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What do you do when seller refuses to pay rent back?
We purchased a house in June. We asked for 60 day close, seller countered with 30 day close & 15 day rent back we countered with 45 day close all other terms & conditions remain the same (which means we…
Looking for Buyers Agent for Hutchinson Island.
I'm from out of a state and looking at several condo communities on HI. For various reasons, one of which is I am out of state, would like to work with one person, instead of contacting each agent…
Master plan community Vs small community
How is the property value affected if a builder is in a mater plan community (Sorrento in Dublin) vs. not (lennar building 19 homes just outside Sorrento). The smaller community has same HOA as the master…
I am looking for a mobile on a small piece of land. ( to purchase ) do you know of anything.
Just a very small piece of land, I don't want to deal with a lot of mowing.
I am on ssi/ssd benefits.Is there anyway possible that I can rent to own this home with no credit?
I am 60yrs old ,in good health-relatively,single ,with an old cat, a young dog, a fish and a few house plants. I walk past this home almost daily and have admired it,wishing it was my home. Rent to…
My closing costs are so high!! Why?? Advice much appreciated
Taking a 30 year loan out for 130k home. Credit is decent (690-700) My closing costs are just over $7500 dollars, this just seems insane to me! Here is a breakdown- Loan Orig-1170, Processing Fee-450,…
why am I not showing any listings when I do have one?
1015 Marshall St Hendersonville TN MLS1556890
Does the appraisal belong to whomever pays for it?
What if the sellers are paying all of the closing costs for the buyer?
Buyer's agent with buyer rebate?
Me and my fiance have searched for numerous homes in Apex, Cary, Morrisville and Holly Springs area and now have decided to buy a new community in Holly Springs, NC. We like the house plan and are ready…
This question may be a duplicate so if it is, I'm sorry. Just saw a new posting for a home in my neighborhood (8932 Cascades Isle Blvd).
The description says it is the only "lake front" property for sale right now in the community. Not true...mine is for sale, it is advertised on Trulia and it is also lake front. It then goes on to say,…
I have found a REO property with asking price of 379,900. I need a savvy, experienced agent that is not
afraid to go for a bargain in a buyers market to aid in sending offer to bank. Our starting offer is 100,000 through financing. If cash offer is doable we can offer 50,000 in cash. Actually had one…
Foreign national loan, for condo purchase in minneapolis
We are looking for a lender who offers foreign national home buying program for a condo purchase in minneapolis. Convention financing is not an option. Prefer to have a local contact - no agents please!!…
Does anyone know a realtor who is into keeping chickens or permaculture?
We're looking to buy a home and a realtor who has experience with that would be very desirable.
New construction homes n good all three schools. Trying to decide Avery ranch, cedar park, round rock, or leander
I m looking for all three elementary middle n high school good ratings at least 9/10 overall for all three with new h some constructions. Commute up to 8 to 10 miles is ok. But my boy is 3.5yes n priority…
We are looking for a lake house that's in a community that has heated outdoor pools and beach area for swimming. 2 hrs from NYC
We have young children, so the community should have amenities like playgrounds, fishing ponds, heated pools, etc. Could anyone recommend a few lake/communities to check out? And LMK what the starting…
I'm looking for a second home either in the Estero FGCU area (Grandezza, Mirrormar, or other communities nearby) or near the Mercato area of Naples.
Budget is approx $500,000, would prefer a 3 bdrm with pool. Would also prefer a community that has a large and up to date work out facility. Lastly, I'm interested in a home & community that will provide…
community with issues
can a person cancel a contract on a house and not lose their earnest money if the community has issues with scorpions? We have 2 dogs and my husband is deathly afraid of these creatures.
my fiancé wants to purchase the house we are currently renting.
I make more money but I have a bk 7 that won't hit 2yrs till 09/2014 and a foreclosure that won't hit three yrs till 12/2015. My question is with all that on my credit can he not put me on the mortgage…
Adding another person 's name to the Title of the property.
If i own a house and alll the mortgage is paid off. If now I add my niece name to the title, what is that mean ? And how it is going to affect me?
Where is the best rural areas near Lake Worth, Florida?
My husband and I are looking to relocate with our two children from Virginia and we have family in the lake worth area but my husband likes to hunt and we would prefer more of a rural area but not so far…
If contract runs out without seller producing a clear title what are the options?
