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Does anyone have experience with Providence Home Builders Jacksonville FL Crosswater at Pablo Bay?
They have built in Durbin Crossing and other places are they a reputable builder
Cary Russ My wife and I are planning to sell our home. She wanted me to ask youa few questions.
My wife and I are planning to sell our home. She wanted me to ask you when is best time to bring a relator into assess the value and continue the process toward listing. When it is cleaned up, painted…
Did Somerset golf course ever reopen??
I am thinking of relocating to the area and would definitely consider Somerset if it had a golf course. Thanx Len
Can I take legal action on my mortgage lender for their mistakes on delaying the closing date on a home?
We have been leasing this house from the owners for over 9 months now, and we had set an official closing date for October 5th; however the lender decided to over look something in the appraisal report…
Is it feasible to buy a house so soon under certain circumstances?
Hello - Sooo...I'm kind of in a tight bind. I absolutely *need* to be able to qualify for a home loan, find a house, and buy it so that I can be able to move in by end of February 2013 (expiration of…
Family member offered us 90k loan to do the following: 1) refinance our upside down condo 2) buy a new house so we can walk away(foreclose)from condo
They offered us 90k as a loan to get us refinanced for the upside down condo so that we can wait out the market to come back and meantime pay him back with a good rate. The 2nd option he offered was for…
I am trying to refi so as to pay off my ex wife the appraiser apprased the house in the Mariner section and we live in the burntstore area.
How do I get the right appraisal as there are half million dollar homes being built right around us. Itson a half acre with a pool.
I am planning to buy a home in ashburn and am would like to know amongst new constructions which is better toll brothers or pulte homes or ryan homes?
We are a family of 3 and our deal breakers are a good community, a community that zones in schools like belmont station and newton lee and with a humble budget of around 300-340K
What is the "real" answer as to when we can buy a home after a past short sale??
We sold our home in 2010 in a short sale, but are still paying a portion of it back (promissory note). We were current on all of our debt payments before, during and after the agreement. We now make…
are fireplaces an option?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3017154342-9224-Cardinal-Forest-Ln-N-Lorton-VA-22079
I am graduating soon and planning to move to the San Diego area. Should I rent or buy?
Hoping to be somewhere around Mission Beach/ Pb/ La Jolla. Any advice wether to rent or to buy a house/ condo/ apartment.
Add some detail about your question
My broker charges a of 3% of the total cost of any property I purchase. If he also represents the seller then the seller pays whatever percent they
agreed to up front. If the seller cost to the broker is smaller than the 3% I would make up the difference? Do brokers always charge a fee? Is it always so high?
Hello..I have a score of 589. it was 620 but went down due to a maxed out credit card. most old bills are paid. i have several small loans but
nothing that breaks my bank. i need a mortgage loan asap amd afyer seberal years of medical issues, i finally built my credit up to over 600 bus asni said prior, is temporarily down to 589. Please..i need…
What are some ideal NJ towns for my family?
I am looking to move my small family of three including a 1 yr old next spring. Requirements are the following: - Up to 60 min commute into lower to mid manhattan using public transport. If we manage…
How difficult is it for someone with not-so-great credit to get a first time home buyers disc.?
My wife and I(just married) and we're looking to get out of renting and own our own home. we pinched our pennies with the wedding and honeymoon so as to be in a better financial place to get a home. Her…
I ran credit and it was 540, I paid everything of except 3 items, I am in the process of trying to pay them
of. Do you think I can get a good since I paid almost everything of? What can I do to raise my credit score up with out opening new credit cards ? thanks,GVega
Will FHA allow me to add spouses SSDI paymets to my income so we can qualify for mortgages in the 80 -100k range?
spouse has very bad credit and cannot be on the loan application but I need her income because of the PITI being no more than 31 % of gross monthly income. My income would only get us a maybe 40k mortgage…
I have a credit score of 517. What are my chances of getting a loan to buy a house for 300k that is valued at 450k?
The reason I am getting this "steal" is it is a family house owned for two generations. I have been offered the house at cost. Only problem is my credit. What type of options do I have. I am open for any…
Acceptable asking price for Condo that has been listed for nearly 6months?
There's a condo that has been listed for months and has been on and off the market and doesn't seem to be able to close on FHA loans. Back in March 2013 the home was listed for $55,000 - before we could…
Thinking of building a house in the DC area. What is the average cost per sq foot?
Where could I go to get a summary of costs that go into building a house?
Does Fannie Mae renegogiate on REO property if inspection reveals costly fixes?
home needs new roof and contains polybutylene piping making in possibly uninsurable until corrected?
Disabled, and husband is usmc vet.
Hello! I was wondering if any one could help me. My income is social security disability, and my credit is good. I definately want to buy a home, is there any programs for the disabled to get pre approved…
We’re looking for well experienced and sincere Realtor & Lender as we are interested in buying in Mont, PG or Howard County in 6-9 months w/VA
loan and/or first time buyer program. We need someone who is not just interested in making a sale/commission but is looking out for our best interest in terms of best deal price, location/neighborhood,…
Assistance in FL for a down payment on a house for a single mother
if my ex and i had previously purchased a home?
Condo/hotel room to make a little extra money?
I'm living in Boca Raton and trying to see if it is possible to find something on the ocean in the Boca/Fort Lauderdale area that I could buy to add a little extra income. Thanks!
I am interested in a old condo.
I am going to have a HVAC Prof come in, Plumbing Prof, inspector, and talked to the HOA. Is there is any other areas I should cover to be This is would be my first place so any help would be appreciated,…
VA Condo Approval Number
I am looking at a condo in Colonial Place but the selling agent does not know/have the VA condo approval number. I have looked on the VA website and am unable to find the duplex listed at all. What can…
Citylift forms submitted to under writters. Now what?
Has anyone here had experience recieving the Citylift loan? I sumitted my forms last Tuesday and havent heard back yet. Im worried that I may not get the loan. Also, for tbose who have recieved the…
Is it possible to get a blended jumbo 80-10-10 loan in the Tampa Bay Area?
Purchase price approximately $525-550k with 10% down and good credit.
Are there density bonuses available for rural clusters under the KC RA5 zoning?
Property is 25.25 acres and has constraints including wetlands and slopes.
What can I do about a listing agent of a short sale who has continuing poor communication and their broker isn't helping?
Hi, 5 months ago (almost to the day) I put in offer in on a short sale. from the very beginning the listing agent has been very difficult to get a hold of. nonresponsive to calls from my agent, voicemails,…
Deep Water Dock Homes with Delta Access
Which areas have Deep Water Dock Homes with Delta Access? Where are fast water areas? How about the following houses? 1.1951 Windward Pt, 2.4200 Beacon Pl, 3.240 Discovery Bay Blvd, 4.4863…
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