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What would you say is the average price per sq foot for a single family home in 92078?
We are looking at home with a price of 303 per sq foot. Is that too high in your opinion?
What should i be looking out for when buying a home FSBO?
What questions should i ask? Are there certain forms i should have?
Need help, looking to buy 1 bedroom in Yonkers don't know which area it's good safe and close to the train?
I am living now in Brooklyn I Want to move to Yonkers to have own apartment I want to buy 1 bedroom Don't know which neighborhood safe and nice and close to the train? Thank you for the help
Any words of wisdom on trying to buy a house that's held in trust? Thanks....
Interested in a house that I've found is being sold by a trust. I'm assuming this isn't impossible, or why would it be listed by a realty company? I understand there are layers of legal…
How do I delete a rental ad?
I posted it on Zillow and it was automatically posted to other websites. I need to delete them on the other websites.
How soon/when should I get a mortgage pre-approval?
I am a first time home buyer. I have done all of the mortgage calculators online. I have researched all the different types of mortgage types. I am just unsure of when the right time to get a pre-approval…
How long does a mortgage take for a co-op now with the new regs?
Semi-Retired. therefore no W-2 to supply for rental application. Should that prevent me from getting an apartment?
I have a high FICO score. I have long-term proof of ability to pay rent. I have substantial assets. Should the lack of a W-2 prevent me from getting an apartment in Brooklyn, NY?
$100K in Cash Buying/Mortgage Option for Single in NYC
Hi, I currently live in an apartment in the city with my parents and I would like to buy an apartment ASAP, and would like to know what's my options. If you could provide some recommendation, that…
where can i get an elevation certificate for a property?
I need information about elevation certificates. How do I view or request one? Who creates them? Are they on file somewhere? How much does it cost to get one? Can they be used to challenge an existing…
Home Rental/Purchase in Fremont - recommendation for neighborhoods
We’re looking to rent or buy a home in Fremont and want to get more insight into the different neighborhoods. Our rental price range is $2700-3300; Buying range is $700-900K. Our top priorities are safety,…
How soon I could ask for home loan after short sale?
I had a short sale on august 16 20013, can I pre-qualify for a loan prior to the 3 year waiting period and then purchase a house after the waiting period? or I have to wait the 3 year before I pre-qualify
Does the state of Ga require an exclusive brokers agreement be signed before a realtor can show you a house ?
I'm looking to buy a house. I've been identifying properties myself the last year and a half. While talking with my mortgage banker, he recommended I speak with a friend of his who might have…
Can we get FHA loan with under 620 credit score?
we have been trying to get mine up for the past year it has gone up some from 578 to low 600's but everyone wants a 620 minimum for FHA. We're renting a house now and want to buy it, but when…
FHA loan help. scores below 620. want to buy house with equity. House is so cheap we need to buy it. We currently rent it. please help
Currently, the house we are renting is being offered to us for sale. Its being offered below market value, as the home owner just wants to retire. should appraise at 50k or more & we will buy it for 35k.…
Are there any up-and-coming neighborhoods in Milwaukee?
I am looking to buy house in the Milwaukee area. It seems that when people ask a question about where to live in Milwaukee, it usually answered by the East side, 3rd ward, Bay View, or more commonly the…
what can i do to go after a seller who used me to sell a house to another person?
a mansion was on sale in january and the asking price was 40million. i dont live in the states so i had my team flying there (two attorneys, financial adviser from US institution and realtor). after reviewing…
I am 19 years old and would like to purchase a cheap house I make 15 dollars an hour on an average of 50 hours a week and am going to Columbus state
community college for Electrical engineering and with 5 people currently living in my grandparents apartment it is hard to study and move around if you could please send me some information through my…
Bad credit--large down payment.
My husband and I never owned a home. He held a job for 18 year but was released a year ago. Soon after,he fell to illness and the medical and credit bills soared.Now healthy,he was offered a good job in…
how to buy a home with a large down payment (25-50%), but abysmal credit?
