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How do I stop getting so many e-mail alerts? I don't have time for them and some of them I am not even interested in the area anymore.
Help!!!!!!!!!! I don't want alerts about rentals, open houses, anything in North Ft. Myers, Leighigh area. I would like info. about Venice, Venice Isle and Bradenton or Sarasota. I live in texas and…
Homes for sale.
What exactly is a pocket listing, i read about it but do you have to have a relative in the business to find a particular house? seems unfair for the regular homebuyer.
Who do I go to for help involving a deed correction? The Title company will not correct a typo!
Our Deed was recorded as 14ft. instead of 114 ft. We cannot find anyone to help us get it corrected. We would appreciate help w/ this nightmare!
How can I buy another house while renting out my first home?
I'm looking to buy a new home on Long Island, NY. The house I currently own is in Amityville, NY. What I'm looking to do is buy another house to live in and rent out my current house. I have…
Sent many home options to someone's email but he has never gotten them. They are not in his junk folder either. Email sent to was:
hdhook@gmail.com Please find these emails and forward to him as I spent quite a bit of time looking and sending this morning! Thank you.
In response to home at 3927 S. Kindness Terr. Homosassa, Fl.
What to know if your bank has hired people to clean up home
What are some good first time home buying programs I would be able to utilize?
I am a student at UT Austin, i have 0 student loans or loans of any kind, but I do have a credit card. On CreditKarma, it gave me two credit scores, a 699 and a 716. Are there any programs who would assist…
I will be moving to Atlanta, GA before the year is out.
I am single, no children so I'm not concerned about school districts. I am looking for a safe area since I'm not familiar with Atlanta. I was interested in Lithonia but I'm not sure about the commute…
how soon can I refinance after buying a home?
Bought a home last month and would like to refinance at a rate 50bps lower than my current one which was locked in around 3/20 when it was relatively high. My current lender has no prepayment penalty but…
I am buying a house from a builder and the builder is requiring that I use a certain mortgage company in order for the buyer to cover the closing cost
Is this legal in the state of TN? Is there some type of loophole? It seems like the builder should be required to offer closing costs up to what they would have been if using the stated mortgage company…
First time home buyer.Moved out of my apt nothing was reported but I owe $3000 current making payments. should I pay that off b4 applying for a house?
Nothing was reported to my credit because I made payment arrangements with National Credit System. Should I wait until that balance is paid off in fully with proof before applying. Because I know it will…
What does it mean if a house is now OUT of attorney review?
We put an offer in on a short sale and now it is officially out of attorney review. What does this mean.
Looking to buy a lot (sand dune) in Cordova/Swan Beach area.
Anything specific I need to look for in a piece of property (I.e., how long after purchase do I have to build, flood zones, etc...). Looking at max. 5th row.
how do I know if I've been entered into the sweepstakes?
I created a board in order to enter the sweepstakes. How can I confirm that I've been entered...
Cost of homeowners insurance beachside/canal front single family home in South Cocoa Beach or Satellite Beach?
Just looking for an estimate. Currently living in Amelia Island, 1/2 mile from the beach (no canal), 4/2 and pay less than $3K per year plus opted for $400 flood policy. Any information would be very…
Question about VA home loans and the VLB
I understand the VA home loan has a funding fee of 2.15 percent and the VLB has a fee for 1%. If choose to go with the VLB because of the interest rate do I have to pay both the VA funding fee and the…
how do i delete my trulia account / profile?
Im getting way to many junk emails!!!
Can I buy a home with no money down and bad credit?
Rent is to expensive where I live, only option is to buy I don't have a co signer and need to move within the next couple weeks.
Can anyone tell me how to determine what the property taxes on a home will be AFTER I purchase it?
I am considering purchasing a home in Punta Gorda Isles and would like to determine what my future tax bill will be? Just because I see that the current owner is paying, for example $4500 on a home, does…
Okay I have an agent I have been working with. I went and let the listing agent show me the house. It took
twenty minutes top and he did not seem like he thought I was a potential buyer. So I contacted an agent I knew and had her submit an offer. Now he is mad because he as the broker and listing agent will…
We purchased a Fannie Mae foreclosure/bank owned home in joint tenancy, can we quick claim 1 of us off title immediately
How soon can we quick claim 1 of the 2 of us off the title if only one of us is on the loan? Does the previous foreclosure ownership by Fannie Mae keep me from being removed from title or do we have to…
How do you prepare Comps in the same areas?
