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I am interested in the condo on 1803 SW 107 Ave Miami, Florida Is the prize really $35600 Are the yearly taxes $980? What is the monthly?
maintenance f Is it true home insurance is mandatory by law in Florida if you are the owner?
Looking for lease to own properties?
We are looking for a home that we can lease to own. Do you all deal with properties like that? We need something in the Pioneer school district. My boyfriend will get VA benefits.
What are the safe neighborhoods to buy home in Bay Area?
Interested to know about the zip code for Redwood City, Sunnyvale, Mountain View and San Mateo.
We are from out of state and considering purchasing a rental by campus. Any thoughts of what to watch out for?
Purchase price approximately $600,000. Rental income approx. $5000/month.
My home is currently "estimated" at 186,000.
Your page states the taxes are assessed at 262,000. which is nearly correct. I'm planning on selling my home and having your lowball figure attached to it is doing me no favors. I want it fixed to…
We are looking to build a home in Batavia by Ryan Homes but have read many negative reviews. These reviews are mostly out of state and we're
wondering if anyone has bud with them in Ohio and if there are problems or advice you have?
What are some up and coming neighborhoods/areas surrounding Dallas to buy and remodel?
My husband and I, no kids, are looking to purchase a home on the "cheaper" side and completely remodel it to make it something we love since it seems we're setting our roots here for a while.…
My husband and I want to move into a mobile home on our property (where our daughter and her husband live - so we will be sharing the property).
I need to know if there are any mobiles for sale that are not on a property. We will be in the Kingman area on Wednesday afternoon and will not be coming back until Sunday, the 14th. Could we meet while…
How is Gibbsboro,NJ to buy home?
Hi, I am new to the area and was looking to buy home in Voorhees, NJ. But I didnt find anything I like in my price range in Voorhees and recently I found a good home in Gibbsboro. My wife and I are expecting…
Is there legal recourse against a bank for not meeting a closing date through no fault of the borrower?
I was due to close on my home purchase on November 12, 2012. I cooperated fully with all requests from my future mortgage lender, and responded to all of their requests in a speedily manner. However, now…
Hello. I am looking for a prospective rental property in Sarasota/Sarasota keys. Looking for answers about rental history/potential occupancy.
Hello! I am helping my parents look for a weekly rental house in the Sarasota area for purchase. We have found many possible listings, so more to the point we are trying to find something more solid in…
Horrible credit but want to buy
I have three kids , self employeed, and want to buy my first home but without a mortar thats a billion dollars and I want a 30 year fixed. Is it possible or am I dreaming?
Something is wrong - why was I contacted to review someone with whom I signed a contract, when I haven't signed anything?
Hello - I received an odd email, asking me to submit a review for someone with whom I recently signed a contract. I have not signed a contract at all. Who and what is this? Pls contact me at brettshiel@gmail.com…
Considering home purchase near a busy main 45 mph road..pros/cons
Looking at a beautiful home that wouldn't be within our budget if it weren't for a busy 45mph dividing road to it's right. Noise can be heard in backyard. If you put a 3,500 sq ft between the house & the…
I bought a house in july. After the closing the below issues were missed from the engendering/inspection report: Windows in need of replacement.
Water stains from a prior leak that caused floors to rot. Asbestos tiles, they were covered with carpet but given the age,of the house he should have checked beer the carpet. Is the engineer liable and…
just looking for home in North Carolina,Sarah
Can I get an American mortgage while living abroad? Where do I find someone has experience with this? I am a US citizen who has never lived in the States and therefore has no credit there. I would like…
Looking for a NACA aware Realtor in the Bronx NY
Hello. I have recently been NACA Qualified on August 27, 2015. I am looking for a Multi family home/ 3 to 4 Family in the Bronx, NY. I am looking for a home that is in a safe neighborhood, near buses or…
where do i find weekly rentals?
im wanting to spend time with my daughter for thanksgiving for me and my family of about 9. looking to stay 3 nights and 4 days
Seller lied about his payoff amount and we were supposed to close October 28th. November 8th found out that he owes 14k more, but in penalties etc.
We are in the process of buying a house. When we made our offer, the seller said he needed no more than a certain amount because that is what he owed, so we offered exactly that amount, they accepted,…
Can this home be for rent?
Add some detail about your question
Is Fayetteville Georgia a good place to move to and buy a home?
My husband and I are pretty set on relocating to Fayetteville Georgia ,from New jersey. Is that a good area to buy/live? We work from home, so there's no commute into the city but we still enjoy…
Fixer upper in Chattanooga, TN
I am looking to find a fixer upper in a nice neighborhood in Chattanooga, TN. I am fairly new to the city so I'm not familiar with with most of the neighborhoods. What are some neighborhoods that…
Is there a way to search Trulia for waterfront property on a specific body of water?
For example, Martin Lake in central Alabama is huge and very desirable, but there a few towns around the lake to use when searching for homes on the lake. There are hundreds if not thousands of lakes in…
Is there a possibility to get about 35k in grants and/or discount programs for a down pymt. Including disability & first time buyers? Is there a?
one stop shop for all grants/discount,both federal and state? I see the grant kit and warnings not to buy it, but I can't find an alternative source.
How do the Amish in Ethridge compare to the Amish in Lancaster, PA?
Please, just local residents answer the question.
Can I get a stated income loan 6 years after bankruptcy and foreclosure?
6 years ago during the housing crash I had to put my home in foreclosure and filed for bankruptcy. Since then I have worked to better my credit and have a steady job as a restaurant manager for 8 years.…
I found a property that I'd like to purchase in a rural area.
I am currently in a credit repair program but this opportunity has presented itself now and is a deal of a life time. I really do not want to miss it. My current credit score in 586. This is my 1st month…
I found a property that I'd like to purchase in the country.
I am currently in a credit repair program but this opportunity has presented itself now and is a deal of a life time. I really do not want to miss it. My current credit score in 586. This is my 1st month…
Very low income grad student renting at $765/mo. Mid score 611. 72% card usage. Are there any lenders willing to work with such bleak circumstances???
Just paid some which will bring utilization down to 27% I am very low income. I gross about $1800 a month from one job and $550 a month from another job. I only get paid from 2nd job while schools in session.…
could you please check what I am looking for before sending me houses that have nothing on my list? I am disabled and must have a one story home.
Day after day I get houses from you that are multi stories. If you can't keep things straight I can always look to some other lister who can
Where can I find a VA Loan approved homes in florida?
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Two bathrooms in 17000 sq ft home, does one have to have a tub in it for better resale value?
Renovated 1 sm bath removed 1 piece tub/ shower replaced with tiled shower in master suite. Going to remoldel 2nd bathroom in main hallway ... It has same type of 1 piece shower tub enclosure .... Want…
need help finding a house to rent. I have 2 girls age 20 and 21 and an 18 month old granddaughter. How much does a realtor cost? Dont have much
I'm going to lose my house--OUC bill to high and ex-husband left me with all the bills and disappeared. I've gone thru the FL Hardist Hit Program for assistance and I don't believe I can do the loan modification.…
Buy before sale
Can you get a loan on a home before selling home
delete saved homes
how to delete saved homes
Why are the taxes in the affordability section and the property taxes and assessment section so different?
For example i'm looking at a house now that says taxes would be 249 a month, but last year the owner paid 400/month. What do i trust?
do u have any rent to own property?
not sure about my credit score right now,. I had filed for bankrupt over 7 years and its clear now.
ANY FORECLOSURE Specialist in the BRONX?
My husband and I are serious about getting a good deal on foreclosure properties. We don't want to work with an agent who won't show us foreclosed properties. Please do email me.
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