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Can i Buy a property without an agent?
One of my friends neighbor is selling their home.we know that neighbor,community and property very well,We thought it would be good to deal with an agent. my friend referred an agent,we contacted…
How can I find a real estate agent to work for me to find me a condo to buy in Adelphi MD?! how about his commission (if any)? I am a Newbie !? Thanks
I had sent some e-mails to real estate agents weeks ago and had no replies yet ! I wonder why ? I started to know more about buying homes, lenders, calculators, but still I want to exchange idea ! is this…
VA Loans I've heard, I still need a down payment is that true?
First time buyer homebuyer, is that a good idea to use my VA loan? Are you allowed to use the VA loan twice?
Non Warrantable Condo
I am currently in the process of purchasing my first home. I have been through the run around with so many different issues. The biggest issue now is that the condo that I am trying to purchase is non…
How can I buy a house being a disabled veteran and use my VA loan guarantee when I have a high debt ratio? A average to low credit score?
I want to buy a new house with my VA loan guarantee but my debt ratio is high and I have a low to average credit score. How do I go about obtaining a VA loan to purchase a new house?
I am a veteran looking to purchase my first home in Irving, Tx. I need help, I am repairing my credit which is currently below the 620. Need some help
I am eligible for the va loan and texas veterans land board home, however I am not sure which one to use. I am also looking for any low-income programs and down-payment assistance programs. My husband…
What would it take 1099/2C2 contractor secure a VA Mortgage?
I have been full-time employed since 17 years old. Served my time in the United States Marine Corps. I had received only 1 time unemployment benefits for 50 days. And any other times, I have never have…
I must correct my previous question. Yes I own a house that I inherited but have a mortgage of 130K
I want to move to Ga and buy a home near Savannah GA. I am lacking the deposit for the home. if i sell my inherited home can i get money to buy my home in Ga or how do I do it? I was thinking of a reverse…
can a seller keep our deposit money after we have purchased the home and she has her money from lender?
she stated she is keeping because she wants to I don't think that is right
when i rent my home?
where can i rent my home http://sa555.com/vb/showthread.php?t=15813 http://sa555.com/vb/showthread.php?t=16019
taxes in NC.State & local tax.
what are state ,realestate taxes on a 269,000 house
What are the pros and cons of buying in a mixed-use development?
I have a son and daughter that I plan on helping buy their first homes. They are young professionals and want to live in the uptown area of our city (Charlotte N.C). There is a new mixed-use building that…
468 Domino Lane Philadelphia, PA 19128 Phone: (215) 482-6337
Green Woods Charter School 468 Domino Lane Philadelphia, PA 19128 Phone: (215) 482-6337 IS NOT ON YOUR SCHOOLS LISTS FOR 19128
Can you include future rental income when applying for a mortgage?
My boyfriend and I are thinking about buying a house. Two of his brothers are currently living with us helping to pay rent and would move into the new house and continue to pay us "rent" to…
Anyone know a company that could help with a mortgage for a first time buyer?
I make 17.79 hr, my wife 12.65, combined we have about 150k in student loan debt. Our FICO scores are mid 700's. Mainly looking at foreclosures in the Katy Tx area. Hoping to get approved for closer to…
Looking for a Land Contract in Muskegon County with at least 15 private acres
Looking for something with Land Contract terms with a 20% downpayment and open to different interest rates depending on the price of the property.
Are there any homes for sale land contract in Whitehall area?
My name is Hiedi I am a single mother of three kids and I am currently living with my mother in a two bedroom home. I have suitable income monthly I will rent if I could find something suitable and affordable…
I like an industrial building, and want a cheap one. Don't mind (prefer)pretty empty and will do the work. Whats' the best way to find one?
Only concerned about avoiding a virtual superfund site of oil or chemicals, asbestos, etc... basically want a solid, brick, cement, metal, building with enough greenspace around to create nice green…
Your advice on home inspections
Your advice on home inspections
trying everything to purchase a home and meet all the requirements other than raising my credit minimally... I have the $ down , etc. Any advice??