Is it Ethical, even Legal, to compare Manufactured Homes, (say worth $30,K and that Depreciate) with Brick & Mortar Homes worth $350K? Is that even being truthful? If not, then why do Sites do it? Seems…
Thought For the Day
"Live with the principles of a good life because as ye sow, so ye reap. In life you will reap in accordance with how and what you create." -Dr. Charles Davis
Hi, Should I have a sewer camera inspection? Any info, or experience is greatly appreciated!?
My home inspector advised me(very adamantly) to have a sewer camera inspection company inspect the sewer pipe of the home we are going to purchase. The house was built in 1985 on a lot where two older…
water level rise
would like to buy a beach front home but am concerned about the prediction of 39 inches over the next 80 years... and if true... what will property value be in 25 years when the worry really hits? Any…
why can I no longer pull up my tab of saved homes?
I have been following the property for months. Now that I am ready to make appointment to go see them, I can no longer access my list.
How do I remove something from a board?
I have only one home on the board. All I wanted was to add to saved homes.
What % below asking price is about right to offer on a home in Southern Shores, NC. It will be a rental home.
It never was before, so certain things, like a pool need to be added for rental appeal. We need to take this into consideration in the pricing arena.
Home buyer rebate
Hi, I am looking for an agent that gives home buyer rebate back to the buyer. If you know someone who may be able to help, let me know.
Looking for advice on reducing buyer's agent commission
My wife and I are interested in purchasing a house that is for sale in our neighborhood. It is a new house (2008); our neighbor is transferring jobs. We know the house, neighborhood, etc. What, of course,…
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TRULIA: immediately remove my email and that 'sign on' category you created without my request or approval. ceal_h@yahoo.com 3/3/15
TRULIA: immediately remove my email and that 'sign on' category you created without my request or approval. ceal_h@yahoo.com 3/3/15
What can you do to compare Eye Serums?
Lenders credit is the amount of the credit a percent of the higher interest rate they are charging
Paper work shows 3,500 given to me then they total some figures up add it to the pay off of the house and add the 3,500 to that and show a credit for 2,400 should the credit be the same amount as the…
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palm beach co-op
im looking at a private sale in palm beach on the intracoastal. Its a 2br, 2ba co-op about 2k square feet. Its old and unrenovated and would need a facelift in the worst way. It has water views and is…
How do i edit my listing?
how do i change my listing? When i posted it was right and for some reason it changed on its own, Its all wrong.
How much should I offer the buyer?
What much should I offer on a home that I want to purchase when I heard that the couple that saw the house after me is also putting in a bid. I don't want to lose the house.
I plan to buy a winter home in Florida in '11. What is the best time of year to buy? I'm in no rush & am a cash buyer. Should I wait?
I'll be looking on the East Coast: Delray, Boynton, Boca . I will not need to occupy the home until next fall. I am wondering if inventory goes up after the rental season ends and if Sellers become…
Buying a home with an outdoor hot tub. Worth the money?
I put an offer in on a short sale property and had it accepted by the sellers. They want to sell their outdoor hot tub outside of closing. It is easily a $5,000 hot tub they want $1,500 for. I am inclined…
Are the realtors disclosing that the area surrounding this house is owned by the landfill?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1042159338-3507-Columbiana-Rd-New-Springfield-OH-44443
Evergreen Valley option areas, how do they work?
Does anyone know how the Mt. Pleasant - Evergreen Valley and Silver Creek - Evergreen Valley option areas work? I tried googling for the answer but couldn't find anything, just some stuff back in 2006…
Flooring: Ignore, replace or provide allowance. I know carpet is out and hardwood is in. However buyers like many colors and types. I'm concerned.
Some buyers like laminate, many say it's easier to maintain than hardwood. There is oak, maple, bamboo and countless other looks and shades from very light to very dark. My flooring is currently tile…
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