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Are there any rent to buy houses available in Smyrna?
I'm planning to move in the fall and don't have a down payment.
Should I purchase through the listing agent or my own realtor.?
Is it in my financial benefit to purchase a home through the agent that listed the home or should I obtain my own realtor to bargain on my behalf. Does the seller pay for the listing realtor as well as…
Where shouldd I buy a townhome or condo in Houston if I am 60 but do not plan to retire for another 7 years? This would not be my retirement home but
one I could sell in 7 or so years and have enough return on the investment to buy a property in a retirement community. My income is over 140000 per year which I expect will grow over the next few years
Is it appropriate to ask if a property is listed (this year,1mo.ago) by the same owner who listed it last year... is this appropriate question or no?
Is it appropriate to ask if a property is listed (this year, 1 month ago) by the same owner who listed it for months last year (relisted by same owner, or if it changed owners)... is this an appropriate…
Looking for a loft in Atlanta, under $100,000
I have recently started the search for a loft to purchase. I am a first time buyer and I hope to use my savings to purchase, not finance. I love lofts and since I have started looking on Zillow and Trulia…
Extending closing date? Can sellers say no??
Husband and I are doing the USDA loan in Florida. The contract said we were suppose to close today 5/28, the sellers are a non profit organization not an actual private owner. My Realtor asked for an extension…
How hard would it be to find a seller that would be willing to rent with the option to buy?
As we would have to sell our current home first and we are out of state , but will be moving to Colorado.
if you already know the property you want, is it necessary to get a (buying) real estate agent, or can you buy straight from the 'listing agent'?
do you need a buying agent to represent you, so there are always two agents? or is this unnecessary? Thank you
Buyer demands at closing
I was selling a house to a buyer with a VA loan (last time I will ever do that), and I was required to make some repairs, including one involving a beam in the garage for $750. Repairs were made and paid…
What are good areas for first time home buyer couple in New Jersey with a 250-300K budget?
Husband works in Springfield NJ and I work in Paterson NJ. Have 2 dogs no kids. Want a good investment that if we need to sell in the future, we won't be stock with it.
Buying a home not as an investment nor primary residence...
My wife and I are both currently in the military and we are looking into purchasing a home for when we get out of the military. We're stationed in Virginia and are wanting to buy a home in Idaho,…
Seller is offering a ''Special Financing'' product for qualified purchasers
What does this mean,when it is seen on a listing?
I have been looking at a older home which has asbestos shingles, it was built in the 1900s is this a major concern & would they all need to be replace
The home has a lot of potential but i am worried that the exterior shingles replacement would be a very costly job to undertake.
What recourse, if any, does a tenant owner have in such a situation?
After applying and receiving conditional approval to refinance my cooperative loan I am now being advised that none of the major banks will refinance any unit in the building because of the NYC HDFC resale…
Kid-friendly Williamson County neighborhood near pool
We are looking at moving to Franklin, TN. What are the neighborhoods with many elementary- aged children near a pool in the 250k price range?
We love a home in Tulsa, OK that is a short sale, but we have a credit score of around 615-625
and my husband is self employed (for alittle over 2 years now). anyone know of any mortgages we can get approved for?
Can I have my sister co sign on a HELOC?
My husband and I own our home outright and we need a 10k Loan. My husband can't apply for a loan and I filled bankruptcy 3yrs ago. The bank declined me already. Can my sister co sign, her name is not on…
Can we still make this deal happen after the condo review failed?
Hi there. We are first time home buyers and we are trying to purchase a condo with 5% down. Everything has been cleared and our file is 100% approved. The condo review ended up coming back with over 15%…
Hi! I want to know about the neighborhoods on the Northwest side of the Pleasanton Sports Park.
Do these neighborhoods belong to Valley Trails? I have heard that area is not very desirable.
My family and I will be moving to Portland in July/August. What are some safe, family friendly neighborhoods? How early should we look for a rental?
We also have 2 cats and will be looking for a realtor to assist us, as we will not be able to travel to look at rentals (we are moving from the east coast). We will need 3 bedrooms.
Agents, what is your opinion on earnest money?
Do you encourage buyers to use checks or promissory notes? Does using a check make it a much stronger offer?
can I rent a HUD home if I'm on SSI?
I am in subsidized housing now and need a larger home, with a yard. Can I qualify if I'm on SSI for a HUD home?
If the appraisal comes in low, can the buyer walk away with earnest money EVEN IF....
Can the buyer walk away with earnest money even if the seller offers to reduce price to appraised value? Basically, I'm in the situation and I must say I'm having doubts about the home in general. Can…
Homepath and multiple offer Rounds? Is it normal?
We are trying to buy a house in Broward County, FL. Even though their houses and the one we are trying to buy is at least 25% above market price, we gave the full offer price plus 1/2 closing costs. Just…
Are Buyers Agents able to negotiate on price for a new home construction?
I am looking at a few new housing communities in Mountain House. I have a pre-approval letter from a mortgage broker already. Would hiring a realtor get me a better deal when considering a new home construction?
How to buy a short sale and foreclosed home?
Looking at California club 33179
Would it be difficult for me to qualify FHA 203K since I'm already approve for FHA loan?
The home I want to purchase, It need major work on the Inside
Is a credit score of 622 sufficient to purchase a home?
I pulled my credit score on creditkarma.com, and it was 622. I want to know if it's possible to purchase a home with a score this low? I'm a teacher, and have been teaching for 7 years now, earning over…
Is it lawful for a listing agent to refuse to show me the house until I sign a Buyers Exclusive on that property with him?
I recently saw a foreclosure on the market. I contacted the listing agent to show it to me, since I am not working with an agent. he told me I had to sign a Buyers Exclusive with him on that property before…
how long it will take me to got a mortgage again after a short sale 2012 on july?
I lost my house in short sale july 2012 I will able to buy house again fhs or hud
Who keeps the escrow? Buyer or Seller?
I have a 2013 Florida BAR As Is contract . Line 87 (sec 8, b) is checked, contingent on financing. if I received loan commitment with conditions within time frame, i did my best to meet all conditions.…
Buying a home for future use, not investment nor primary resident.
My wife and I are both currently in the military and are thinking about purchasing a home for when we get out of the military, we will not be living in the home and we don't intend to rent it as an…
Can someone tell me where the nice areas of Lancaster are?
Looking for a good place to find land and build.
Do all price reductions on a house show on internet?
We put a offer in on a house. The realtor we have told us that the house was listed for $20 K more previously. I can not find this in any listings on the internet. So my question is...are all price reductions…
I'm looking to rent a house in Oak Creek. However there are not any options available that meet my needs.
Would it be out of place for me to ask any of the current sellers if they would be willing to rent their property?
Any 2 or 3bdrm rent to own homes in Bourbonnais,il?
I have bad credit and cannot purchase a home the standard way, I am a veteran and am moving back to the Kankakee area with my Wife and 1 yr old daughter, we need somewhere to call home. if anyone could…
Can I purchase a home with a 550-570 credit score?
I cleaned up my credit and my score is rising, but slowly. I am in a bad position in my current home. I am a renter and the house is going into foreclosure. I will be a first time home buyer and looking…
buyer doesn't cancel contract
If a buyer emails that they're no longer interested in purchasing a property, but doesn't cancel the contract (despite repeated attempts by the seller's agent requesting the signing of the…
Interested in buying a house on contract or renting from someone in Norman IN. Not too expensive and no less than 3 rooms. Willing to do repairs.
I am willing to fix up the house I am renting or buying. Looking for a family home hopefully with trees and and decent gardening space. And not too expensive.
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