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Could someone please explain seller credits to me on more time?
If you buy house A for $1000000, but the seller is asking for $95000, even though the seller gives you $5000 at closing you still owe a $1000000 on the lone correct? If not walk me through how this isn't…
How do I know if I should offer more or less than the listing price in North Palm Beach?
Is there a difference if I'm looking for a single family home versus a condo, or some other type of property?
Brownstone condos east of Park ave or newer elevator buildings west of Park
I am buying a two bdr two bath condo. I am torn between buying in a small brownstone building on park ave or in a new elevator building on Clinton. For price appreciation point of view, it seems the new…
help finding a mortgage
2 years post bankrupcy. Bank never reaffirm. 640 fico good job and income. Being turn down because deed is still in my name but discharged in bankrupcy do you know any lenders who can do this?
I live in Mahopac, and I'm looking for a bus that will take me to Harrison, NY (just outside of White Plains).
I am aware that I will have to probably transfer to other buses on my way to my destination. I live on Entrance Way, just off Secor Rd, so where would I have to walk to reach the first bus out of town?
How can i buy a cóndor ?
I saw it i have d casa but i dont dont how to buy ir bc héroe not info just asid bankowner
How long do I need employment for a loan?
I am about to start a job soon after 3 months of being unemployed. I am looking into First Home Owners Loan since I have never owned anything. I already found a house but have been confused on this.
is this listing in canada or usa?
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Buying a home with low income and bad credit
Hi, My fiance and I are both on disability and both have not so great credit. We are having the hardest time finding a way to buy a home. We were told that the social security administration had a program…
why live in pbg as compared to ft lauderdale, where ive been going 12 wks a winter for 12 yrs . disappointed i did nt buy last yr,as ive seen
looking for 2 bdrm a condo/town hse or home,,from 150k to 300k. i fear high hoa fee s n high taxes . heading for retirement within 18 monts,at 62.bride is 48.spectulator -title insurance…
We had a medical issue a couple of years ago that because of that we feel behind on our house payments
Tried working with BofA but got nothing but the run around. Hey sold our load to HUD. We can afford the payment but because I make too much per month they will not work with us until we pay in full the…
How can i buy a property?
I saw a condo i have d cash i wanna buy it but just say bank owner no phone numbers
hopefully a loan officer can answer my question i have been working for a couple of years the last two years i average $60,000 a year, but in the end
march i lost my job and collected uneployment until the end of september but i have a commission base job now the only debt i have is car loan my fisco score is 760 can i get a home loan let me know thanks
Can I buy a house on H1 visa?
Hi, I want to buy a 2-3 bedroom condo/townhouse in Connecticut. I have a decent credit score and I hold a good permanent position in a fortune 100 company. But I am on H1 visa and am my credit history…
What keywords should I use to look for a house with a particular water heater system?
I'm looking for a house with a water heater system which can fill a large bathtub and still enough for a shower, then I don't have to get stuck in a cold shower. I searched with "tankless". But not enough…
What does E-300 mean?
I got a list of houses from my agent and found "E-300", and which is Y or blank depending on houses. What does it mean?
I am in the short sale process. I have a 1st offer and a back up. Chase accepted the 1st in position's offer. But I do not like this woman.
I had tried to short sale my house previously with this same 1st person. She low balled Chase-which of course the declined. Then she called the city on me for un permitted work (which I had to put more…
Are motorcycles permitted in Sun City Center?
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After inspection, seller backed out accepted offer. What should I do?
I'm working with a dual agent. My agent's boss is the listing agent. I'm buying a house in Queens, NY. We wrote an offer and wrote $500 good faith deposit. My first questions is: Is it custom to give…
Should o stay away from communities that have mello roose tax??
I'm looking at properties that are brand new... New school... Park... But the area has mello roose tax... Does that tax get lower and or higher within the years??? Also if I want to sell the property after…
My house was built in 1960, empty for four years, been back for two. I live in Milwood, have put in new carpet, windows, roof, partial fence,
monies for tree service, minor repairs. My problem is mold in basement with slight water on floor at bottom of walls because of recent weather. Have a humidifier, and air conditioning units. WHAT should…
Looking for an investment property in Queens, NY
I saw a 3 family house in Bayside/Oakland Gardens areas (11364) for $900,000 . It has 3 apartments (3/3/2), 1 bath each unit, with a 2 car garage. What kind of rent can I except to get for these type…
Can you make a home inspection report available online to future potential buyers of a home?
We recently backed out of a deal and suspect the seller is attempting to mask and mislead others on the issues our inspection turned up with the home. Prior to us, another buyer had backed out of the…
Can a selling agent/broker make using a specific lender a condition on the acceptance of an offer?
In a nutshell, we were told by our agent (buyer), that the selling agent said that our offer on a property would be considered it we agreed to use a specific mortgage broker. Our offer was above asking…
What is your opinion of Belle Lago in Estero?
Considering buying a home there.
out of state mortgagge pre approval letter
im interested in a mortage pre aproval letter from for a property thats out of state can i go to a local chase branch
out of state mortgagge pre approval letter
im interested in a mortage pre aproval letter from for a property thats out of state can i go to a local chase branch
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