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Looking for single family home 135K
Looking for single family home 135K Year built: 1995 or later Beds: 3
I would like to migrate from CA to NV and I would like to have 2or 3 Bed and 2 Bath House. So what is the correct procedures for that? How much ...?
How much its cost to me? Please do reply me with Full Details and Step By step instructions also.
How do I get from Portland, Me, to the parking lot from which the bus leaves for the Chebeague Island ferry?
I'm coming to Portland from Boston and could travel either by train or by coach. Which is better situated for travelling on to this to the parking lot on Route one?
Condo in 89128 what area is this?
I notice many condos in 89128 and they are listed as being in Summerlin. When I received the zips for Summerlin 89128 was not listed, would you recommend this zip as well?
zip codes for Summerlin area
What are the zip codes that cover Summerlin area. I am looking to buy a condo for investment in the area. Paying cash for the property so budget is limited. No mtg!
could I work with another agent for the same house?
I have done a contract with an agent more than 3 months for buy a house. But the seller didn't accepted my offer in that contract. So, could I work with another agent for the same house? I think, this…
who will give me a personal or payday loan my credit score is 580?
I need a loan my credit score is 580 who can help me
is there any houses out there for rent to own ?
I am looking for a 4 bedroom house that will accept dogs if possible 2 baths, in town that is a safe place for kids possibly on the east side as my kids go to kelly walsh
Are there homes that are surrounded by woods?
Add some detail about your question
Is it a good idea to get a few pre-approvals? Some REO units need pre-approval from a specific bank, but I have run the credit check &
pre-approved with another lender. How does getting one more pre-approval affect my credit score?
Can I build and live in a house without a sewer system ?
I'm looking to buy land, and a lot of distant places don't have a sewer system yet (some have electricity, some have water). What is the most used alternative to sewers ?
Need a short sale expert,property has been listed for 3yrs & Vacant
Want to put contract on home,but listing realtor said there is one since Jan...how do you get the bank to do there job and sell it to me! Debra in Newton
How much will the insurance cost on my new condo fort lauderdale?
This is NOT a waterfront property -- it's about as far away you can get from the ocean in FLL. I know I can ask my insurance agent this question, but he is on vacation and I need to provide condo docs…
Considering buying home in Provence, Cumming.
I see two builders in the community, Ashton Woods and Peachtree Residential. Peacehtree residential is expensive compared to Ashton woods. Ashton woods is giving 3 sided brick similar size home for a…
Property tax prices
What's the formula for calculating a homes property tax? I've been looking online at homes along the North Shore. The taxes vary widely for similarly priced homes in the same area. Also I've…
Trendy hot spots in Atlanta to purchase property 2014?
I used to live in Atlanta back in 2001-04. Now I am looking at moving back to Atlanta for family in next 6 months to a year and possibly staying for 3-5 years in one place. I am young 30s, single. I…
I am a private investor interested in providing purchase money loans to buyers of owner-occupied, single-family homes in the San Jacinto/Hemet area.
Can someone suggest a company that has substantial experience in working with investors like me? I can move quickly and provide excellent terms.
Can you purchase a mobile home in a park but have only one persons credit considered?
My Husband is VA Loan eligible but my credit wont allow us to buy yet due to high school loans. Is there a way, any way around it besides paying off thousands or divorce?
Liability cover with LLC
I bought 5 houses in Miami (USD 70K each) and I was thinking create LLC to cover liability problems with tenants. I asked to 3 CPA about the accounting cost of every LLC and I realize it is very high to…
FHA loan help. scores below 620. want to buy house with equity. House is so cheap we need to buy it. We currently rent it. please help
Currently, the house we are renting is being offered to us for sale. Its being offered below market value, as the home owner just wants to retire. should appraise at 50k or more & we will buy it for 35k.…
Can I buy a home with a credit score of 610?
I am 24 never had a credit card and I mostly likely will have around 1000.00 to put down. I am looking for a home in the price range of 70,000.00 to 80,000.00.
