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How could you do this?
How can I edit my home facts?
I clicked on "edit..." I got the email to confirm that this is my home, and then tried to click "edit..." Again, it did nothing. I logged out and logged in again, and still not luck.…
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How is Safe in use product?
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USDA Appraisal Review
Our file was pulled by random to have our appraisal reviewed by USDA. has anyone had this happen or know how long it takes. Our LO said we have nothing to worry about we have already been approved. They…
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Why can't I edit my homes information?
I keep selecting my name from the list but it will not let me edit the information.
Please DELETE my account
Do not want this account please DELETE the entire account. Thank you
a basically abandoned commercial property is sitting in a residential area. An investor has a deed for the
property in 2007 for $240,000. In 2008 there was a fire, and no work has been done. Its just all beams, no floors etc. Its assessed price is $110. What is reasonable to offer for this place.
Disney-Area Vacation Home
Considering the purchase of a vacation home/rental property, not to exceed 400K. Planning a trip to Orlando soon and want to visit properties with excellent, family-friendly amenities and reasonable HOA…
What is Transaction fee That buyer'broker can charge to home buyer?
I am a home buyer/invester. My buyer agent charge me $400 for buyer' broker transaction fee. Q1. Can buyer'broker Charge buyer such a fee(I never heard of such a fee,some kind of rip off?)…
My wife and I are trying to purchase a short sale where the buyers loan is through Bank of America. We started the process about 7 weeks ago.
Our realtor is both the sellers and ours (buyer) the owner is mentally incapacitated, is not working and is not able to really do a whole lot. BOF keeps requesting that the owner submit and apply for loan…
FYI...your company has listed 629 Ashley Street, Rochelle, Ga. 31079 as a foreclosure...You apparently have the wrong address.
Wilcox County State Bank in Rochelle holds the mortgage on 629 Ashley street and we are not foreclosing...the picture on the website is NOT 629 Ashley street...please address this problem as people are…
How to advertise my home for rent on Trulia or zillow?
My house in Charlotte in 28210 zip.
Do both the underwriter and the loan officer benefit from a deal that goes through?
Any idea what the usual percentage of benefit would be?
Fannie Mae asked immediately for best and highest
I found a listing in Northern Meadows the day is became available on the MLS. I called the broker and they said it had barely gone live that morning. The next morning my husband and I went out to see it…
FHA loan after Chapter 13 discharge?
I have read conflicting information as to whether we need to wait 24 months after our chapter 13 discharge (although I know that you can qualify while in chapter 13) to qualify for FHA loan. We received…
I am looking to buy a townhome in Marlton, NJ. I was wondering what the resale is like for a townhome in this town.
For instance, if I go to re-sell this 29 year old home in about 7-10 years, will I lose money because townhomes are not as desirable in this area? Will it depreciate in value? I am new to this area so…
I need to remove listing
I'd like to remove listing for a rental property
Please remove this listing from your site. Our office represents Peter Graham. This property is NOT the foreclosed property. The foreclosed property
is located at 4 Depot St., Lincoln, ME . Please fix this immediately or we will prepare to litigate this unlawful posting. Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter. Respectfully, Martha…
question: a friend of mine is in the beginings of escrow, she submitting all her signed paper work to the lender an seller thru her realtor, just
one problem her Social Security Number has a different first name same last name and middle initial and all the paper work is in her 1st name she has been using for the past 30 years, and here comes the…
what is mobile/manufacture?
what is the difference of mobile/manufacture with home?
Seller failed to disclose info: uninhabitable home.
First time home buyer. Inspection showed tub failed to drain, seller allegedly fixed it. Two days after close, toilets backed up. Plumber snaked lines but within two weeks happened again. Plumber…
What are 5 things you should ask your Real Estate agent before buying a home?
I am looking in to buying a home, but I am not sure exactly what I should be looking for when looking at the homes. Does anyone know specific questions I should ask?
Would you buy a 100 year old house?
What's the average life span of a house in the Palo Alto area? What are the risks associated with buying a house built more than a hundred years ago and what should a buyer be on the lookout for?
I have not been able to view additional photos for the last few weeks.
Has your website changed? I am a Mac using and never had trouble till a few weeks ago. Tried logging in a still can only see the first photo. Any tips would be great. Thank you
How is provides you 100% results ?
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No one ever lets me know how to download a new picture for my home.
How do I remove the existing picture of my home and download the new one? You let me update the changes to the inside. But the house still looks awful with the old roof. littlewolfgriffith@yahoo.com
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How Does It Work ?
Is Working Furnace & Stove Mandatory for Conventional Mortgage Approval?
Finally found a condo I love in SFV. Asking was $330K. I offered $310K since the ancient furnace, electric stovetop burners and kitchen faucet don't work. Alas, Seller countered at $320K. He offered…
Seller's delay... do per diem penalties work both ways?
Regarding lender-imposed per diem penalties for buyer's delay of closing date, does that work both ways? I'm involved in a contract where the lender is responsible for the delay because the…
How is Gives 100% guarantee?
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How natural and safe formula ?
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How could you do this?
how I edit 159 Smithridge park reno nv 89521?
I want to edit my listing can't find the Edit -what's going on here. just frusted to edit the listing
How is risk free product ?
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Can a regular house be ontop of concrete blocks for an FHA Loan & is regular skirting an issue ?
Found house I look which is made of wood and ontop of I suppose concrete blocks which holds it, would that house qualify for a FHA Loan or do only houses made from ground up/cement flooring qualify? Would…
how do I find a low cost house or commercial bldg. that can be used as a studio?
Possibly bank owned. I am not finding these on this site. Only by local site where I keep looking and the lowest cost house on the comparable section and then again. Until I get to small houses that…
Does anyone have any experience with RP Funding?
I just signed a contract and am now looking for a lender. Since I'd be getting an FHA loan, RP Funding came up and they promise quick closing, low closing costs and zero lenders fees. Any feedback…
How do I pick a realtor from a company?
Hello. This sounds like an easy question for someone with experience to answer, but I have no idea! How do I pick a realtor to work with? Say I pick my local Century 21, but they have 25 realtors. Do I…
can a listing agent buy the house she is listing after I put in a bid?
I put a bid on a house that I currently live in its a 2 family. The price on the house dropped and I put in a bid. The real estate agent declines my bid and accepted someone else's bid. Then 2…
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