I have the resources to pay a large amount in down payment for the cost of a home (25-50%) but have abysmal credit. Imagine about the worst credit record you can think of, tax leans, years of unpaid bills,…
I have plenty of money to put down on a new home, 10k plus. My credit is below a 600 according to my bank and I cannot get approved.
Is there anyway I can get approved for a home loan with 10% down and bad credit? There has to be some option we really need to get into a home ASAP!
I have about a 580 score. 6,000 or so down. Why is everyone telling me its soooo easy to get a home these?
days but lenders telling me I need a higher score. Friends are telling me all the time they got their house with worse credit than me. I bring home approx. 1,000 every other week
Can my husband and I get a loan for a house with credit scores around 600. we are first time homebuyers
we are having a hard time getting a loan to purchase a house and are wondering if there are any lenders out there willing to work with a newly married couple who are serious about owning their own home…
need a mortgage with a 580-620 credit score in ga. am trying to rebuild credit & am in a lease opt/RTO now, need to finance asap.?
can't seem to find a lender who will point me in the right direction to raise score but do have some positives on my report. should i stay in the RTO or find a different place????
Home buyer with 580 credit score
I am looking for programs that will help me get a mortgage with my poor credit score. I am a veteran. Help!
my fiancé and I want to buy a house when our lease is up in November, how soon should we start looking around.
I'm not sure how soon we should be searching and saving. Its just the two of us and a dog, but we might have kids once we are married.
I plan to buy a home with my VA loan, does my credit score determine my eligibility like traditional loans?
I have been holding off talking to a realtor because I am trying to improve my credit score, but wondered if this matters with a VA loan; aren't the rates predetermined? I am planning to go through…
Thoughts on a nice townhouse (inside) but that the property management company has really let go (outside).
My fiance and I are looking at a 3br townhouse that was built in 2007. The interior is immaculate and reflects the 500k price point the house sold at that time. However, the exteriors of the entire neighborhood…
My husband and I are planning on buying a house in Plantation or Coral Springs FL. He is a veteran. Which is better for us, to get a VA loan or the
regular loan? What are the steps to take? I'm new here from a foreign country and have been working for little over 6 months so he would be the primary. My credit is better than his.
how long after a foreclosure do I have to wait before buying a home? I live in Kentucky
our bankruptcy was discharged 9/20/12 order confirming sale of house was entered on 6/19/2013
Never purchased a FSBO property before (let alone without a buyer's agent too), have questions...
An elderly neighbor who used to live by himself next door recently passed away (RIP), and his family want to sell the house. Having been neighbors for several years, we had a great relationship with our…
how do I buy a house for auction/ ?
I'm interested in this specific house: 9067 200th ave reed city mi
Trulia! I demand you delete and remove all pictures of my home appearing on your site! Information listed is fraudulent, libelous, and unauthorized!
Trulia you have until 12:30 pm Eastern Standard Time on Monday March 7th 2016 to remove all my pictures from your website regarding 935 Locust Drive Cascade, Virginia 24069 or I will take legal action…
FHA Loans for 580 credit score
Hello, is it possible to qualify for a FHA Mortgage in Brooklyn/Queens NY with a 580 FICO score?
Your own advertising with Exclusive Right to Sell listing agreement in place.
If I signed an Exclusive Right to Sell listing agreement for my property with a brokerage and I want to advertise that it's for sale on my own on my Facebook page, do I have any obligation to let the broker…
Worse customer service ever!!! My apt is listed for rent and I never activated it from an archived rental a year ago on sublet.com.
My apt is listed for rent and I want it off your site. 3100 NE 29th st ft lauderdale Fll 33308. I'm not sure how it became activated on your site!!!!
Why are you spamming me?
I used your site to get the answer to a specific question. that did not come, instead I get 2 marketing spams exactly the same. Also theres no unsubscribe info in message. No contact info on the site…
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