I placed an offer on a short sale home and the bank took 3 months to counter offer up $7,000 more than what i offer. Now I wanted to counter offer
back but my broker told me that I will have to do paper work again for a new offer is this true
Out of State 1st time home buying
We have good credit, down payment and work history, but are having problem getting financed . We are 1st time buyers looking to buy a home in Oklahoma, but currently live in California. Any advice,suggestions…
In the last couple of weeks the Trulia website is not letting me view additional photos of the listed homes.
I usually check this website everyday but I will have to use a different website if this problem can't be solved.
Va home loan with NO money down? Fantasy or Reality in the Bay Area.
I'm a VET and have the certificate for a VA Loan - I've got no money down - who can I work with in the bay area? Is it possible to get something this way? Thanks!
The photo for 5404 Summer Crescent is not one of 5404 Summer Crescent! it is a photo from a rundown, section 8 housing neighborhood nearby.
This site has lost all credibility with me. charmaine c miller, owner, 5404 Summer Crescent, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462
File a complaint against seller agent
Hi all, Recently purchased a house through my buyer agent and seller agent and had a unpleasant experience with seller agent due to her over promising. In the last minute of our bid, she told our agent…
Good income and wife has good credit.
My question is can my wife use my income to buy us a home? We have a home in mind we want to buy just need a loan for the farm house on 80 acers in Fleming, Colorado
Interested in a property in Salem, OR that is your forclosure. It was expired today in MLS. Was listed with Leona Wyatt. I am a top producing agent in
Salem and believe I could market this property effectively for you. The address is 3001 Inland Dr. S., Salem, OR 97306
Trying to find lot in town that has utilities installed ready for mobile home less than $5,000.
Either seeking lot for less than $5,000. with utilities installed ready for mobile home, or, seek Home for less than $30,000.
Need bank for morgage
Is there a bank who will give a morgage to someone who gets payed by the mile. We have good credit get payed $1000 aweek but have been told we have to wait 2 yrs before we can get a morgage house will…
What are my chances at being approved for a mortgage?
I am currently looking into purchasing my first home. The home I am looking into is 100k. I make 35k a year, have a car payment of $219, no credit card debt and 10k saved. My credit score is 746. I have…
Do you do any research before posting. Take the listing for 146 Barbados drive, Jupiter, Florida 33458, for example: wrong picture,
wrong neighborhood, the single family home is not a condo/townhouse... As best I can tell, you got absolutely nothing right. Did some other spot checks in the neighborhood and they also were completely…
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