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How much damage was done by the fire to this house?
If you Google Maps this home, you can clearly see blacking on the out side and a burn hole in the roof.
We've improved our scores, mine from 565 to 619 and my husbands fluctuates from 680-640. We've opened a recent credit line but have kept
all our cards paid down. My scores been bouncing from 632-618. If we get preaprroved and then our scores go down again before we decide upon a house, is there a chance to get rejected? Need to know.…
I've been watching a property since July 07 the price started at 260,000 and now it's at 229,000 The seller
drops the price every 2 wks. I also found out the seller just purchase another home. My question is offering 200,000 firm reasonable? Thanks, J
I am currently interested in the Celina and Prosper areas but was wondering what the major differences would be pros and cons to both areas.
I am currently interested in the Celina and Prosper areas but was wondering what the major differences would be pros and cons to both areas. We are family with children ranging from early elementary to…
Where are some of the top investment income areas located?
I am thinking of purchasing some investment property (buy and hold) in Metro ATL. I have been hearing that Austell, Woodstock, and Powder Springs are good areas to consider. What has everyone been hearing?
credit card caused loan disapproval
if I pay off a credit card in its entirety, and everything else on my credit report is positive and consistent, could this over turn the banks decision and approve the loan? or could the loan possibly…
I want to purchase a home but my bankruptcy won't be discharged for 2 years until June. I was preapproved by my bank a year ago, and we have
been saving for down payment. What are my next steps and could I possibly be able to purchase a home by July?
Is it possible to get approved for usda loan with late payments?
On credit report, I was off 3 months maternity leave and fell behind on credit card payments, and has usda been extended for recent eligible areas, if so until when?
Can I view a property with one agent, and then work with a different agent on the contract?
I was working with an agent on one property. I ended up not bidding high enough and lost the property. I saw several others with him but none of them peaked my intrest. I then saw a foreclosure with…
What is everyones opinion of southport/addison intersection?
How will a condo valur hold up in this area? How is traffic in this area normally and in cubs traffic? How shoudl I value a rooftop view in this area? Thanks.
Im buying condo for cash. No loan Do i need to order appraisal ? Or i dont need to? I asked my agent about this before And he said if i
want to order appraisal then i have to pay my own. Is it worth to order appraisal when i buy home with cash?
Loans without income documentation.
My wife and I would like to borrow 140k, using her perfect credit. That said, we are both sserver's and make about 55k each, but we can't prove it. Any suggestions?
Buying an apt/condo in Los Altos CA 90815 or 90803, 90814 (eastern side, closer to CSULB campus)?
I am considering buying a 2-bedroom condo/apt under $200,000 in the above area, paid in cash, no mortgage. We will live in and rent out a room now. In future, if we move away, we will rent the whole out,…
I am coming off my bankruptcy April 2014 and I don't want wait on the 1 to 2 year waiting period.
I'm coming off a bankruptcy April 2014, and my lease on the house I'm renting ends at that time as well. I'm tired off renting. I would be a first time home owner, so I was looking for a FHA. I've been…
Why are images fuzzy? Is there a way to correct this?
I am a real estate agent and a seller has complained to me that the images of their property are not clear.
If you are considered a bad risk at 4% or 5% interest, how can a lender consider you a good risk at 10% interest?
The whole interest and points game is beneficial to no one except the banking industry. For instance, someone pays $700 a month in rent for an apartment where rent goes up with every contract renewal but…
Why the houses' price in Squirrel Hill North area are even higher than 2007?
I am thinking to purchase a house with 4 bedroom and 2 bath near Squirrel Hill North. While I am doing the search, I realize that the listing price is much higher than 2007. Some listed price even 30%…
question about short sale condo again!
my agent told me i need to wait 120 days which is 3 months to get a month approve. then we can do closing really fast because I'm paying full cash. here is my questions. 1. my agent said it will be…
Can anyone shed light as to why there is a fee (up to $235) associated with the "Exclusive Representation Agreement as Buyer's Agent" contract?
I am pinching my pennies wherever possible as I am hoping to purchase a home as early as June 2014 and for me $235 isn't pocket change.
River's Edge Condo
Is River's Edge Condos worth the high taxes? What's your view of the building itself?
How do mortgage lenders look at a business loss on a tax return if it was the final year for the business?
If our business is no longer in operation (as of November, 2013), but the business will show a loss on our 2013 taxes, will mortgage lenders count this loss against our future income if Schedule C on our…
Looking for a single family house in Newport coast. 4B/3B. With patio about 3500 sq ft for less than $1.4m
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3101696472-4-Bargemon-Newport-Coast-CA-92657
Best place to begin home search in Lafayette area.
I may be relocating to the area and need to know where to look for the best values. Prefer larger home subdivision w/large lot (will allow a 40 X 60 garage to be constructed on the property). House size…
is there a lender who will give you a first time buyer home loan with score of 561?
I am wantingt to buy a house but my score is only 560 I bring home $2000 after taxes a month and dotn want to rent I am a single mom as well!
Home loan without w2
I am looking for 1-2 bed apartment in Illinois. (60-70k) Is it possible to get a home loan without w2 form?
First time buyer.
I am looking to buy a condo within the next couple of months. I am just curious to see what initial steps I need to take in order to complete the buying process? Such as finding a Realtor and also getting…
As a buyer, looking for a home, what is the best way to tell realtors that you are looking for a specific home?
I am pre-approved and ready to buy. My agent and I have been looking for a few weeks, but the inventory is just so low that there hasn't been much out there. I have a pretty specific area and price…
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