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there is a place i'm trying to lease and I like it very much, the manager said he was going to email the application to me about two weeks ago, nothin
I have called him numerous times and he want return my call. what should I do professional to get an application?
Why do people not like to live in Bronson, FL?
outside the city limits you can have a horse, chickens, even a pig if you have more than one acre...
Can seller back out after all the contingencies are removed by the buyer.?
Hi, We put an offer on a house, it got accepted, the seller even negotiated the rent. We removed inspection contingency in time and removed loan and appraisal contingency in 17 days after the contract…
Need advice.My husband and I are thinking about looking for a rent to own home. Credit wise we are in good shape, however we are unable to sell our
current home. We want to rent it out, but were told we need two years of landlord history in order to claim the condo as income to qualify for a second mortgage. We're considering finding a rent to…
inaccurate descriptionj of my property
I have an attached garage, I have brick siding on the first two levels and aluminum siding on the top level. Also there are 5 bedrooms or 4 bedrooms and a study. Threre are 3 1/2 bathrooms. Please make…
Hello. I am only interested in Sheepshead Bay houses (either one- or two-family) that are walk-to-train and supermarket, with backyard & parking.
I never see any houses for sale that fall into my category. Can you tell me why? Thank you. Maureen
Should I pay all cash for a SF home?
I am a first time buyer, have been wondering about a few things and would really appreciate your feedback on this matter. My parents have generously gifted me with a sum of money to buy a house…
Leaving Malibu for Fallbrook.Want 10 acres, 4000 /- sq ft. home. Schools, crime, costs? Looking in 2 weeks.Suggestions? Want to plant a grove.
Renting home in Malibu so fast move. Need space for organic lifestyle and pets. Schools very important. 5 bedroom, 4 bath. Thanks
New 13-home subdivision in the "Martens-Carmelita" neighborhood?
Was recently looking at some open houses off of Sleeper in the Waverly Park/Martens-Carmelita area... Noticed there's a big rural/unbuilt land area just north of Pastel Lane/Sun Mor Ave./Yorkshire Way.…
I would like to know how to sell an older rural school building with large yard, and acreage
the main building was remodeled into a 50 bed care center in the 1980s it has a beautiful yard and farmland included
Short sale with a small bank
Hello, We are first time home buyers and on Aug 23rd our offer was accepted by the seller. Our offer was presented to the bank and all documents that are require has been completed. It seems like it's…
do you have 3 - 4 bedrooms 2 bath homes?
I am looking for a 3 to 4 bed room house must have 2 baths we have 2 boys n three girls and our apartment is running out of space. This will be our time buying a home and want it to be special.
What does it means when the MLS listing does not match (Los Angeles) County Assessor's tax records.?
I'm interested in a house that is a 3bed 2 bath per MLS but the Los Angeles County tax record shows the home as a 3 Bed 1 Bath home. Will this affect my loan process and the resell value later? I…
I recieved an email reguarding my listing. How can I contact the person who origanated the email? I log in and can not see any info on that contact.
I recieved an email reguarding my listing. How can I contact the person who origanated the email? I log in and can not see any info on that contact.
My husband and I moved to silicon valley because of a job change and are looking to buy a home this spring. We have an income of approx 250k per
year, good credit and a down payment of 150k. Based off of that I believe we should be shopping for a home around 750k. Our priorities are a great elementary school for our newborn daughter, commute time…
When is the best time to buy a home in Cerritos?
I'm looking to buy in the Cerritos High school district (near very good elementary schools) but it doesn't appear that there are too many listings near my price point. 3-4 BRs; 2-3 Baths; around 2,400…
How do enter into a legitimate rent-to-own agreement for a home?
I'm looking for a 4 bedroom home in the South Norfolk, Indian River, or Greenbrier area of Chesapeake, VA.
I am a US citizen living overseas (with foreign derived income). Can I buy a house in MA?
