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can we rent to own with these homes or get owner finance?
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looking for a condo close to beach
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how do you know what to offer on a house?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/41016086-1305-Stowe-St-Inverness-FL-34450
me and my wife are trying to get a VA loan to purchase a house, my middle score is 662 hers is 654. i have a judgement that I paid off on July 1st,it
is still on my credit report because i don't have the statement of judgement from the court yet but do have receipt were it was paid off.she has a foreclosure from a 2nd mortgage , the house was awarded…
Is Malboro in flood-zone area?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3029984895-5-Egret-Ln-Marlboro-NJ-07746
Seller's soon to be Ex-wife is the listing agent.. Advice please!
I found this house I really like and had my agent make an offer. After finding out who owned the house, I did some research and found out that he is in the process of a divorce and his soon to be ex wife…
Are ther any homes for sale onE38st. between Ave.T&u
Has 2145E38st. been sold recently?What abour 2149E38st. or similar homes on that block.
Question on Homeowner's insurance process of cashing check before closing
We're closing next week. I dropped off the full year's payment in check form to insurance agent 2.5 weeks ago. Underwriting wants to see the check cleared in my bank account. Insurance company's policy…
If my income is 4000.00 per month how much i will be qualified to pay for the mortgage and maintenance ie. maintenancr mortgage payment can not
exceed 28% of my income, $4,000*28% = $1120, that means my maintenance mortgage payment can not exceed $1,120.00
How many agents are using sign riders, and of those sign riders, how many are using the text rider that creates a new lead of a buyer for a property?
The text riders we use are all connected to Realtor.com so when we receive a text about a property, that person's cell phone is then sent to us for us to be able to track on and begin a DRIP campaign…
Our mortgage was denied the day of closing...is the reasoning fair?
My husband and I were recently approved for an FHA home loan. We found the house and got accepted offer. We provided all documents and were approved. Closing was set, appraisal done, and everything was…
Encantada, Terra Verde or Regal Palms??
We are purchasing a unit in Orlando area to rent and use occasionally. We've narrowed it down to Regal Palms, Encantada or Terra Verde. Seen all 3 and can't decide which to go with. The units themselves…
I need a referral for a reputable real estate attorney in the Kissimmee area to review an "As is" contract.
We have purchased a property and I am using the Seller's agent to process the contract. However, I would like an attorney to review the contract as I feel that the agent may have the seller's best interest…
When does the check for a down payment get cashed out?
I have given a check for the down payment upon signing the contract. We got back the contract and the check has been cashed already. Is it supposed to be that way? I thought that the check will be cashed…
Mortgage for international investor
hello, I am an international student (F1 student visa) who is currently living in Philadelphia region. My mom, who is living in Vietnam, wants to buy a properties for both of us and can put down 20-25%…
Low reserve funds for a big, nice Townhome association?
I'm a first time buyer looking at places and came across a townhouse that we really liked. On looking at the association docs, I was amazed to see that the association only has a meager 40-50 K saved in…
What does HO exempt mean? I'm interested in purchasing
I'm interested in purchasing a home and I've noticed it's status in the county assessors website is marked HO exempt... amount $7,000. What does this mean??
Is it better to buy a 3 family versus single home for a financial cushion? I know you have to save some money for repairs.
I am young, single and looking for a place to buy but unsure of what the best option would be since my job is working independently as a nurse.
How do you go about the selling of property between siblings when the owner of the property is not in the US?
my sister-in-law wants to sell her property in CA to my husband,do we still have to go the usual steps in buying a house?what are other options?
I went to a realtor in 12/09 for a property listed as $28000 on MCB I was told I was outbid and property sold for $100,000 NOW I just looked the
home up again and it is showing on Trulia that it sold in the summer of 2010 with no record of the bid that allegedly beat me at pricing? Is that legal, why wasn't I contacted that the bid didn't…
How do I find a good buyer's realtor in El Paso, TX?
We've worked with (2) realtors so far and both were just interested in getting us into a house as long as it met our budget. When we didn't find the house soon enough they lost interest. We want a realtor…
The seller is not willing to vacate the property on the day of closing.
It was a short sale and the seller is claiming that they were not given enough time to find a rental. Now, the bank is not willing to give extend the short sale approval date. In this event, the seller…
Villas of nautica reviews
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3111457628-15681-SW-39th-St-234-Miramar-FL-33027
I'm very interested in buying my first home but I have a low score in my credit I believe its 475 is there any
way that I can buy a home? I've been working for 7 years at the same place and Its not going to affect the recession here at work.
Neighborhood advice for a possible move to Raleigh, NC
We are thinking of relocating from Boston to the area for a change of scene and better quality of life. My husband & I both work for ourselves, he has a Project Management Business & I am a freelance educator,…
The best Neighborhood Fort Lauderdale
What is your favorite neighborhood to live in for Fort Lauderdale residents.
Residential property use as rental
Hello, Hope someone can help me answer my question. My situation is that I want to buy a rental property and I found the community that I like but the realtor told me that they only have residential…
Self Employed mortgage qualification problems
I was prequalified for a 241k townhome and had an offer accepted for the new build which closes on May 31st. However I have run into problems in the underwriting process. My business provided me with 52k…
My husband and I both have about 620 to 630 credit score what are the chances of us being able to buy a house?
We're looking in the areas between Mountain House and Lathrop Ca. How do we go about finding our if we'll qualify for a home loan?
Zip code area's
Hello, I have tried a few times to change my CC card info and then I received a notice saying I was past due? I have updated the CC card now for the second time and I looked at my locations of zip codes.…
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