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is there a realeste company that specialized in VA home loans?
I have $ I have good credit....but if you can get a better deal with VA loan I would like to know
I work on 1099 and the loan company said I need a co-signer. Does that mean all other lenders will need a co-signer for me to get a house?
Everything was going smooth until the person knew I was on 1099, before that he even told me I could get $90,000 by myself and didn't mention a cosigner.
How many supermarkets are there in Apache Junction?
Add some detail about your question
i emailed some guy about this place and he said hed rent it to me for 700 i dont kknow if this is a scam i need help ??!!!
He says hes the owner of the property and that he had to move and all this stuff
Will I qualify for a home loan after 120 day late is over 1 year old?
I was working with B of A on a loan modification because my husband was out of work and we started falling behind. I started making trial payments, my monthly was being reported as late every month I…
Spain real estate, is it still a good investment opportunity?
During last year 2013 I have been working with investors targeting the Spain market. They were taking advantage of the low prices due to the economic crisis there, sometimes 50% discounted. Mostly sea…
Has any had experience with Quicken Loans?
I'm applying for my second mortgage for an investment property in Chicago. I got a "conditional preapproval" (good faith based on what I told them about my income/assets/debts...). I…
Spain real estate, is it still a good investment opportunity?
During last year 2013 I have been working with investors targeting the Spain market. They were taking advantage of the low prices due to the economic crisis there, sometimes 50% discounted. Mostly sea…
Can I make an offer on a Short Sale with a VA Loan,if positive does it takes long?
Using my VA benefit,for the first time?Planning to relocate this May.
My mom wants to sell me her rental house at the price she paid for it, and finance it with no interest. What tax implications are involved with this?
We pay property tax and homeowners insurance, and 1,000 per month to her until house is paid for or she passes away. Will we have to pay money to irs for this? Also, value of home is approximately 290,000…
Is it difficult, when using FHA financing, to purchase a home in the Spring Hill area due to the sink hole issues? What has been your experience?
We plan on moving to the area next year and I have read that FHA will not finance a home with past sinkhole issues even if they have been repaired. Also that if there was a sink hole within a certain distance…
I have set up an account incorrectly.
I am was setting up an account for my broker and incorrectly did a personal account. I meant to set him up as an agent account and now it won't take his email in the agent account. Can you cancel…
How long it takes to close?
We are paying cash for a house how long will it take to close
I do not have good credit, i'm working towards that. Would I qualify for a mortage on a forclosure? about how much would I need to have to put down?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3105478207-12-Fernwood-Dr-N-Bolingbrook-IL-60440
Condo Searching near 80111
I am a young professional searching to purchase my first condo in Colorado. I have found several online that I am interested in around the 80111 and 80237 areas. Most condos are between 100,000-145,000…
Can I sue the seller(bank) and listing agent in a foreclosure situation.?
I had an accepted offer to purchase a home via a 30 year mortgage. I paid the mortgage app fee, and proceeded with the inspection and bank appraisal, which is when it was discovered that the abandoned…
My budget is under 200k,can I look for houses over my price range since the sales in my area has dropped?
Since, I have been hearing that this is a buyers market, I would like to know what type of deal I can get for my budget of 200k. If I found a house over my price range for example a 220-250k house what…
where can I get a list of homes before they acrually are listed on themarket?
i am looking for a home but im having problems getting one before the investors get them...I have been told there is alist available can anyone help with this
Hello I need help but most realtors are a joke i see
Id like to find a home just like those with jetted bathtubs granite counters stainless steel ,I love nice kitchens , but Id like a home that is not near other homes with at least a half or 1 or 2 acres…
lender found error on my tax return and they want to amend it, i'll take 8-12 weeks.
we supposed to close this month. If ever the seller could not wait that long, do i still get my deposit?
Looking for someone in Ellijay to prep homesite, looking to build on 4.5 acres we own off old Hwy 5 S.
Property is just north of 5170 OLD HWY 5 S ELLIJAY, GA 30540 just north of the RICHARDSON's.
I Search a House In New York. Please Find a House.
The scalp looking for bruises Safer Colon and I don't see any certainly doesn't have any skull fractures if you remove the Calvary am no drama and he doesn't have any stuff after which is…
Am I better off waiting until I have a better credit score and down payment before considering investing in a house.?
I make about 110000 a year, credit score in the high 600s and have about 3% for down payment. Interested in the tri state area. 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom. No more that a 1hr commute into Brooklyn.
I guess I'm extremely paranoid. I am looking to by a home and I know the property qualifies for USDA.
I am working with a company (crefco.com) and have found a house. They have all the information and I've given them everything else they've asked for. My credit score is currently 647 and I had bankruptcy…
Seeking Realtor
Seeking an experienced Realtor who has the experience and know-how to get me the home that best suits my needs for the best deal possible. I would prefer a Realtor who handles the 30087 Gwinnett/DeKalb,…
Is Ramona Ca ok to ask 10% off the asking price of the homes. since we are in another Recession ? We are going to lose ground before we gain again.
Making a buy soon in Ramona 3/2 4/3 home. As of course will try to get the biggest bang for the buck only looking for a deal that will help and grow enough equity in 5 years to make it worth it ? Have…
Looking for foreclosure condo on WPB
I am looking for a foreclosure property in WPB condos in the downtown area. Want 2 bed at least, 2 bath, pets allowed (one dog under 40 pounds and a cat), balcony, 2 parking spaces, and would like to spend…
We need help finding a lender who has approved buyers who are enrolled under the income based repayment plan for student loans.
We basically need someone is not only familiar with the plan but in fact knows and understands the plan in order for us to get approved. Many lenders do not know which amount to account to our expenses.
Any experience with Taylor Morrison with Lucca development in Dublin CA?
I happen to read horrible reviews about Taylor Morrison on another thread. I am deliberating on buying a house with them. So far haven't liked their attitude. They are so arrogant. Anybody has experience…
Looking to by small park model home to vacation to w/ little ones in Naples, Bonita, or Venice. I am in my 30s. Which areas are under 55 and nice?
it seems like if they aren't 55 they are trail or trashy. Please help, I'd love to have a vacation home near my grandparents. Thanks!
Does 1666 Council Bend Rd have a cemetery on it?
I saw a icon for Fowlkes Cemetery on the property line. How big is it? How old?
I bought a home a year ago and I have decided that I want more land and I would like to sell it, I want to use any profit for a down payment on
another place, but I don't know where to start and I really need to stay in the home until I purchase another place.
Relocating from CA to the area around Curtis.
We are getting ready to list our home in CA to make the move out. We have 3 kids and are looking for a great community with good schools and recreation. Within an hour drive of Curtis is fine with us.…
I see homes on trulia and other sites listed as forclosures, how do i find out if these homes are currently for sale? Thanks
How do find out if homes listed on trulia and other sites are actives foreclosures as they are listed on sites?
Interested in buying a mobile home
Hey everyone, My husband and I are interested in buying a mobile home but we are a little confused as far as the mortgage goes... do we pay the mortgage and the rent space? How much is it aprox.?
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