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I love Berkeley and miss it. We once owned 4 houses that provided funding for 6 years in Switzerland where my husband was a student.
Wish we could do it again, but now in the Midwest would love to return, but the Berkeley, Alameda, El Cerrito, Kensington house prices are horrendous - for nothing much. Any suggestions?
I am looking for history to 4782 East Main St and 4754 East Main St, The Rock.
These homes are in The Rock on HW 36, close to PO . The 2 large white homes next to antique /junk store.
I have a terrible credit score
My credit is in the poor range, but I have a very significant amount of money for a down payment, what are my options as a first time home buyer.
We are currently in washington dc and considering moving to Cleveland TN.
Ive had a bankcruptcy discharged over 2 years ago. What would be the best mortgage loan option for me there in cleveland area? And since i dont live in tn now will it be a challenge for me obtaining a…
What are the safest and best value neighborhoods in Nokomis east of Route 41?
I am looking for a smaller, single family home. I am familiar with the Shore Road/Albee Road neighborhoods west of 41. Thanks.
Is Prescott Arizona a good place to live and raise a family?
Are the house prices reasonable? Should I look a little outside this area?
Home Equity Loan for Downpayment on Another Property?
We have a rental condo in Maui that we purchased two years ago for 215K. We have had great success with renting it out and are looking to buy another condo in the area to rent as a vacation rental. Recently,…
How would you advise going about purchasing a house from across the country?
Hi, i'm in New York currently, and i'd rather not spend $1500-$5000 going back and forth to look at houses. Is a "skype tour" recommended or feasible?
Will you be qualified for a home mortgage if you recently purchased a business?
My husband is buying a business in cherry hill area. We want to buy a house in Cherry Hill, NJ also. I am afraid that we will not be qualified for a home mortgage as he already has a business loan approved?…
Although it's very FL is very Big -which area is good to buy a rental property in Florida?
Like to buy rental which could be rented Short tems tems very easily and the occupants quality will be good?
Can you use 2 or 3 real estate agents when inquiring about properties?
When you phone a realty company about a property and that realtor continues to suggest other properties to you, can you call another realty company and do the same thing without obligating yourself to…
If I buy a house with a plan to stay for 5 years, how feasible is it to expect to be able to resell it at minimal loss at the close of said time slot?
I'm looking at small, single-family homes, nothing large and nothing very expensive to begin with.
Are any lenders approving The Whitney in Allendale?
I have read that new developments are hard to gain financing for. Are they approved for FHA or for lower down payment conventional (5 or 10 down)?
then make the purchase of your new home under the business name. the business will own the home. good luck... Mark :)
taxes and liability may also be more beneficial purchasing the home under the business name... of course you will need to be an llc or similar.
Making an offer on a house.
How can you make a legitimate offer on a house prior to the home inspection? Is it understood that an initial offer is contingent on a home inspection? Thanks!
With only $40,000 cash for a purchase, are the homes available in Spokane worth the investment or is it just too dangerous?
Looking to relocate from Ca. either right away or in two years when my daughter finishes H.S.
I want to know if there is anyone in the Raytown School District willing to do a lease purchase option for at least one year before involving banks.
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3079535955-8420-Evanston-Ave-Raytown-MO-64138
Good Place to move to?
Okay, I live in the UK, I had to put that I live in Buffalo to sign up to ask this but I want too move to a place that has a low cost of living and a high employment, any ideas? Thanks.
Moving from Va to TN buy a house.
My family and I are planning to move to TN and eventually buying a home. I plan to still keep my job in Virginia and come home once a week. Can i qualify for an FHA mortgage in TN but working out of state?
I wanted to ask if there is any specific requirements that i have to meet in order to qualify for the TDHCA 5% down payment assistance program ?
My credit score is not the best its above 660 MY DTI is at 38.8( which i am working on lowering) and of course I am a first time home buyer please feel free to leave any advice about purchasing my…
Looking to rent 3 Bd, 2 Ba for summer (June, July, August) in gated comm. with pool, wood floors, one story, Can I find this for under 2k?
Trying to convince my wife to move out of Chicago and to CA. Want a 3 Bdrm 2 BA for the summer. Want nice place, safe comm. We are 60 years young.
I am a cash investor looking to buy a rental property for $50K-$100K or less. Prefer newer builds, low/no HOA, low crime good schools.
I am a Canadian cash investor that would like a property that rents easily to long term tenants. I want a good ROI. I want a realtor experienced in working with investors, and one with good contact with…
client that is looking SFR that will carry for 36-60months at a max 6% with a max 20% down. Min 3bd-3bth price range 2.5-6m. Madison, Hideaway..etc.
Looking for great homes in these communities. Madison, Hideaway, Tradition, Big Horn. Reserve, Mirada, Vintage...etc..
How do I tell if realtor agreement is void?
I signed both mine and husbands signature, because my husband always working. Realtor was there when I did it, and denies it now. Also I corrected wrong name on pages 1 and 4, but not 2 and 3. So agreement…
Foreclosure details
How do I get more specific answers about a home that has been foreclosed but isn't yet listed? Particularly the specific address. Is it possible to buy it prior to it being listed with a realtor?
does anyone know of any FHA loan lenders in Indiana?
My husband and I are wanting to but a house...I've read some about FHA loans and was wondering where I could find a lender. my husbands credit score us 601, do we even have a chance? Thanks for any…
What fees are involved for, 11 ruffian way, Howell NJ ?
I have heard that some Parks are raising their rental and /or HOAs so high that people are leaving them. I don't wish to leave Florida, buy a home up there in NJ and not have enough money to live.
I currently live and work in San Diego, CA. Looking for a primary residence in Arizona but not qualifying because my job is here. Can someone help?
My husband recently got out of the USMC and is a full time student. I have a full time job here and qualified for a loan alone since my husband is no longer employed. My husband is from Arizona and we…
Buying a condo to use as a short term/vacation rental property in the Florida Keys
What are the ordinances and laws like in the Keys? Is this generally allowed? Would like to live in it part of the year, rent it out the rest.
Looking for 80/15/5 loans on Long Island. Any suggestions?
We are looking at homes in the 725-750K range and would like to put down 5% Do any finance companies offer the 80/15/5 loans on long island?
down payment assistant
with down payment assistant as long as you live in the house you buy for 5 yrs you only pay 1/2 back, but in full? am I reading the information correctly? how many people have used the downpayment assistant…
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