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underwritersIf i'm denied preapproval from an underwriter because of a voluntary repo 4yrs ago that i currently still pay on, does that mean i will be
If i'm denied preapproval from an underwriter because of a voluntary repo 4yrs ago that i currently still pay on, does that mean i will be denied by the next underwriter?
Blossom Park Condos on Landstreet Rd - Orlando
Are these good for rental investments. They are located on 1851 W Landstreet Rd. Are these easy to rent and what is that market rent for these condos? Will this condo increase in value? How is this…
Family Friendly NJ neighborhoods closest to midtown NYC (within 45 minutes) with both rail and bus transportation options
Family Friendly NJ neighborhoods with excellent school district closest to midtown NYC (within 45 minutes) with both rail and bus transportation options. Our budget is $650K for a single family home -…
we are canadian and just returned from siesta key. we put in an offer on a 2/2 condo across the street from
the beach. the agent told us that is was a short sale, and it looked like it was a foreclosure because a lawyer's name was on the listing info. as a canadian, should i be registering the ownership in a…
Loan with 780 credit
Hi my husband has a credit of 780 is that good and woyld banks lend him to purchase a mobilehome. And is it a long process
Considering a move to Castro Valley from the Peninsula..
Hello, My husband and I are considering a move to Castro Valley from the Peninsula. We would really like to stay in the Peninsula but it is way too expensive! And I am not familiar with the East bay…
What would disqualify a home for a RD loan?
We are looking at a property that is 50 acres has a small 3 bedroom ranch built in like 1960 and 2 car garage with extra barn. it is also zoned agricultural. Does the zoning automatically disqualify it…
How hard is it to get a reasonably priced fixer-upper, close to the Gulf???
I want to live in it, full time, for the rest of my life. From what I have seen, I already know I will have to renovate, in order to make it flow for me. I would just hate to destroy some of the work…
When looking to buy a house, how should the asking price compare with what is on the tax rolls? I am looking at a house that the listing price is
$175,000. TCAD assessed it for $158,000. I would like to make an offer on the house that is in between those prices. Is that acceptable?
Is termite inspection necessary?
We found a cute home, about 10 years old, in 78748 area. When we made a tour to the property, we couldn't make out any termite damage, being generally enamored with its great layout and well-maintained…
Plainfield Flooding
I know with the amount of rain the area has received this year there are areas that have dealt with flooding problems. Is there anywhere to see what areas were affected? How badly/often this happens?…
How many months of living expenses would you recommend a new agent keep as a reserve? How long did it take before you made your first commission?
I will be working on real estate 40 hours minimum a week. I'm assuming that it might take up to six months. Is that too conservative? I know that this is relative to how hard you work. I want to liquidate…
Loan switched from Conventional to FHA by bank/buyer .Now requiring FHA Amendatory Clause.???
So contract was checked off only for a conventional loan. Now lender/buyer wants to change to FHA...what are pros & cons for seller? House appraised at full contract price but lender now requiring "FHA…
How is the resale value for Sun City Las Vegas?
Is resale in age restricted communities a problem for my heirs?
how to reset password?
how to reset password ?
I make 53k a year how much house can I afford in Dallas area?
I make 53k a year including my overtime been at same job 6yrs credit cards add up to $100 a month no car loan credit score around 700 have 10k for down payment .
How many buyers do you have looking for communities offering natrual gas?
I have so many people come in to the community & love it. http://www.tollbrothers.com/FL/The_Reserve_at_Estero
how many homes have been sold in the past 6 months in seaford?
What are the taxes on a small 3 bedroom house on a canal
How to convert the home from 2 to 4 family house?
I have a two family home but originally build as three, the other gome attached to me is 3 with same design and the other one that I share my driveway is 4 family and it is same as mi house. how can I…
what is the cheapest house you got?
Add some detail about your question
Urgent Help need, Please advise
Please help me handle this situation,I am (buyer) in the final process of buying, I removed all the buyer contingencies. However I just noticed that in appraisal report the lot size is about 1400 sqft…
How does FHA look at basements with non egress windows?
We are looking at putting an offer in on a house that is listed as a four bedroom and 1 3/4 baths. The 3/4 bath and two of the bedrooms are located in the basement. The windows in the basement are not…
How does a shared "Quit Claim Deed"effect capital gains exclusion for the one person who wants to sell their share to the other owner who will remain?
a permanent resident there, since the original title owner has deceased. The deed sharer lives out of state and will be purchasing her own home within this year.
Can gift money be used as part of a down payment on a conventional loan?
We have been turned down on fha financing since we have a rental property with an existing fha loan. This increases the total of our down payment. Now, coming up with the additional 1.5 percent may be…
Lease to own help??
My husband and I are looking for a home with a lease to own option in a 2-5 years. We're working on improving our credit before purchasing better rates but we don't want to continue to rent with no outcome.…
Can I negotiate with Fannie Mae based on my inspection results?
I submitted an offer on a Fannie Mae foreclosure in Boca for $160K, however, the inspection results showed repairs of about $10K. I know it's "AS IS" as they say, but is it still possible to negotiate…
Is it possible for me to find a house not far from 28212 from $100-130 for a single person in a safe neighborhood. Moving to Charlotte
I am pre-approved for a mortgage. Will be doing VA financing. Time is running out. Moving to Charlotte 10/5/2014
Realtors - when I look for a new house I am going to find a realtor that will look at houses and send me pics/flip video because I am out of state.
I've done it before and it turned out well because I knew the area a little bit. Do many people 'shop for houses' like that now? Do you feel comfortable doing it without the buyer seeing it before closing?
Is there any chance at all that I can buy a house?
I'm 19, i don't have a whole lot of credit. It's not bad credit, its just not really there. I have a full time job and I don't have a bad paycheck every month. I can afford the house but, of course, I…
How can I get Trulia to quit sending me homes. I've bought a home and want to stop getting homes sent to me. I've unsubscribed 12 times .
I've tried at least 12 times to unsubscribe but you continue to email me homes. Please delete my name and email. thanks
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