I file taxes and have steady regular income and some assets in the US. My wife and I would like to purchase a $200k home in the US (in the state of MA) - we have about 20% ready for a down payment, and…
Looking for a 2bdrm apt. Max $1500 mo. Working adults
Needed by Oct. 1, 2013, near transit (subway)
Does anyone here have experience with a first time home buyer looking to purchase with a VA Loan?
I've looked at all the criteria needed to be approved for a VA Loan, but the process is different than normally buying a house because of it. I'm wondering if someone can tell me more than what the internet…
can I buy a home on a 45K salary?
Anywhere in the south bay area?
Getting out of Buyers Representation Agreement
We had a great agent when we bought our current home, so we asked her to check around and recommend an agent in the O'Fallon area when my husband got transferred out of state. She set us up with an agent…
I want to know construction costs of homes in Sea Ranch CA. I also want to know the cost in Santa Rosa or Fort Bragg.
I also want to know the cost in Santa Rosa or Fort Bragg. I am interested in BUILDING. Not buying or any of those other items.
What is the average cost psf to build a home in Sea Ranch, CA?
For comparison, costs in Santa Rosa and Fort Bragg.
If you were going to buy a home would you prefer HUD/ Bank Foreclosure or traditional home?
Depends on the buyer. If you plan on moving straight in then forclosure might not be your "cup of tea." My preference would be a HUD/Bank Foreclosure. There are huge equity returns available for the…
I have already a home in San Antonio, I had moved to Houston and I want to buy a home here. I dont want to sell my home in San Antonio and I'd
like To rent it. I have itin number. My question is if there is a lender who don't require me to sell my home because so far I know if I want to qualified for a loan I cant keep my first home. I will…
I am renting, my wife and I have incoabout 3800 moth. I am and have been successful in getting my credit score near th700 # but have reached an impass
Need funds to pay off credit cards to improve debt/income ratio. refuse to pay outlandish interest rates. Can you help/
How can I get more showings on my home in Almont? It is very reasonably priced but after being on the market
for over 7 months only 1 showing. They say the market is picking up but I don't see that to be true.
I'm considering moving to Dallas, but don't know where to start looking for a job in my field and hence where to live.
I'm an IT Project Manager and would like to find a job where the commute is short (under 30 mins if possible) . I have two teenage boys - older one is starting University next year and the younger…
I live in Michigan and I'm in the market to buy a house but I can't find a good agent that is willing to show me houses any suggestions??
I'm looking for a house in the Almont and surrounding areas like Allenton, Capac, Armada etc. I emailed many agents and gotten no response and I have called two agents and one called me back and said…
is 350 k for a cypress, built in 2008, in harlan ranch excessive?
there are a lot of foreclosures and pre-foreclosures in harlan ranch. the prices have significantly fallen in the last 3 months. is 350K reasonable for a cypress (4 bed, 2 bath, 3 car garage, 2500 sq ft)?
Is stucco house a problem in northwest arkansas?
We find a house in northwest arkanasa that we like a lot. Our only concern is the house has about 25% of dryvil on each side of the house. It was built in 1998. The bottom 12 feet is brick but the top,…
FHA QUESTION: we are interested in buying a property that is a reo and has mold in the basement?
the disclosure says that the mold is non toxic. does fha let it slide or is mold of any kind a definite no no???
Landlord wants to sell to us?
Our landlord doesn't like being a landlord. What options do we have for buying her house? We don't really have the cash for a down payment. Lease Option? Contract for Deed? Assume her mortgage?
Excellent credit, but only 3% down on a $525,000 loan and DO NOT want to pay PMI. Do we have any options to get our dream home?
We found our dream home... But too soon! We want to start looking in February, but went to on open house and fell in love! Since it is early we only have 3% down and do not want to pay PMI. We have found…
is this area closed to public transportation?
Add some detail about your question
Any Realtor's with experience in finding discounted properties?
Need able and willing Realtor's not afraid to work, follow up and stay in communication with my US and foreign investors (I am not a Realtor) who need properties discounted 10-35% in all 50 states.…
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