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how will do it?
How do you find out about different liens on a property?
I am looking at a foreclosure, the previous owner has IRS tax debt. I was doing research and tax and child support liens are not covered under title insurance. Before I go any further how do you find…
Downside to Using a Buyer's Agent
My husband and I are looking into purchasing our first house. We have many close friends who have recently purchased and while most of them don't think badly of their buyer's agent, none of…
Should I buy a house with active termite?
After 6 years of hard looking to find a nice house in DC area, we finally raised our budget and made an offer on a house. The seller is a racist and didn't want to sale the house to us due our names!…
Who is the agent listing this house for sale?
This house on 57840 County Road 33 is not foreclosed and no bank has any ownership of this home. This is Fraud and rumors in town are hurting my family. Shall I contact an attorney to handle this?
How is Risk free product?
You are in favor of B21 Testosterone ? Cool your jets! That's an unsure path to fortune. That was kind of grainy. Let's be brief. I practically peed myself! By its own nature, join the club pal.…
Provides you 100% results
There you have it, B21 Testosterone can occasionally feel more complex than it really is.
None of your listings include the monthly charges. You only include what it would be if a hypothetical mtg. was taken. Monthly charges needed.
critical information. Listing info. useless without knowing monthly costs and tax deduction.
Steej, looking to buying a home in 3 years,
How does the VA loan works? I'm a first time home buyer and I'm working to improve my credit. What's the criteria for the loan?
why will the photos not open?
I received several emails of properties from Trulia, I click on the photos box but it will open to show the photos. I've not had this problem in the past, but have the last 2 days.
What is the average price for sale of a home near Brian Daniel Ct., 29116? Thank you. C. Miller
What is the average price for sale of a home near 14 Brian Daniel Ct., 29116? Thank you. C. Miller
Can a seller take his house off market after buyer-seller contract has been signed?
Reason: sellers have another contract on a house - inspection on that house 'failed' so they are now not moving. They have taken their house off market and told the buyers their house is no longer available…
How to go about buying a house in california area from overseas funds owned by my parents?
I am a green card holder now taking up a PsyD course in california. My parents intend to transfer his money from overseas to US to buy a house for me. How do we go about it. Please advise.
I am a green card holder now taking up PsyD course in california and looking forward to buy a house .
My parents intend to buy a 2 room/2 bathroom house in California area for me. How do we go about it.
Down payment and closing costs
Im a first time buyer. How does the down payment and closing costs work
Can I get approved for a loan with bank or mortgage company?
I'm disabled and on social security disability.we own our condo now with no mortgage.my wife and I both have bankruptcy,and foreclosure 18 months ago my bk was 9yrs ago my wife's 4yrs ago they…
Florida first time homebuyer
Do you have to have 20% down payment to buy a house in Florida? Are there any programs for first time homebuyers?
I am retiring this year and I want to buy a home in Butler, PA between $35,000 - $45,000 and in cash. But I would like to know what other additional cost will be my obligation to pay before closing a sale?
FHA bad credit home loan
I understand FHA may finance bad credit at a higher percent rate. How much higher? 8, 10 per cent?
Is Quicken loans and in-house Realty a respectable company?
Is Quicken loans a place they can be trusted
photos are not launching about half the time for the past several weeks. very annoying.
what is wrong with the trulia website. half the time i can't launch the photos. i can find them on other websites so i know it is not a problem with the photoss. trulia is my favorite way to search…
How reliable is Home Inspection, when i bought home, the home inspector did not point out that the Vent in the bathroom was sending air to attic.?
This needs to be fixed later when i bought home, Similarly he did not mention about insulation which also needs to be fixed. Is the Home inspection, just a standard out dated process?
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