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Looking for informatioin on "High Point" condos in Delray Beach, FL - Barwick Ave & Atlantic Ave boundaries.
I am wondering if High Point is a good condo 55 community to live in? I wanted an "outside" professional responses, as I have relatives who live there. I need unbiased, knowledgable opinions. I realize…
First time buyer
Can anyone provide me with information about buying homes and fixing them up to rent out? Where do i need to start first?
How do you determine a fair offer on a Fannie Mae HomePath?
This house is in Mt. Lebanon. (I have lived in Lebo for four years and know that it is a desired location and etc) The house is very outdated and needs a lot of work, plus there are problems with the foundation.…
Looking for a home with separate living quarters
My parents are retiring and wanting to move to the area. We currently live in Frisco, but a re a little flexible. Where are the homes with second living quarters. First house would be a MIN of 3700 sq…
Other offer accepted even though ours was higher - any chance at all?
We were the backup offer on a beautiful home in Boston. It was a case of a few days too late - literally. The other offer was for asking price, and was contingent on the sale of that buyer's home.…
Adult kids returned. Need to buy. Credit is not best/not worst. HELP!
Husband is disable and I work PT. All kids working.
SoHo area of Tampa apartments?
Hello. My boyfriend and I are moving to the Tampa area in February and are really interested in the Soho/Hyde Park area. We are looking to rent an apartment either 1 or 2 bedrooms that would be under $1500…
Hi I live in Houston and I am a first time home buyer. I want to buy a multi family dwelling. I make 60k and don't have a car note. I was just
wondering how much I should reserve for a down payment and other expenses. Also in what price range should I be looking?
Why I put the the land's exact sft........?
I have made many times in a property Trulia but I have problems with square feet,with the land's sft looking at the public record is the same sft. Please go to the exact address is 7421 Pointe Venezia…
with a3 about actually have it up.
On my website if you go to total body health solutionsdot com forward slash private coaching andscroll down to level the PHYTOCERAMIDES you will see me I'm a littlebit more about how this process…
Where are the lowest property taxes and municipal/township/county fees in Central NJ?
Currently in Franklin Township in Somerset County, NJ. Looking to determine where in central NJ are the lowest property taxes and fees (now that municipalities have to make up the shortfall in tax revenue).…
How long does it take to get earnest money back from cancelled short sale in NJ?
I cancelled the sale because the seller did not disclose a significant special assessment on a condo. There is a clause in the attorney review that says that seller states there was no pending or current…
First time home buyer
Is the Drexel lakes subdivision good for raising my son in?
Townhomes located at bettencourt way in milpitas
I came across town homes located at bettencourt ways in milpitas. looked new construction. Being very curious, is this good neighborhood? good school?
ok.. guys.. i need help one more time please!
some of you guys know my situation now.. i called my agent today and asked any new updates.. so he told me the seller turn it in the his paper works that bank requested. so he said bank is going to…
So recenty I have decided to persue a carrer in real estate but I don't know how to start?
where do begin. What is the first step? I am young and highly motivated. Where can I start? What do I do? What is the Process? What are the steps into real estate? I wound appreciated if could get advice -Eddie
I'm looking for a legit hard money lender, 24 month loan, no doc, poor credit ok, quick 1 week closing. I own my home 100%. Can anyone refer me?
I'm in OK City area. Need the money to renovate. Looking for a reasonable rate with 24 month payoff. Thanks
Is real estate in Florida available for non-US residents?
I'm not a U.S. resident (neither citizenship nor greencard). Am I eligible to buy real estate (family home, condo) in Florida (e.g. Meritt Island) as private property? Is mortgage available for non-US…
What can you do when a realtor keeps your deposit and no damage was done to the property.. we didn't sign a lease because she never fixed
anything.We were on the property for two months..The landlord made attempts to do physical harm to my fiance.. Basically in short she took our money
How can I filter out these "auction.com" listings?
I have no interest in dealing with Auction.com but the listings on Trulia are just full of them, is there any way I can filter them out of searches?
question about short sale house.
i signed form 34 and it says closing shall be on or before 2.15.14 but my agent is saying it could take more than 2.15.14. I don't know why it could take more than 2.15.14? Im paying cash ( no loan…
2 floor houses are harder to sell?
I have been to many open houses in this area and it seems to me like on a per sqft basis 2 floor houses are cheaper and harder to sell. Don't you think?
First time home buyer with lower end credit score, from student Loans
I am interested in moving to the country from the city and see there are several properties in areas that interest me. I have a small amount for down payment. Is it possible to qualify for a home loan…
I am tired of renting, but I have poor credit.
I am tired of renting, but I have a low credit score... Do I have any options for getting a home loan or is my only true option in this day and age to repair my credit over a few years and trying again?
I would like to know what neighborhoods, if any, near Birmingham would suit a couple of ageing people who have a couple of horses and sell puppies.
I have over 12 Jack Russell Terriers, which I breed to sell, and some Arabian horses that I breed occasionally.
Is buyer agent required?
We are thinking to buy a house in basking ridge. Are we required to have a buyer agent? If I decided myself on a house, is it possible to get the seller and his/her agent to agree on a price minus the…
Do not buy homes from Vic Applebaum. I recently tried to buy one and found that the home was built poorly.
This home was brand new and had never been lived in. Make sure you get an inspection on all homes before you buy! If you have questions, email at gray_wraith at hotmail.com
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