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What gives? Who do I have to speak to for answers on this, God???
I've sent email after email to the listing agents of 217 W Hamilton asking for a spec sheet of room sizes, past tax bills, and an estimate of utilities, have not heard one word back from any of them.…
Rent vs. Buy in Metro Area?
We currently spend $1165 a month on a 2 bedroom apartment in Littleton. My husband has great credit (740 I believe) we have 0 debt, no blemishes 2 cars that are paid off. The issue is our income with…
do condos take dogs?
dog is a lab
My wife and I are looking to transfer to the Houston area. Can we rent something with 3 bedrooms with a current bankruptcy?
Currently in bankruptcy due to a financial hardship 2 years ago. Both with our jobs for 9 and 19 years. We are looking to rent a house or apartment in the Tomball or Klein areas.
What gives? Who do I have to speak to for answers on this, God???
I've sent email after email to the listing agents of 217 W Hamilton asking for a spec sheet of room sizes, past tax bills, and an estimate of utilities, have not heard one word back from any of them.…
Finding difficulties in buying a home from out of state...
We have a preapproved VA loan to buy in CA: Murrieta, Temecula, Lake Elsinore area. However, its been difficult to find anything to put an offer in from out of state. We wanted to have at least an offer…
What gives? Who do I have to speak to for answers on this, God???
I've sent email after email to the listing agents of 217 W Hamilton asking for a spec sheet of room sizes, past tax bills, and an estimate of utilities, have not heard one word back from any of them.…
loans availability
I'm upside down on my current loan. I'm self employed and make 20k a year. My wife just got laid off. We were told to file bankrupsy! We are relocating to the Rancho Cordova area. I scored…
$$$$$ 8159 W BALMORAL AVE 60656
we are looking for a fixer upper in the Dripping Springs school district
Anybody that know of something can e-mail me on issie.venter@gmail.com
Removing House Pictures
My wife and I recently purchased a home in Evanston, Illinois. We would like to have the pictures of our home removed from websites such as Redfin, Trulia, Zillow, etc. We contacted the selling agent,…
Why do some of the condos in Waterhaven that were recently on the MLS now show "Off Market"?
Are Waterhaven condos a safe investment. We are very interested in these properties, but are a little hesitant since they have gone through foreclosure once before. Can you give me your insight?
Hi, I'm looking for a vacant 30 unit (any size rooms) residential building in any of the 5 boroughs (preferably not SI) if it has commercial
attached that is fine. I'm looking to NNN lease the building but wouldn't be opposed to a purchase. If it needs work that is fine as most vacant buildings do. I need it ASAP. I would also take…
Home owner financing
Is there any good home owner financing companys ? I have a good down payment to put down an this is my only option.
Will underwritting make exceptions with tax deductions if in a new position?
We are currently building a home and were pre approved through Chase and now underwritting is taking my husbands tax write offs from working at home and traveling a lot last year and deducting them from…
CONDO LOAN $30k to $35?
Hi Everyone, I am looking for a GOOD, low fee lender who can do a condo loan in Dallas for a client of mine. The price will be between $30k and $35k, will not qualify for FHA. She is on Social Security…
We want to relocate to the Fort Myers, Naples, Sarasota are this year from Wisconsin.
Looking for pet friendly (small dog and cat) friendly condo communities. In the $100,000-$70,000 range. Turnkey would be nice
Out side people those migrate in usa
So what is happening when a family wants to live in USA and they have money for buy home and also they have own business and make 2000 dollar per month so is this possible to live in USA without any problem…
Who is the person I should contact and email address about an issue? If by using this forum I can illicit a reply, here's my concern:
My credit card on file was erroneously billed on 3/31 in the amount of $49.00. My service to apt-hunter was short lived and cancelled. My estate has been sold for 6 months! I am concerned if I have overlooked…
our home went under forecloser in 2009 when for a loan modification and the people w were working with lost our home. My husband & I have stable
jobs make $75 a yr when can we purchase a home again what is the waiting period? We also had a VA loan on our home can we still use that again?
I want to find homes close to Western Sky middle school so my child may attend school there.
what houses are close to there and is there any school transportation by them?
how do I edit my house?
You got me on the website so I can edit the details of my house but every time I click on edit you send me somewhere else.