Found out on Friday 7/11 that tax lien against property in question was not resolved. This is 6 weeks into the contract with only 4 days until closing.
Foreclosed Homes with Lease Option
Is it possible to buy a foreclosed home with a lease option and if so, how?
Is this Home steal available Please answer back Thank you?
The is located at 1208 east Canyon Trail Queens Creek
Why is it not possible to add an exclusion to the house hunt? Like I want brick. or I want no neighbors at all. Or No Trees. Seems this would exclu
Seems an exclusion would narrow the search instead of shotgunning every home that's on the market with the right number of bedrooms and baths, in town, in the country, or on a mountain.
Looking for a home in the $400,000 to $1,000,000 range bank sale or desperate seller. Musts are gated community, low fees, high end finishes
like the Toll Brothers homes. Looking for newer construction, and not afraid to perform some updates. Thank you
Why are there no limiting exceptions to trulia's search? I only want remote/ private/ no neighbors/ no residential. But you're sending me EVERYTHING
But you're sending me EVERYTHING in my price range... homes I'm not interested in. I want privacy. I want remote. I don't want neighbors. Thank you.
How do I find help with getting the Star Program?
I don't know when buying a house if I'm able to be in the Star Program,right now I'm getting SSI,and should be getting money from a Law Suit,does this stop me from getting the Star program?
Upper Westchester Foreclosed/Short sale Properties?
Looking for single family home in upper westchester. Furthest north-somers-south pleasantville/briarcliff. mostly interested in foreclosed property.
Need to find a lender that will allow a co-signer to improve debt to income
I am currently in the process of signing a contract on a house for $85,000, however my lender, quicken, just informed me that there is an issue with my debt to income. The problem I am having is that I…
Is an "underhanded deal" made after binder is signed (by both buyer and seller) legally binding?
Need advice!!! I put an offer in on a home verbally and seller accepted verbally. I then went in to the real estate agents office, signed official offer aka "binder". It had been scanned and emailed to…
When will homeowners begin listing their houses?
When can we expect homeowner to begin listing their houses in/around Ithaca? What's the best time of the year to buy a home in Ithaca, where there's a good selection of homes?
Would I be able to purchase a home without having 2yrs of W-2s? recent grad and I am already working in the field that my degree is in.
30 y/o single, looking for a home/townhome in the 90k-140k range in Houston. With Student loans. Fico is around 640ish
Hi All, My construction company and I are currently looking for a serious cash investor.
My construction company and I are currently looking for a serious cash investor ($1.5 million) who can fund our project to purchase a residential property (fixer upper or empty piece land) in specific…
Looking for real estate agent that is willing (trainable?) to assist investor/rehabber....
Have agent credentials/knowledge myself, but do NOT want to take the license test and become a licensed agent/broker. Email me if interested: cowproperties@gmail.com
We just bought a house and moved in 3 weeks ago. We haven't even made our first payment yet. 2 nights ago we had a lot of rain and my whole
street flooded. My garage/basement had about 3 feet of water in it and I lost thousands of dollars in tools and appliances. When we signed the contract and all that, the disclosures page started there…
I would very much like to find a vacant property with the Shawgunkill (sp) on my property. I am disabled and love the sound day & nite. I would buy
a house with a brook or like on it on it if it were under $100,000. with owner willing to do part finance. I see the Shawgunkill go all over so many miles yet I can't find anything! If I find inexpensive…
Looking for a 100(plus/minus) Mobile Home Park on the East/West Coast of Florida.
No LoopNet listings. If you have something interesting, please e-mail or call me. . Thanks. . Phil Rotondo, Realtor Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate mailto:phil@321property.com 1-321-698-5893
Bought A House For $335k In Winchester, CA in December and Want To Sell It To Be Closer To Work In San Diego due to the commute.
I wanted to have it as a rental at first but it was banked own and I am required to live in it for one year. What are the risks of selling it after one year?
HOA and Regime Fees on property
http://www.trulia.com/property/3052840961-1225-Blakeway-St-1306-Daniel-Island-SC-29492#photo-1 anyone know the hoa and regime (and possibly other) fees associated w/ this property? thanks
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