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F1 Visa student looking to buy a house.
Hi, I'm currently on the F1 Student Visa and seeking to buy a house in the Boston Area. What is the buying process if I wish to do it with cash. I'm looking for a house preferably under $ 100,000, does…
Foreclosure home listing in Durham/Raleigh
If you are a Realtor or Bank who specialize in foreclosure home. Please send me your listing. I am looking to buy property that are in foreclosure, whit a price range from 0-30K. Thanks
Do I need to have good credit to buy a home?
I do not have a good credit. I do want to buy a home someday. I want to know how do I start to get a home.
I would really like to hear from my peers in the Lake County, FL area. Are any of you having issues closing sales due to non-maintained roads?
I have an issue with a sale right now with a road that the property owners believed to be county maintained, is listed as a public road and yet it is a non-county maintained road. There seem to be many…
Radon in very bottom condo?
Would a remediation fix destroy the hardwood floors, would it need to be installed in the floor? what is a rough cost estimate, and any advice would be appreciated?
Where can I find an experienced Realtor from West Palm Beach/ Boynton Beach area with past experience in assisting Canadian home buyers?
We are looking for an experienced Realtor to help us with an investment property purchase in West Palm Beach/ Boynton Beach area.
Hi, can someone help me in identifying newer developments middle to upper middle class - not gated communities
($200,000 to $450,000) in any of the following areas: Hickory Hills, Palos Hills, Bolingbrook, Oak Lawn or Lemont....we are looking to move and would like to find some new communities to look at houses…
In a nightmare buying a fannie mae homepath home...they accepted our offer but aren't getting the contract to us in a timely fashion...using a
VA loan They aren't getting us the contract so that we can start the VA appraisal process...they are demanding we close by the end of July which the VA said they could do as long as they get the contract…
Zero debt, looking to buy first home in next 6-9 months, will financing a car hurt us much?
Hi, we are looking to buy a new car under $30k and probably finance $20k. We could pay cash but interest rates are low enough to make better use of our money elsewhere. I understand that debt is negative…
I am waiting for an appraisal for a home in bergenfield. Im so afraid that it will come out less than what i
offered for it. Any idea for a 3 bedroom 1 bath house on main st and s washington st?
See if you can answer my question
I am confused. In a short sale an appraisal has to be ordered. But some of you say no you can do a Bpo. But some of you say the buyer pays for the appraisal. However some of you say the bank pays for the…
Who should I contact to see the house?
Add some detail about your question
In the middle of dry closing between overseas buyer and seller and need help. Suspect some sort of scam
We received a cash offer from a Brazilian buyer. Docs were signed notarized, 10% escrow was received all set to close 27th June. At the last minute we were told it would be a dry closing because the funds…
Would like to find a rent to own or partial owner financed home in Loudon. Any ideas how I can find motivated owner to work with us?
Family of 3 looking for a nice neighborhood would like to move by August. Expected date to purchase 1 year but very flexible.
bank issued commitment letter but no loan
bank issued commitment letter but no loan
Is Delaware the best retirement destination in the US?
What is the most important decision making factor for buying a retirement home?
We have done everything our loan officer told us to do. Jumped through hoops did the whole 9 yards. We opened up an old suspended line of credit. Ma
We have done everything our loan officer told us to do. Jumped through hoops did the whole 9 yards. We opened up an old suspended line of credit. We claimed bankruptcy over 4 years ago. We made sure…
What is the best way to rent a home for maximum exposure?
We have a 4 BR, 2.5 BA for rent. Very nice home, well maintained in an upscale subdivision in Hoffman Estates, excellen, blue ribbon dist. 211 schools, LR, separate DR, FR, study, finished basement, call…
Any up and coming 4/3/2 Sugar Land homes under $350K?
I have a client who is looking for a 4 bedroom 3 bathroom home with close proximity to shops, restaurants, etc (walkability) and is wanting to stay under the $350,000 mark. They are willing to do cosmetic…
Am doing a house hunt in Syosset NY, can anyone 1)explain me on construction types(like?
wooden,frame,brick..blabla..) and 2)also want to know if simple carpetted floors can be easily converted back to good hard wood floors. How Cost effective is that?
50% down, bad credit and good salary
Stats: $40K Down payment $$0K / year salary 540 credit (and climbing) 11K car loan (400/mo) 8K in bad debt $250/mo in student loans Is it possible to get a I've found a house I like priced…
How much does it cost to advertise a home for sale in New York on your site?
please let me know as soon as you can at hgorina@corcoran.com thank you.
Looking for a portfolio lender. Credit in the 700s but had a short refi in early 2011.
I'm in the process of purchasing a new home and have run into issues with funding due to Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac guidelines on "short sales". I have already picked the home and are under contract. I have…
Looking for a 3 bedroom in Truckee for $300,000 or less. Recommended areas for families?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3090966551-15587-Donnington-Ln-Truckee-CA-96161
I have had an offer on a Short Sale since last October with BofA. They have asked for my proof of funds 3 times and keep asking for sellers
financials. I keep hearing 30 more days for approval letter but still no letter. Am I getting any closer to thus closing?
Title agency from a sale 4 years ago wants signed access to court records regarding a lien they missed and I didn't know of - should I sign?
I sold my home in early 2009. No problems. A few weeks ago, the title agency started calling - the current owner wants to refi and the title search showed a lien that I apparently incurred which I did…
Pre foreclosure/Short sale..Should I wait longer for a response?
It's been 2 months now and no word from the bank. The selling Realtor told my Realtor that our all cash offer is the only offer that was presented to the bank. Considering that Wall street is falling apart…
MLS Misrepresentation on SQFT and year built
The Sellers have misrepresented the MLS SQFT by 10% and also stated the home was built in 2003 on the MLS when the actual appraisal shows 1999. We are 2 weeks away from closing. Is this considered fraud…
I am under contract with a REO home . We have already passed our closing date
and are waiting for the Deed Packet from the bank. Any suggestions as how to get this expedited?
After years of building bad credit, I'm working to improve it. want to apply for an FHA for my first new home. I need guidence
I'm looking to buy in California, is there anyone out there who can guide me in the right direction - .I maintain a decent salary, but my credit hasnt been the good in years. I'm sure I'm…
I am a first time buyer with a 570-610 score waiting for a pre approval, Ive found a REO house and dont want
to miss out on it, how long does this process usually take, and are there any suggestions or other steps i should take at this time
According to my dads wilI can purchase the house at fair market value 1 sister does not approve, does she have to
I lived in the house all my life and took care of my parents, my father stipulated in the will I can buy the house at fair market value, we had all the appraisils and market anaysis, the estate attorney…
So next week I should get my clear to close from my lender and all of everything as far as packets, homeowners insurance has been handed in.
I also completed everything regarding my conditions and my lender said I am in line for clear to close next week. Is it safe to say that the money for my two/three month reserve can now be used to get…
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