How do I check if the house I want to buy wasn't damaged by hurricane sandy? (Sheepshead bay, Brooklyn area)
I'm about to buy a house in Sheepshead bay, Brooklyn. How can i confirm the wasn't effected by hurricane sandy, and if it was, how bad it was damaged.
Mold inspection for rental properties
Are mold inspections needed for buying homes with a history of plumbing issue, I.e. water intrusion but now new tile & remodel in kitchen & baths.
Suggest good neighborhoods in NJ & NY that are fairly close to NYC & have reasonably priced homes?
Affordable taxes and maintenance, good schools, shopping, commute to NYC no more than 45mins, Within 400k budget. Can stretch a little for something extraordinary.
Do investors pay more than online estimated values?
A house directly behind mine without any upgrades or changes since 1998 sold for $185k. On every site I have looked on, the sqft. is the same as mine (1597 sqft) and built in the same year. MLS shows…
Would any of the owners that currently have a home for sale be interested in letting us rent it for a period of 3 years?
We are a dutch family who (possibly) will be working in Houma for at least 3 yrs, maybe even 6 yrs. Since we are not looking to buy, we would like some information on the possibilities to rent a home for…
I'm buying a townhouse in edgewater md and 1 week away from closing. I was looking on the town home website to find out what painters and carpet compa
They recommend and came across a slew of people who had severe damage to their homes due to no flashing under the siding where the windows are. And no tryvec was put on under the siding as well. I had…
is it still a good time to buy?
We are thinking about to buy a primary home in Mission San Jose. The price is going very high. is it still a good time to buy? or should we wait until the winter season and see the trend? Also, I…
Why are there so few businesses in Longport?
On a recent visit, I couldn't believe how small the business district is! Why?
Mortgage loan with not so perfect credit
I reside in the 78414 area code and am looking to purchase a home. My credit is around 590 and fiancé s is about 580. We currently pay close to $1400 a month on rent and would like to invest that money…
I see a ton of foreclosures in the Beach Club Condos in Indialantic and am trying to find out why and the
status of the Home Owners Association? Are these condos in dispair, has the association run out of money for everyday repairs? Is anyone familiar with this development? Thank you,
Need an agent who can advise us how to use our money to get into a house fastest. Use it to fix credit or as down payment? Open to best option below.
1.Find an Agent who will walk us through the steps to quickly repair our credit to get us into the home we desire the soonest possible. Money is available to pay off most of these issues. OR 2.If faster…
what is the average cost of utilities monthly in davenport , florida. thinking about buying a 3/2 mobile home there .
Is davenport , florida in polk county a good place to live? and saint cloud ?
In June I will be seriously looking for affordable housing in the area.
Please keep me in mind for 30,000 and under housing (no mobile homes please) -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3103530619-8045-N-Saint-Louis-St-Cave-City-AR-72521
Mortgage on Commission Salaray
My husband works as a car salesman and gets a base commission. He worked for this particular company for 4 years then he took a break from Aug 2012-March 2013 to go to school. He is now back in the same…
Does anyone have experience buying a one family home in Kew Gardens that does not have a C of O?
House was built in 1915 but obvious, undocumented, alterations have been made. Seller is looking to contract an architect/expeditor to solve the issue. Looking to close with escrow held over until C of…
Home Inspection Report and recommended repairs:
I've just received the home inspection report on a house I am interested in buying. The report raised some issues that concern me, particularly: the grading of the land in the rear of property is…
HELP !!! advice on a short sale needed !!!
I have put in an offer on a home listed under coldwell banker , was told after our offer was submitted that the home was gonna be a short sale, apparently the listing agent or the POA did not know of…
We are buying a home in Ohio and are under contract. Today was the home inspection and a couple unforeseen issues arose.
The house was built in the 1950s and we expected normal wear and tear and updating. We are paying 98% of list price in cash in a neighborhood where properties move fast. Our inspector found water intrusion…
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