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hello im dj from oklahoma i have had lexington law and cre working on my credit for the past two years
i have a 620..600..565 i am trying to get a house for 100000 amd have 10 percent down any advice?
What are the advantages of fresh water canals as opposed to sea water canals?
is it a disadvantage? What is preferable in Cape Coral and why? Thank you! -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3115619644-1144-SW-26th-St-66-Cape-Coral-FL-33914
planning to buy a condo in stamford downdown
I think someone has asked below questions earlier..But wanted to know the current situation. I have been hearing that there are a lot of condos slated to be built in the next 5 years, and as a prospective…
Are homes at westgate plantation in Spartanburg, SC losing value.?
Im hearing bad things about moving there such as not quality homes and they are losing their value....Im scared to make a decision and dont know where to get the facts from.
We want to move to Florida
Hey, everyone. We're living in New Jersey but we want to move to Florida with my family. Like small a town, big a house and a garden. If you help me about towns I will be pleased.
Which would be a better long term buy? Champions Gate County Club or Providence?
Hello I am contemplating buying a property in either Providence (4 bed single family re-sale) or a new finished in 3 weeks 5 bed home in the new County Club in CG. Not knowing the area that much could…
I am trying to obtain a FHA loan. The issue is that we have another home in NY that we recently refinanced as non-owner occupied - also FHA -
and the lender is telling me that according to FHA guidelines I need to wait a year after the refinannce to apply for another FHA loan - can someone help me get the mortgage? the new purchase is in California…
I al looking to build a new home. I plan on applying for a VA loan. Can your recommend where to shop for a loan with reasonable closing cost.?
I looked at the Navy Federal Union closing cost estimate was $10,000. I thought that was expensive.
Impact of 53 extension
Looks like 53 extension is happening full steam cutting through LOng Grove and Hawthorn woods. What is the anticipated impact to property value? On an average, at what distance from the tollway will the…
What is happening to the market in south eastern florid the house prices are crazy ?
Most homes are going highest and best is this legal ?
Real Estate Agent Manipulated Elderly Woman
I have a neighbor who is in her 90's and she recently contacted a real estate agent about selling her house. No for sale sign ever appeared in front of her home and I just found out that the agent bought…
I am looking for a nice 3 or 4 bedroom house to rent in clay county jacksonville fl
2 baths... Near NAS JAX.. PREFERABLY Orange Park, Mandarin, Oakleaf Plantation, Fleming Island..
Why are there so many homes for sale in a specific area of New Hope Pa?
We are looking at homes for sale in New Hope PA and noticed there are about 7 homes for sale on great hills road. These are multimillion dollar homes and many are on sale. I was just wondering if someone…
I'm looking to purchase a house from the first time . My credit per Equifax is a 628.
Recently I applied for a credit card at a local credit union and was approved for $6,000 Limit. When I received the letter from the bank stating what credit score they used to determine my approval (which…
Anyone know of any live/work mixed-use spaces for sale in or near downtown Austin?
I know about Homes by Avi's "shop house" and I love it, but I want to know if there is anything else that is comparable to the shop house in Austin? Thanks!
This morning I have received more than 20 calls to my cell phone from people referred from your website, since I didn't place any ads
probably your website is a scam, so please remove any reference to my cell phone number on your site. its 562 682 2484.
Affordable Housing for Young Adults - No Kids but PETS.
Hi Everyone, My Fiance and I may be moving to CA in the next few months. I would be working in Mountain View. We are coming from MI and are just graduating, so our budgets are not huge. Here are my…
Does the Home Price listed on Trulia include the cost of the property?
This would extend to the estimated monthly mortgage payment as well.
Hello, I'm looking for information regarding renting to buy for a 3 bedroom home in Rutherford.
How does this type of option work and what are the chances of finding a seller willing to offer rent to buy in Rutherford. Thanks!
I want to buy a house, I should be getting 1,300 child support and 300. mo alimony. I am currently unemployed but I do not want to rent.
I will be getting a job ASAP what is the quickest way to buy a home? I have good credit. I am getting a dissolution and my husband is keeping our home now which is in both of our names.
Where to move to and should I rent or buy?
Just got promoted today, and will be moving to Washington, NC. Currently live with my wife and 2 dogs. We currently own our house in Charlotte, NC. Plan on selling house and moving to Washington. My…
There are several town homes in the area I'm interested in that have been recently purchased at Sheriff Sale by Fannie Mae.
What typically happens next? Will they be listed as REO? I know the deeds have to the transferred and whatnot, but I want to be prepared to jump on them. Wondering what kind of timeline I am looking at…
Can you reduce your short sale offer?
I have made an offer on a BoA short sale about 15 months ago and was accepted by seller, but have yet to be approved by Bank of America. We are in the pending offer approval process. However, based on…
I want to buy my family there first home in todays market:
I have been looking into buying a home for a while, however I am trying to support a family and have a low income. At most I will be able to save around $10,000 and am not sure if that is enough to work…
Is it becoming common for a buyer's agent request a percentage from the buyer?
When I bought a house years ago, the agent received her commission from the listing agent, which was the norm, or so I thought. Now I'm looking to buy raw land and my agent is requesting almost 1% from…
Great Neck Terrace Co-Ops
Looking into a few co-ops in Great Neck Terrace. Can you tell me about the HOA fees/other fees? There are a lot of co-ops for sale for a long time (over 500 days!). Is there something going on in this…
Is there a market in Florissant for small starter homes?
We want to move to a farm, but home prices have dropped substantially in our area off North Lindbergh. It feels so hopeless, especially when we might owe more than we can sell for. Is renting the only…
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