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Two agents, same company?
We were shown a property by two agents from the same company. They told us that one of them would represent the seller and one of them would represent us. Are we obligated to use the agent they have designated…
Are there any agents in the Nassau Area that have a decent amount of experience dealing with a VA loan?
I have been pre approved and looking to buy in the Baldwin, Freeport area
Any liveable homes, with no monthly fees?
I need to find a place asap that is under 50,000 cash, liveable, house or mobile which has no space rent, or anyother rental fees, except, the usual utility fees
How much to save for downpayment and what credit score do I need?
We've begun saving for a downpayment a couple of months ago, but 20% seems like a lot. After two months we have 7k, but for the house we want its going to take 2 years, which isnt too bad, but still seems…
How kid-friendly is the subdivision of Pelican Ridge?
We're looking into purchasing a town home in Pelican Ridge, but not familiar with the neighborhood. Is it kid friendly? Are there young families that live there? Thanks!
How often and why do loans fall through right before closing?
Once a loan is approved by underwriting, what situations would cause it to fall through at the last minute? We have heard some nightmare stories and are afraid to pack, give notice to our landlord, etc.…
Cozumel at marco island is it a good investment? .
I was at Cozumel condo property and asking price is 1.2 million on 13th floor. It has all goodies you can imagine. My question is that it has a very high condo maintenance fee and overall, monthly expenses…
what is the required immigration status of a home buyer.?
i"ve been living in the U.S for 7 years.i have my working permit but my residency card (green card) application is still pending and i have a good credit.so my question is will I be able to buy a…
I am in the process of moving back to Grand Rapids. I am looking at using my VA Home Loan to buy our first house.
The thing is, my husbands and my credit is horrible, we are working on repairing our credit. It should be back to 650 ish within the next few months. My question is, Based on your experiences, is it possible…
I'm looking to acquire the vacant lot next door to my home. Who can help?
We closed and moved into our new home in January of this year and we are located in Grand Rapids (SE).
need a contractor in Pine Bluff AR area..
need contractor in pine bluff area, for possible renovation on older home. please inquire. thanks
Any landlord accepts the one shot deal in the nyc area?
Keba Love, Home Buyer in Bronx, NY Can anyone help looking fir one bedroom apt around 800 to 900 month? Hello.. I wanted to find out if there is any landlord who accepts the one about deal. Im in dier…
my husband is trying to get a VA loan USAA say I have to be included in the application but I don't have a social security card I only have itin
number to report my tax evry year is there a way to use this number he was told he could not do a loan like this what can we do ? please help?
How can I get lot size when doing my house search, and public water and sewer?
I must have a quieter location, because I have a constant headache and dogs barking or lawnmowers from neighbors is very difficult for me. A larger lot, or separation from other neighbors is essential.
What should we do?
We walked away from our home. So our credit is washed out, if we sell our home were looking to move up north would we rent for a year? what would we d
fixer, fixer on the wall, who's the dearest of them all ?.......lol
with the market being "white hot" i've turned my attention to a fixer...looking for a 2-3 bedroom, 1-2 bath home with character. preferably built in the '20's i'm pre-approved and willing to go well…
Is there someone who can help with two people looking to buy a house with 500 credit scores in Tucson?
Hi, my boyfriend and I were interested in looking to buy a house for us and our four children. The problem is both of our credit scores are less then desirable (in the low 500’s). He is a veteran…
Looking at a new home in Westyn Bay....what's the outlook for this community and area?
I am new to FL and have looked new homes in many different areas. I like the access to roads and size of homes you can get in Ocoee but not sure about this area. I work in Maitland so I would like a…
Hello, I am a homeowner and I believe I'm a victim of fraud as my home was listed for rent on Trulia. Can someone please contact me as soon as?
possib possible to discuss? 202-497-3801. The home is vacant and listed for sale; to our surprise, we found that someone (not the owner, me) has listed it for rent as well.
I'm a fsbo carrying contract. Buyers backing out for no reason 25 days before closing & 30 days after purchase agreement signed with $1600.00 paid.
