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When approved for a USDA loan, how do you know which homes qualify? I've read the basic criteria off of the website stating the "requirements" but
every time I call about a property I like there's some reason it doesn't qualify. What should I be looking for?
I want to put in a cash offer on an REO property with no contingencies. How long does it take to close?
I want to close asap but what is the minimum time needed? Also, do I choose my own title insurance company or does the bank that owns the property choose it? Thanks in advance for any advice!!
When is the appraisal by the lender done for a new construction?
I have a contract for a new construction home in NJ which will be delivered in 4 months. Right now they've just dug up the hole and there's no improvement. The lender is asking me to authorize and charge…
Foreclosures expert
We just were approved for a mortgage....not much, but want to stay in 10591 for the school district. I am looking for a foreclosure specialist. Any recommendations?
Help us?
My wife and I are beginning our home search. We are looking for a realtor to help us with this process. Are you the one that can help. We want to stay within Kingsport City limits.
What do you need to be qualified for a loan?
I'm not sure I would be accepted for a loan... what makes a good canidate for a bank loan?
First time home buyer, was told debt ratio was to high. presently paying $1000.00 rent utilities and excellent rental history.
Why is this not considered. I don't think your debt should keep you from purchasing a home you can afford. If you can pay high rent and utilities surely you should be able to buy a home you can afford.
I sold my home in the DC area last year 1/13 and want to buy again in Pennsalvania in the next few months.
I sold my home in the Washington, DC area last year 1/13 and want to buy again in Pennsalvania in the next few months. Before I sold my house I had several late payments. Is this considered a foreclosure?…
Bump Clause in Primary Offer, What does this mean for Back up offers?
We are in the process of putting in an offer on a lot. The lot already has an accepted offer on it, which means if our offer is accepted we will be in a secondary/back up position. At one point the seller's…
Short Sale. Realtor asked for highest & best,
There were multiple bids, we were the highest (all cash no conting.). Paperwork went to our lawyer, this was 12pm today. she told other bidders our bid and they made another offer. at 3pm today we got…
I'm looking for a home on land that can have animals VERY near Missoula, like within 10 miles. At least 10 acres. Any ideas? Big Flat, Mullan?
Anyone know of any foreclosures on big property. Home is not as much an issue as property...can buy just land too but not in the pines.
does anyone know if my lawyer is supposed to look at my loan paperwork/gfe?
does anyone know if my lawyer is supposed to look at my loan paperwork/gfe? i am hearing all over that he is supposed to.And if he is can i report him for not doing his job?
Hello, looking for advise on purchasing a third property. We currently have one rental that was inherited, we have our own home in which we have an F
We currently have one rental that was inherited, we have our own home in which we have an FHA loan, and our looking to purchase an additional house to rent out. What would be the best way to go about this?…
I file bankruptcy chapter 7 and home included
file chapter 7 and in 07/11 it was discharged. my house was sold 01/13 credit 700 pay everything on time when can I buy a house again?
I want to know what my husband and I need to do to qualify for a FHA loan in the next year…..background info
I live in kentucky. Background-I had a FHA loan purchased in 2008 that I filed chapter 7 bankruptcy on and was discharged in Dec 2011. My ex's name is also on the loan and still lives there and pays on…
can I get a home mortgage with a forclosure 30 months ago.?
Have high credit scores, cash for downpayment, long stable work history with good incomes.
Can you do FHA with condo?
Can you do FHA with condo?
Should Buyer sign agreement with a Buyer Agent or Realtor ?
We are looking for some agents or realtors in order to buy a house in MN. We have interviewed one realtor so that he can help us in buying. He is asking us to sign a formal agreement. This agreement will…
does bank usually accept List price on short sale house? after seller accepted. then bank have to accept my offer right? for my situation right now.
for my situation right now .. seller already accepted my offer but bank didn't yet. i offered List price. but my agent told me the bank could say they want more than list price.. is that really possible?…
Im looking for a residential property manager who is VERY familiar with downtown Jacksonville.
I'm looking for a residential property manager who is VERY familiar with downtown Jacksonville, that knows the city street by street and is accustomed to renting and managing residential rentals.…
After renting for 3 years we are over it. My credit is shot but my husbands is ok,
except for a car repo from three years ago that is holding us back because he is scared to do anything with that on his credit. I am working on my credit but its going to take a long time. We have been…
How. Much is my home worth today.
142 Sunnybrook road limerick pa 19468
Radon Levels in a House - East Brunswick, NJ.
Hi, I am in the process of buying a House in East Brusnwick - Frost Section, everything is on track, the only thing that concerns me so far is the the radon test during the inspection revealed a level…
Can an HOA refuse to approve a sale based on info they try to collect from the buyer?
Is this Florida HOA violating any laws with their application / approval process for a new home BUYER? We are in the process of purchasing a unit/Condo within an HOA in Florida.. The HOA needs to…
Resources for Evaluating HOAs
I'd appreciate suggestions for evaluating Home Owner Associations (HOA's) beyond standard questions to ask. Are there any websites that give owner/occupant feedback on a particular building in the…
Where can I find a realtor who has a lot of experience buying land (not existing houses)??
My husband and I are looking to purchase some land on which to build a house. Our target areas would be the following in Baltimore County: Parkton, White Hall (Baltimore County portion only), Sparks,…
what is earnest money for?
I'm currently trying to buy short sale condo. what is earnest money for? why do you need to give bank or send to escrow earnest money first? do you need to give them earnest money before bank approve?…
How do we make sure that seller leaves the home 'broom clean' after close?
Seller has maintained the home very unhygienic and dirty. Our Realtor says that Seller is 'supposed' to leave the home broom clean when he leaves and there is no way to ensure such. Our contract language…
I wanna a small house
you may help me so please inform me on this page given below http://cleansefxcanadarev.com
What Happens if you change your mind on a house after your due diligence date?
I have recently started the process with my husband to purchase a home. The home price was 189,000 and the seller gave an incentive of 7500. Which went toward a fridge which wasn't there and a fence that…
How do I apply for a USDA loan for a home in Mt Holly?
My husband and I are looking for our first home and need help seeing if we are eligible for a USDA loan. Also if we are eligible how can we apply?
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