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Guys, I just did a little spot checking and it every radius of 3 miles in Southern California a house is sold every other day .
In a block defined 1,5 by 1,5 miles there is in a month 15 houses sold every months. Something like 2 per street each month. 10% are legitimate- they moved or could not resist the offered price- by…
Why is the listed price shown less than one half of the price for same home when I click open to view details? Is Trulia engaged in a "bait?
switch? Am I wasting my precious time even signing up with Trulia if all I'm going to get a two different prices for the same houses listed?
Are ham radio antennas allowed in CCR's?
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How can find owner financing so I can purchase a home?
If I want to purchase a home in central Florida, how can I find a seller willing to do owner financing? How does this all work. Does anyone have information on the process on this.
What about Riverwalk's ugly stepsister the Boone Trace Subdivision?
Sure the homes are older but they same decent and close to Riverwalk. If you venture accross the bridge to use the trails are they going to hunt you down and toss you back over the tracks?
ads often says"BUYER RESPONSIBLE FOR SIGN ACR & CITY INSPECTION". what does it mean?
any first time buyers bought a home through naca in az?
wondering if naca program worked for anyone who bought a home through naca in phoenix,az
Chatham, MA Real Estate Update for 1st Quarter 2014
Jan 1 to Mar 31, 2014, there have been 32 single family homes (SFH) and 5 condos sold in Chatham, compared to 31 SFH and 4 condos the 1st quarter of 2013. However, Median sale prices are on the rise, which…
In what part of Charlotte should we buy our first house?
We just recently moved to Charlotte (South End) from NYC where we are renting but are looking to buy a home. We are newlyweds in our late twenties and would like to be within 20 minutes tops from Uptown…
Possible to get a mortgage after starting new job?
Hello, I recently separated from the military after 5 years. I have been out for approximately 5 months, during which time I was working a part-time temporary job. My wife did not work while I was in…
Can I apply to buy a home with no credit and with my boyfriend ? How can I build my credit ?
We have two kids financially stable both with steady jobs and two incomes.
Need to purchase
We need to purchase a place asap. No money down. Clinton County Ohio. Any ideas, were first time home buyers.
Why is my house (MLS #621432) not listed on Trulia?
The house has been listed on MLS for approximately two weeks now.
Does anyone know any lenders in the charles county or pg area?
Does anyone know any lenders in the charles county or pg area? One that is really good and knows about FHA loans and approved down payment/closing cost assistance programs?
My husband has a credit score of 612 and is a veteran. We want to know if anyone will give us a home loan with this score.
He only has two negative credit cards left on his credit and we are working to pay those off. We are pretty sure they can be paid off by July but we would like to start house hunting now since our lease…
Is Spring Hill a safe place for a young family?
We would be moving from VA and don't know the area. Is Spring Hill a safe area for a young family? How are the schools? Are there any family oriented neighborhoods we should look at? Thanks!
Mid-century homes in Pittsburgh
My husband and I are researching single family homes in the Pittsburgh area to rent or own. We would be relocating from another city. We are very much interested in mid century, open concept style. Anyone…
Is there still property for sale without a house built on it on Block Island?
What is the rough price for a one acre lot -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3057297295-542-Center-Rd-Block-Island-RI-02807
Is it negligence on the Realty Office to not have included me in the Counter Offer so that the Buyer could see ALL Offers? I may have been the
highest bidder and the best qualified buyer and now we will never know....Agents, get your acts together and your BOSS should have insisted that you BE FAIR and get the Counter Offers to all offers over…
According to my lender, 1 of my 3 credit scores is not showing up during their 2nd soft credit pull. Is that possible?
The lender is now raising the interest rate and fee right before closing. I was able to pull my own score and report with no problem. Has anyone heard of this? what gives?
I am in the military and my wife and I are moving to Jacksonville, FL. What are some good areas to live in?