What is my recouse. Its a triplex & are renting part.We have made several allowances 4 them & money it not the issue. Only $1600.00 down 6% interest for 3 yrs ballooon for balance. When they changed…
Why on this site do they separate the mortgage from the maintenance costs instead of listing them in total?
For example I see a co-op that says that the mortgage is $750/mo but when I read the description it's $550 maintenance. Are maintenance costs negotiable, that's why they're listing them separate from…
How does year built in effect house price. For example if I buy a new home of same size as a 20 year old home of same size how much additional would I
have to pay for new home. Later when I go out to sell both houses after 10 years which one will appreciate more
what are capital gains taxes in Ca? long term ownership...
selling single family home for $2m, and bought in 2005 for $1.2m
I need some opinions.
I was recommended this site www.cfsflex.com, by my realtor. Both indicate I can qualify for a mortgage one day after a foreclosure. Can anyone verify this? Rebecca Swanson Phoenix, AZ
Relocating to Scottsdale?
If you are lookin for immeme
If a home is up for Sale could this be in a contract Rent-to-own????
homes that are in Deer Valley for sale,;Are any of these hms w/option rent-to-own?
I am looking for a rental in a gated community in florida for a month since I am alone.
I would like to rent a 2 bedroom in a gated community for a month. It can be in January, February or March or even April. Can you help me find a place?
Rural development loan
Im trying to get an RD loan. Ive been with the same company for 2 years the beginning of next month. I started back to work with a new company after being off work for a while from having my second child.…
I have put in an offer on a home in foreclosure. It was listed at $180,000 and I offered $169,000. The bank came back with $172,000. Now the house
is listed at $170,000 and it's been on the market over 30 days and needs about $30,000 worth of repairs can I ask the bank to lower their price and if so by how much? Thanks.
Why is the roof two differant colors has there been repairs done to it?? What is the lot size??
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3097565789-7376-Moonbeam-Dr-Flagstaff-AZ-86004
We are in escrow on a home and have realized that my husband has been at his job only 16 months.
He has been in the construction field for 20 years but at this new company for less than 2 years. Will this go against our getting a loan?
Flight attendant relocation
Flight attendant relocation to Philly needing furnished studio/1 bd. close to airport but want safety. Will need ground transportation. Absolutely safe complex not ground floor but secure building
Looking for some professional assistance with a relocation to the San Antonio area in September
I am looking for references for great Mortgage Brokers and Realtors in the area to assist with a smooth transition to help us secure the best mortgage and find our new home that would suit our needs.
I am planning to buy an Investment Property in West Frisco. Looking to buy a brand new under construction property
I don't want to deal with the hassles of old property falling off and hence looking at a couple of builders in the West Frisco area. One of them is a 3900 sq ft property which the Builder is willing…
In Hoboken, there are a lot small buildings with 3 or 4 units. I heard it is difficult to get loans and it also affects refinance and resell.
Is it still a good idea to buy condos in small building in Hoboken? What happen if I cannot find qualified buyers when I want to sell the unit because the rigid owner/rental ratio? And also for a small…
The site shows that my house was last sold in 1998, and I bought it from a bank in 2011.
So how does the estimate of the value work with the info not up to date?
I am looking for 2 bed rooms CONDO no more than$350,000.00 .
Hopefully, that's not that old or new.
I am a 26 year old teacher from Richmond thinking about moving to New Bern. What is the young adult atmosphere like?
I want a small town but at the same time would like to meet people my age. I do not want the city "bar" life at all!
Young First time Homebuyer :)
I'm 23 years old and have been working full time straight out of school for a solid 2 years now. My credit score is around 720 and groing. Im looking to only put down a 10% deposit for a house less than…
how do i find listings on homes with lease options?
I'm looking for a single family or multiple family home with a lease option
Ready to buy our first house low credit score and looking for a loan
We make over 70k a year but made mistakes in our youth that put our score now to 580. Me and my wife are tired of apartments and hear all the time of getting home loans with less money and worse credit…
Am I crazy to think that I can get into a 3 bedroom house with a mortgage payment of $1200 or less?
I have a credit score of 720. My income is $38K per year. I don't have much for down payment but was hoping to qualify for a first time buyer loan. I hope to find a program to help with down payment.
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