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We are being held hostage by our seller's attorney! Closing has now been held indefinitely due to a mistake on their end and they want US to pay rent?
We gave the sellers an extension of a week because they supposedly had a death in the family. Thursday before closing (on Monday) we find out that a paper to clear a previous loan on the house had never…
573 credit score 77,000 annual income looking for 250k loan for house is this possible
Credit score 573 my annual income is 77,000 wife makes 20,000 hee credit is less than mines we have never bought a home and would like to know if we could get approved for 250k house...we also could…
Flood Insurance 2014
Hi! I am VERY interested in buying a home that just happens to be in flood zone. I need some advice with all the new laws/amendments. I am just not sure what they all mean. I know the rates are going back…
is this home zoned for bed and breakfast inn?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/43627194-126-Avoca-Farm-Rd-Merry-Hill-NC-27957
Is renting to own a good or bad idea?
I need a place to stay, and I have lived in the same place for over 40 years (Family building) But since my sibling has taken over the property, I have wanted something of my own. But I don't know…
hi you have my home on your website for 169,000 this is incorrect. I am putting my home for sale and I want this taken off please. thanks, sharon
my address is 442 tournament drive, # 5, union, nj thanks, Sharon kohl owner I will be listing this myself, do not want an agent. 2680
How do you handle a rude realtor/seller?
I recently inquired about veiwing a home, and after the realtor asked when id like to veiw it, he said " oh, it will be gone by then we get offers every day"....and how " it wasnt worth it for him to drive…
verbal offer and responses?
I'm new to the 12054 area. A real estate agent I interviewed told me it was typical to make a verbal offer and to get verbal responses in the Albany area. Where I come from (California) everything is handled…
Transit Village - North Brunswick, NJ
Can somebody please tell me where can I find the information of homes/condos that are being built in Transit Village - North Brunswick, NJ? http://www.ourtowncenter.info/
I am buying a property through a Fannie Mae Homepath Renovation loan. Fannie Mae is not fixing issues that prevent the title transfer; what to do?
The county department of public health issued a letter to Fannie Mae and the listing agent stating that the property is not authorized for transfer of deed. This is due to the inspection of the homes septic…
Crazy neighbor, what should be disclosed
I am renting, but my neighbor's behavior has prevented my from being able to peacefully occupy the house, he has poisoned my grass, threatened to put rat poisoning on the grass next to the yard where my…
Lots of land but seems no way to purchase
We have been looking for a house to buy for about 4 months and getting more and more frustrated by the day. Nothing we see is really what we want. Most of them would require renovations even if they have…
I am looking for a owner finance home, inexpensive, would owner finance for approx 5 years then be able to bank finance,
I would owner finance for 5 years then bank finance, I live on social security and work part time, raising great grand child, raised in the Gainesville area. Anything out there?
Brought up that listing/brochure stated "steam shower" included. Turned out down the road when confronting listing and selling realtor, seller took
steam shower out and listing/selling realtor were doing nothing about it... When confronting selling realtor, he said "his" information (unpresentable to me of course) said "steam shower ready". Turns…
working with my realtor and looking for rentals she would not show me the rentals she would give me the lock box codes and tell me not to tell anyone.
Also we have been looking at homes to buy. we came close on two properties but I chose not to due to the schools. Today when she asked me about the property we viewed last night and I informed her that…
Stop emailing me
did this house sell, if so for how much? if it didn't seel is in foreclosure now?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3060829724-1201-Lakeshore-Dr-Columbiaville-MI-48421
Seeking nice executive home in Cedarburg / Mequon for lease. Prefer lease but open to a lease/option. Need home in time for school Aug/Sept 2014.
Will pay up to $4500 / month Looking for newer and closer to town options will consider others Lease / option price up to 800k prefer one year lease with renewable option if it works for owners
Can I get a mortgage for my home that was paid for through a personal loan from my parents.?
I paid cash ($360k) for a property and now wish to take on a mortgage against it so I can pay the cash back I borrowed to my parents. Can I do this?
West Los Angeles Boundaries?
Where does West LA begin and end?
Does the listing agent get all the commission if we(buyers) dont use an agent?
I found a property on my own and I think it will work for us. I contacted the listing agent and scheduled a showing. What is the protocol here? I dont need an agent at this point as i have found the home…
Should I seek a real estate lawyer? Purchased home and its delivery date is being pushed, jeopardizing my current living situation.
I have purchased a unit at Bridgewater Emeryville, supposed to be delivered by May 23. The construction was delayed, so they pushed it to June 27. I inspected the unit, loan was ready to close, all good.…
we like we r looking for duplex with 3/2 each unit in the san fernando valley cant seem to find any
We are qualified for an fha loan but alot of the houses i have found will not qualify . we qualify for 640k. How long should i look for before giving up.
The escrow company and builder haven't communicated well and now I have two bounced checks with my bank, what can I do?
In the initial purchase contract for my home, the builder and I agreed to two separate checks being deposited into the escrow account on two different dates. The builder informed me after the fact that…
Am interested in purchasing a rental/investment property in the Phoenix area.?
What are the best areas for the best value and high rent / purchase ratio? What are the other factors I should be looking for? I am looking to invest up to 150K. Thanks
Georgia Dream or NSP
Greetings, I am a single mother that has grown tired of renting. Im actively looking to purchase a home. My target areas are Henry county, Dekalb coutny, and possibly Clayton. I will need help with…
My husband and I want to buy our first home. But don't know where to start on dealing with our credit and what to expect.
We would like to buy within the next year or so. (or sooner if possible). My husband just started a new job with an oil company in Louisiana so his income will consistently be going up each year. Is there…
Seller having to sell all properties
Can s seller hold up your closing for 4 months because he needs to sell all of his properties at once.
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