I will be working at NAS Jacksonville and I don't mind commuting up to 40 minutes. We have a decent sized budget and no kids, but will plan on starting a family. I appreciate any help
Should we buy the condo in Glendale or wait it out?
We are first time home buyers and newlyweds looking to buy our first home. We found a great deal 290,000 for a 2 br, 2.5 bth condo in Glendale, but since it was a short sale we have been waiting and watching…
Fannie Mae listing agent not responding. Can not finish inspection. Water not turned on.
A house went up for sale, I placed an offer the next day. The listing agent got back to us a week later with a counter offer. I placed another counter offer and did not hear from them for another week.…
I live in San Ramon and commute to south San Jose for work (101 intersects 85). Tired of long driving and like to move closer. 2 kids in schools so
good schools needed. Saw Brookside new homes at Guadalupe Mines Road claiming Los Gatos school district. 3000sq feet at 1.5 millions, small lot. Fit my needs well, just the $ I can afford. Well, just…
I am interested in purchasing the 2br coop or Home
The property is located at 23B Edgewater Park Rd, Bronx NY 10465
New listing coming up!! The seller is putting the finishing touches on a remodeled home in Montgomery Co. TX
New listing coming up!! The seller is putting the finishing touches on a remodeled 3-2-2 home in Royal Forest on 3/4 of acre overlooking neighborhood lake! List price 125k. Contact Michelle Doucette Realtor…
i am looking for a cash deal $30k
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Best place in USA
Thank you you're working out with you it scares me a because you're so tough it’ll be fine suppressed monitor [url=http:// zencleansetrusted.com/]zen cleanse[/url] all the nutrition ensure…
Is Odana Rd. noisy?
I am considering a house near Odana & S. Segoe. But am concerned that the road may be too noisy. Anyone living there? Do you think if it is noisy?
Adding a name to the deed vs leaving in a will??
We live in Ct and just purchased a house. My name is not on the deed and my husband wants to add it. Someone told us to just have him put it in his will. What would be better adding my name to the deed…
What grounds constitute buyer recovering earnest money?
Briefly: contract was tendered and signed by all parties before short sale was approved by mtg. holder. Buyer, who signed contract in good faith, has patiently waited 4 months for all short sale paperwork…
A scam is running on 111 Scott Dr. the email address of the scammer is agroplanet@hotmail.com and phone number is 614 450 0526.
They say they are missionaries and need to find "Godly honest people to rent their home", they are out of state and all the realtors they have worked with are "rippers". They say to…
we recently bought a property at des plaines, illinois for 275,000 but the property was originally sold for
only 230,000 the year before (2007), what factors influences such a price increase within only a year? It was listed at 305,000 so we were thinking that we got a good buy.
Thoughts on 78754 - looking at KB home development in the area
Hi, Out of state working in Silicon Valley - looking to move out to Austin to take advantage of much lower rent while working remotely for a SV company. Any thoughts on 78754 - there are new single…
I am interested in a foreclosure home in Sorrento FLorida. I will need some assistance to get it, please help!
I am looking for a bigger home with a in law apartment if possible. I will love the home to be in 1 acre alone, I am not interested in paying HOA's, will like a home with an inground pool and land.…
Can I purchase a home if my credit score is 640?
I had to short-sale my home in Port St. Lucie after the market crashed. I'm slowly rethinking about purchasing a home in Palm Beach County, but my credit score is 640. The home I'm interested is $139,000.00…
Family Communities with good schools between Raleigh and Chapel Hill.
This is an exact copy of a question I asked in the Raleigh area:Hi. I will be applying to a graduate program at UNC-Chapel Hill this Fall and (if accepted) would be moving to the area next spring/summer.…
is crime an issue in old north sacramento?
71 yr old considering buying a house in old north sacramento. im concerned about the crime rate.
We signed an agreement for a 30 year fixed rate mortgage with PMI at $146.
However, now the loan company and the FHA claim that the PMI should be $310, even though our mortgage doc says 146. Can they change our PMI in the middle of the mortgage term?
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