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Termination Contract?
My realtor e-mailed me a termination and I signed for my husband and I. Since I signed his signature, is this contract legal. I don't want to terminate after all I want the house. I was told it is terminated,…
Lease with option to buy
I am looking to relocate from Texas within the next two(2) months, wanting to live in Alpharetta, Marietta or Sandy Springs area. I would like to lease with the option to buy within a year. Are there…
I need answers ..please help me out
Ok..my x wife & I are on a deed to our old house..but im NOT on the mortgage(note) only she is..im trying to buy a house & she's not willing to go & sign with me to get me off the deed...will…
Jackson Street in Hoboken NJ: Arthurs Court
I heard this street flood easily, especially the south corner. How bad it is? thanks
How long does a Bank of America short sale approval take?
My parents put in an offer for a short sale on May 18, 2012. How long should it take? I know they've speeded things up a bit but does anybody have any experience since their April (when they said…
how do I list my home?
friend told me to list my home on trulia....I filled out basic info and I can't figure out how to list??
I am looking for amy first home in piscataway NJ. Which is better Townhome or Single family.
Am planning to buy something for less than 250k as I do not plan to live in the home for more than 6 years. Can I expect a home with central ac, garage and basement for the price? Which is better for this…
Repairs before or after the FHA appraisal?
We are in contract to purchase a home with an FHA loan. We have had our own inspection done. We think there might be three issues that the bank appraiser will pick up on: a side garage door that's…
Looking at closing times
Hi, we are looking at moving to Lexington from Australia in the near future. Having never brought property in the US, we are wondering how long closing will be. We will be paying cash as no credit score…
Am I not eligible for buying a house?
I'm a permanent resident who just moved here from Hong Kong, and looking to buy a house in Scottsdale, AZ. I'm separated from my husband who is an Australian, and currently sailing around the…
I am researching the possibility of buying a single family home in Pittsburgh, PA. I intend to use my VA Loan and Have COE available.
I am a disabled Veteran and have filed a Chapter 7 BK. This was necessary because of inability to work due to my Disability. I have about 5,400.00 per month untaxed income. Where do we start? I am relocating…
how is the market going?
Our market is very strong right now. Last month Sarasota realtors sold 1200 homes. We are now down to 3 and half months of inventory. Now is definitely the time to buy!!
How difficult is it to get a loan with NO credit?
I'm looking to buy a home that costs about $20,000 or less, but I have no credit; neither good nor bad. Is it possible to get a loan with no credit? If so, how easy/difficult would that be?
Would it be better to rent a house or a nicer apartment?
The expense of our apartment now is about $650 and we feel like we could be living in a better apartment or small house for this price. We want to a good environment for our daughter to grow up in but…
looking for housing with lan contracts in a 10 mile radius of reed city
prefer something with at least 5 acres with a small down payment
Is this home still available?
Add some detail about your question
We came across a sponsor unit (in Westchester)- it is a rental building recently converted into a condo. I understand there might be additional fees
for the buyer(transfer tax, attorney fees). What else should we be mindful of? Also, would using a buyers agent be necessary in this case? Thank you!
Military (E-6) moving to Albuquerque in Oct. Where should I live?
I would much rather live in a good neighborhood with a bad house than a bad neighborhood with a nice house. I have 3 older kids so a 4bd is a must. I prefer an open floor plan. I would rather buy than…
How do I compare 2 family homes in above 750K range? How can I find what is market price? Do I use sq ft & avg area price or is there some better?
I see several homes different prices. Want to break them down to a common cost factor to determine value. Seems below 2800 sq ft too small & above 3500 sq.ft too big. Want to factor taxes & utilities…
Are there any flip deals available in this market?
Seems hard to find flips now. Homes out there now appear to be on market over 4 months indicating overpriced homes only.
How can I view ONLY 1 story homes in the listings in Prescott?
A family member is looking for approx. 3000 sq ft with a price of 500-550K but only wants one story living. It seems you have to access each and every house to try and determine if on one level.
Is Norton Commons housing occupancy recovering from recession?
Absolutely. It is growing very well in all price ranges.
Did you notice the excellent homes and reasonable prices for homes in the Stoney Brook area?
I suggest you look online and drive through this area right away. Homes are selling in days not months.
short sale question
The listing agent is a dual agent. We made an offer last Tue. He emailed me: I will email you once we have the response from XXX regarding the Short Sale Approval and acceptance of your contract. I…
Is Jeffersontown still popular for first time buyers and why?
Yes it is. Great location near restaurants and shops. Home values holding steady or slowly increasing. Proximity to Gene Snyder is critical. Look for some bargains here.
The popularity that struck East Nashville & 12th South that raised values fast is coming to Hill Estates in Franklin, TN...
I own a home located in the Hill Estates neighborhood in Franklin, TN. The house is very well kept and 100% remodeled inside (and out with paint, shutters, ect.) with stainless steel appliances, hardwood…
Can I get a mortgage for a US property whist living overseas?
I am a US citizen but live in New Zealand. I want to come home one day and live in Athens. I am interested in getting an investment property now and get on the local property ladder. Any advice welcome.
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