I feel like no one will touch it or help me in purchasing a home (even a manufactured home, because we already own land for one also) or at least figure out what to do from here!
Family in PA needs mortgage loan ASAP!
We are a family looking for our first mortgage loan to buy our first home. Its a SFR, non-mobile/non-modular, and its listed at 69,900 but owners are relocating and need to move soon so asking price is…
I have a question, Why are so many apartments in Southridge/ Northridge coops for sale. I heard the board is very strict.
I am looking into those apartments since they are so affordable. Any one could share their experience. Thanks,
where tobuy forclose property??
Appraiser requiring repairs before closing. Seller/buyer negotiated $6000 during option which buyer chose to take off SP.
Buyer doesn't want to do repairs before house is hers. What options are there?
SRO building converts to single residence house officially/legally.
I am looking for a SRO property in Manhattan or Brooklyn. If I buy VACANT SRO, is it possible to convert Single residence house officially/legally? Is so, how, how much and how long does it takes about?…
How do use a grant to purchase a home in Georgia?
Are there income requirements? Location requirements?
Odds of getting 1st choice elementary school.
We are considering buying a home in Saratoga. What are the odds we would get assigned to Saratoga elementary? This would be the closest to the home we are considering. Thanks in advance
How can I find a house that is FHA approved?
I am a first time buyer. I got approved for a FHA loan but I am having trouble finding a home that will pass FHA inspection. It is pretty frustrating. How can I find a house that is FHA approved? Or is…
Buying now or waiting?
We currently own a condo and interest in buy a home and then rent out the condo. 1. Are there any advantages of buying a home
Disclosures in California real estate.
Day 1 upon moving in, it was found that there was a problem with the plumbing. Tree roots had grown into the pipes in the front of the house. Apparently there was some sort of overflow valve put in previously…
If I buy a shortsale home for $450k but it needs about $50k in repairs will I find a lender who will give me a mortgage of $500k for this short sale?
If I buy a short sale home for $350k but it needs about $50k in repairs will I find a lender who will give me a mortgage of $400k for this short sale? Excellent credit and if that's not enough have…
Navarre beach Condo Utilities average
Hello, I am looking at a condo on Navarre beach, I was wondering if anyone could help me find out what would be average cost on utilities like electricity, cable, wifi etc... Thank you!!
Different names of crimes listed
What does "school safety detail" mean as a crime listed? Is there a list of what these "crimes" actually mean/consist of??
Different names of crimes listed
What does "school safety detail" mean as a crime listed? Is there a list of what these "crimes" actually mean/consist of??
I have a house for sell in a small development near a new school and a huge new grocery store,completly remodeled and I am having trouble selling it.
I have it for sell for 119,000 ,brick with about 2,200 square feet with everything new in it .finished basement and the trouble is nobody know it there. It is back off off the highway and I do not think…
Is there any agent that is willing to talk to and give information on buying a home. I am a first time home buyer i need info and help. I am living
in apartment and payin high rent and if gossip is correct for my needs mortagage is probly cheaper than the rent i am paying. Then again maybe 900 a month is a good rent price
Home Appreciation
Hi, I have a novice question. If my home appreciates by about 4% annually and I am paying 4.125 APR, what am I really saving by buying a house? Thanks!
Hi, I'm wondering how accurate the tax assessed values are for properties for sale in Malibu?
To clarify, assuming these are recent assessments including any improvements, can these be used as an indicator of fair value? Thanks!
Does Dryden have Interdistrict choice?
If I live in Dryden school district can I send kids to Ithaca schools?
home buying question
I applied for a loan 2 months ago, but was denied. I was informed to pay down 2 bills to at least 1/2 of what it is now. Its down maybe $500. Each. Still have another $1000 to go, but my moms house will…
which is the middle school for 12 kory dr,kendall park,nj 08824
Mortgage after short sale or foreclosure ...
I have another post about my short sale. Making some changes and hopefully will work out. Question is that if I want to buy another home down the line, what's the time frame? In the near future my income…
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