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First Time Home Buyers? What's next?
If this is your first home purchase, there's no need to tackle this on your own. Finding a Realtor that is competent enough to help you can be a daunting task at times. About 20% of the Realtors do about…
Second part of the last question-it shows the mortgage included in the BK but we talked to a lender today and since the deed was never transferred out
Of our name, he can't help. He said there are lenders out there that can help. Can you please assist or guide me in some way. We are upset and confused. Please help!
Please remove my home listing from your Trulia site. The information you have is incorrect, as the public record is incorrect.
The home has many upgrades that the public record does not include. It is a common occurence for this to happen, however, this makes it best to be removed from your site in place of having totally incorrect…
Not a question but was having trouble viewing enlarged pictures after Trulia made the format update a few days ago.
Would bring up a black screen with only 1/8" of the picture showing at the bottom with now way to access. I use Google Chrome. Trulia says try opening in another web browser. Used Mozilla Firefox; this…
House backyard facing to Rolator Rd ( Frisco, TX)
Planning to buy a house in Frisco, TX ( Richwoods community) . The concern is that the backyard facing to Rolator Road (2 lanes). Will there be vehicle noise inside the house..how about in the backyard?…
Question About Commissions and Profit Splits
Can a listing agent who is getting their normal commission also get paid a portion of the profits as a jv partner of the investor who is flipping the property?
Corner lot - pros and cons?
we are looking to build a home in a new community in frisco. currently the only lot left is a corner lot and all other lots on the street are sold. First question in my mind is why has this lot not sold…
I have plans to build a custom ranch 4 bedroom home on 26 acres 7 miles southeast of Fayette, Mo? How much will it cost per square foot?
This home will be all brick, have ground source havoc system, walkout basement, 2 bedroom upstairs, 2 bedrooms down. Partially finished basement, 3car garage, 10 foot ceilings, extra deep basement, septic…
what is a co op - can i live in a co op for 20 years for long term, or can i be kicked out at anytime?
what are advantages of buying a co op? what are disadvantages of buying a co op? when i want to sell the co op how much of the money i invested will i get back?
Why is it not possible to view pictures in the new format? Clicking puts them into "view larger" and nothing comes up.
I have tried to view photos with & without signing in. Row of small pix is too tiny to view.
Need to find land in Moncks Corner under 40k that is mobile homeready
i'm talking about already cleared lot, been perk tested, has power lines to it etc...
Is this Property Tax Fraud? Options?
My wife and I recently purchased a home in Natick, MA In MA, the taxes are paid in arrears and the last year's taxes were listed as $5100. We just received a bill for $6900 and a back-payment for last…
First time home buyer
Need help with looking for home. Qualification and all steps need to take need advices not working with realtor but looking for one to assist me with a home need suggestion
I can afford a monthly pymnt of about $450.00 I do not mind renting but I have two very small dogs under 12 lbs I would like a small yard for them
I could also afford to buy a home and have the payment be that same amount.. I could only have 5 K down I would like a 30 year fixed loan my credit rate is around 720
What are the best places to find new clients?
I'm just wondering what types of locations successful agents use to find new clients?
How is closing cost calculated?
How is closing cost calculated based on house pricie $465K and down payment of $150K
My family and I are trying to move out of the city into a nice quiet area. Close to my husbands place of work. We need atleast a 3 bedroom.
We are as of right now on a land contract with Vision Property Management. How would we get out of that and what would we have to do to get approved for a house out in Clare?
Differences between suburbs north of Charlotte and south - within Mecklenberg county.
Hi, my husband and I are interested in visiting Charlotte and checking out its suburbs for possible relocation. I've read a lot about Matthews down south and Huntersville up north. We could not afford…
Why are the home pictures blocked on Trulia in the Greer, SC area?
Real estate agents waste both our, the buyers time, and their time uselessly driving around showing houses to clueless people. The great thing up until now is that I could efficiently look at homes and…
What are our privacy rights?
Recently moved into a detached condo in NH. The common area includes land around each unit and a larger area within the circle where most units are located. One resident insists it's his right to walk…
Why does Truella show Agoura instead of Calabasas for Saratoga Rcnch? specifically Calamine Drive?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3090859883-26962-Calamine-Dr-Agoura-Hills-CA-91301
what are the requirements in being a section 8 landlord?
staten island n.y one bedroom, rental cost?
Are there any restriction for having a small farm on the Ms Gulf Coast?
I like raising pigs, chickens, turkeys, and ducks.
Are there an restrictions on having a small farm in the MS Gulf Coast area?
I like raising turkeys, chickens, ducks, and a pig or two. I'm looking in the Diamondhead, Waveland, and Pearlington area
Looking at two towns, quite far apart.
What if I am looking at two towns in Massachusetts that are quite a good distance apart. Can I have a real estate agent that specializes in one area, then another agent for the other area>? I hate to ask…
Change in minimum credit score problem! PLEASE HELP, offer accepted on old pre-approval letter.
For a while now my boyfriend and I have been serious about purchasing a home. We went through Countrywide and got pre-approved. Yesterday, we had an offer accepted on a home we really liked and then we…
Hi I am a new agent. I just received an exclusive listing for a $ 1 million dollar brownstone in Brooklyn. My broker told me I must give 50% of my
listing to an experience agent in exchange for his sales training. Is this true? The broker stated she has no time to give me sales training. I've only worked with the broker for 2 days and this was not…
I have worked this farm.
The farm is a Delray address. It has been owned forever it seems by a Mormon couple with a deep respect for the land and attention to details. The pond was built as a Trout pond. And the spring that feeds…
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