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Suing for my commission in south Carolina
How do I sue for my commission from a buyer who walks away
Are there any lenders that will use one year rental income as proof of income so that I can qualify more.?
Will these lenders give me a higher interest rate? What credit score do I need to have in order to qualify for such a loan?
how do I unsubscribe from your emails?
"Unsubscribe" is not easily found on your emails.
If I have a delisted MLS# can I find out information on a property?
such as the Realtor who had listed the property or who actually owned it at the time of the listing.
Buyer's agent fee question: what can a buyer's agent charge the buyer?
I'm buying a house in the SF Bay Area. My realtor added an Escrow Management Fee to the closing statement prepared by the escrow officer. I wouldn't have known about it until closing day if I hadn't…
Lenders that would give FHA 203k streamline in Pittsburgh?
Looking to get a buy a foreclosed house ($20k) in pittsburgh, and remodel ($10k). Do you know the lenders that would provide FHA 203k streamline? Also, what's the best way to go about buying a foreclosure…
What is the best way to sell my house, pay off all my bills and move on? I do not want to spend a dime or a minute more on it.
I don't want to put any more effort into it. I basically want to walk away. What tax issues should I consider? I'm 58 years old.
It is Fall should I put my home on the market now?
The answer is YES!! It is amazing the number of people that want to move before the Holidays, and companies and the major medical center in the area that transfer at mid-year!!
How do I delete my voices and trulia account?
This account appears when I type my name into a search engine. What about my privacy???
New Pulte condo homes in Marina Bay, Richmond?
Anyone thinks it's a good buy in comparison to single family homes? Is that place safe?
Best training program for Short Sales Deals by real estate experts in Florida & California
Short Sales deals are quite critical to understand but can be quite profitable on the other hand if done properly. It can either be learnt by either practical training or any industry experts which I guess…
203k Experienced Real Estate Agents
203k Experienced Real Estate Agents Looking for Real Estate Agents to represent buyer with expertise in 203k purchases. Anyone in the San Jose, CA south bay region with this experience? Are you up for…
I'm moving from Fairfax County, Virginia to Silver Spring, Maryland. My state income taxes will increase by at least 40%.
I'm annoyed about this, but what are some items that will offset this increase in tax. I know that there are no auto taxes and no sales tax on grocery items, but there has to be more offsetting items.…
Why such high property taxes?
I was looking through Trulia for a home and saw http://www.trulia.com/property/1028142344-513-Carolyn-Ave-Bellevue-PA-15202 for $54,900. Seemed pretty good until I saw the property taxes were $3317.…
I just returned yesterday from Naples where I spent a week getting a 'lay of the land', looked at some golf course communities, went to some
open houses in Naples and Bonita Springs. I even went to Dell Web in Ave Maria where I was very impressed. However, I was turn off by something called a CDD. It was explained to me, but I know there…
I'm looking for programs that will assist with closing cost.
My lease ends 9/30 and I'm hoping to purchase a home on or around that time.
Shadyside Homes for Sale with Garages?
Shadyside Homes for Sale with Garages? Looking for a Shadyside Pittsburgh Home for Sale with Garage plus 4 Bedrooms, 3.5 Baths? Here's one: http://www.shadysidecondo.com/
Why should I buy, instead of rent?
I recently was pre-approved for a conventional loan of $235,000 in the Pittsburgh area and was wondering if I should continue renting or not.
I'm interesting in a property to turn into a bed and breakfast. Preferably accessible to the Woodward area.
I'm not looking for a new property, but I also am not in the position to totally renovate either. I'm looking for a structurally sound property. I looking for at least 4 bedrooms and 2 or…
Owner Finance Naples, FL
Looking for a condo property in Naples under 220k with owner financing-can put down between 15-20k, have steady income and a strong rental history. I've lived in Naples for 10 years.
Please take off my rental listing at 1048 Marcussen Drive, Menlo Park CA 94025. Did not give my permission to post on Truliaso many people are calling
When I click on take this rental off, it wants to me to get to my email and confirm. I never asked to be put on Trulia. Please take it off IMMEDIATELY.
appraised value vs contract price
hello. do banks always appraise houses less than purchase price? i am a buyer and the appraised value of the house is abt 8% less than my contract price. Is it normal that buyer will renogotiate the…
I recently went on Zillow to see how property values were doing in my neighborhood and found my property description is incorrect.
My property is located at 19741 Long Branch Way Corona, Ca 92881 and it shows that there are three (3) bathrooms when there is actually four (4) how can I change this?
Can you be outbid during show status/on deposit?
The place I am interested in says show status. I want to make an offer but is it even worth it if its already on deposit? Can I even do this?
I am looking for a poperty manager in Dedroit, Michigan
I m fixing a house, and I need someone to take care of it, I have the people who is working, please I dont want to be involved in contract
How do I buy a new house using funds contingent on the sale of my current house?
I am retired with low income. I want to buy a new cheaper house in another state, but my cash will come from the sale of my current house. How do I, or can I, make this happen without getting a mortgage…
I want to buy a 4plex of townhomes using the 203k program. I will live in one rent one to a family member can I sell the other two?
After the repairs are complete I could refinance with equity how long do i have to wait to do this. should I then split the units and sell? Can I do this?
is the $200 HOA every month or annually?
we are looking at 703 arbria mountain view road.
Is it hard to get a loan through Nvr mortgage with scores between 650 and 690?
I would like to purchase a ryan home but are they hard to get approved by? The house I want is in the 250k range. I have no debt and income 52k. I could put down 5%. Do you think that I would qualify?…
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