I keep reading how some lenders are offering rates on a 30 year just shy of 4% with those with excellent credit.
Does anyone know who is providing these rates and are they with paying points? I have excellent credit in the 800's and a large down payment however I can't find rates that low without paying points and…
How much does it cost to build a 2800 sq ft home in Walnut Creek?
If you had the land, how much would it cost in pleasant hill, WC or Alamo area?
May be moving to the franklin area for work?
I would be relocating for a new position within the same company. I'd like to stay under 100 thousand or so. I'd like no less than 3 bedrooms and would prefer 4. The office is in franklin what would be…
Would I be able to buy again after a short sale and if so how soon?
Would I be able to buy again after a short sale and if so how soon? Interested in purchasing a USDA loan after 2 years of my situation. 4 late pays on old loan towards the short sale process. Haven't…
Is 2yrs post short sale ok to buy house through FHA loan?
I've heard different things regarding buying home again after a short sale- two yrs, three yrs depending on circumstances. Credit score 653, debt ratio very good. Pls advise.
Recommendations for first time home buyer / investment in Oakland, CA?
Bay Area native looking to move out from South Bay. What area codes are recommended in Oakland? Safer areas?
Getting Mortgage loan after a Short Sale
Hi All, Almost 2 years ago we did a Short Sale on our condo. Now we are thinking of buying a new House in Lynnwood area if we can get approved for a mortgage loan with some money down. We know that we…
Can I Purchase a home after a short sale 2 years ago.?
I short sale my house June 2010 with pre foreclosure showing on my credit report due to job loss. Now I have stable job as an LVN nurse and me and my husband combined salary about 70k this year. I believe…
What are best places buy home near compton?
My wife works near compton. We would like to buy home in safe locality with best school district, safe and 30 mins radius from her work. Would appreciate if you suggest areas to buy the home nearby. I…
Will underwriting make an exception if my husbands position has changed?
Building a new home and have already invest almost 20k in overages and down payments that we wont get back if we dont close. We were preapproved but in underwriting they took our tax write offs from when…
what are construction costs in the 90007 area code for rebuilding a home with 2 stories and attic?
This question is for insurance purposes but I do not want to lo ball it.
My husband and I are wanting to move to the West Bend area. We need a good realtor to work with us from Iowa. Any advice? :)
we currently live in Iowa. would like to work with someone on setting up times to come there and check out homes for sale. would like to get updates on new listings in the area in our price range.
Can I fire my realtor and sell my house FSBO to a family member without getting sued?
My house has been on the market since mid-Feb (just over 3 months) with no offers. We've had multiple open houses and just dropped the price, and still nada. My cousin just came to look at the house…
hello my name is shanna
Do Leesburg, Purcellville & Middleburg have a small town atmosphere with safety to raise a child?
We're relocating in July. We have a child in middle school, and husband will be commuting to Pentagon. Prefer to keep commute to an hour or just over, but want to be in a safe family-oriented area.…
New Homes being built in Carrollton:
There are new homes being built on the east side of Old Denton Rd just north of GBT (on the north side of Radford) Can someone tell me what builder that is and any other details you may know?
Should I sign an appraisal waiver I had an appraisal done and now the lender is requesting an other one as the house was a rebuild/Flip.?
Closing is at the end of the month and final inspection is 3 days prior. What are my options?
Do you look at homes with a pools or without pool in the Savannah area?
How important is it in Savannah, GA to have a pool or access a pool?
Two questions here. I recently heard that all condos under 100k had to be paid for in cash. Is this also true for townhomes?
Also. Is it a absolute must to have verified income to purchase a condo/townhouse ?
Could you have your listings include a floor plan?
ictures of inside get you all turned around. Always include a pic from the walking in the front door and standing in the kitchen looking out.
I have thru lazy work habbits have 3 agents looking for a condo. What do I do?
Over time sonehow I have gotten involved with 3 agents all sending me infi on a condo in an area. How do I handle this dumb move? If I finally buy with one where do I stand with the others who have sent…
Is it wise to help our daughter buy a home all-cash by loaning her money?
We want to help our daughter buy a house in Brooklyn where the market is brutal. She has enough for a 40% down payment and she has qualified for a mortgage. But it seems like only all-cash offers are…
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