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Looking for multifamily house in Philadelphia
I am planing to buy a multifamily house in Philadelphia. I do not have much idea about neighborhood, I am looking for a tech savvy agent and a mortgage broker, Preferred if both working as team.
Highest and best offer on an REO property. Was bid good enough?
My husband and I just submitted an offer on an REO property listed at $84,900 (reduced $15,000 from original listing). It also said possible seller paid closing cost and home warranty. They asked for our…
Hi guys! I am looking for a Real Estate Agent PA and NJ Licensed. I am a First Time Home Buyer. Score 731.
I am trying to purchase a house for sale around/near NE Philly. Saved up 15k , but just wanted to spend at least 3%-3.5% on down payments. I have not yet applied for a pre approval letter from any lenders.…
are there discounts for real estate taxes for the elderly in Pittsfield,MA?
Do people over 70 receive any discounts on their real estate taxes?
Most affordable part of town?
What would be the least expensive area in Danville to purchase a home or town home?
Who works with Hubzu or Deustche Bank?
I contacted Hubzu they tell me they have no such property. How do I find an agent that works with Hubzu or Deustche Bank? I did the leg work and I am going to FAX Deustche Bank next myself but would like…
I asked this question about 2 days ago. I'll ask it a again. 2082 W. Minarets in Fresno, Ca is has an estimated value (by Trulia) of $441,000. My
house,across the street has an estimated value (by Trulia) of $325,000. Both houses: same size, same year built, same condition, both have a pool, both are 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths. I also have solar panels,…
Concerned for 307 Anita Millbrae, CA
So my sister was looking at this house and the agent told her that a female died in the house, but not of natural causes. When I asked my agent to look at the disclousres it was not metioned and he told…
A 2 bdr 2 ba condo at 531 N. Rossmore Ave recently sold for $200,000. I don't remember seeing it in the MLS? Was it listed?
This is in my desired price range. If not in MLS, how do I find properties like this?
I placed an offer on a home which was below the asking price. I was informed an offer was placed after mine which was $5000 more than mine but still
below asking price. Realtor said if I offered asking price I would get the house. I said, wouldn't that start bidding war and he said no, the seller's realtor said she wouldn't accept a bidding war. Sounds…
im lookin to buy a home i pay rent 1000 a month for my townhome me and my credit is not the best...
im paying way to much for this townhome i live in and its very small i have a growing family and its time to buy a home...can someone lead me to the right drection on getting a home loan
Im tired of paying rent. Im looking for a rent to own but mine and my husbands credit isn't great. We would like to stay on our budget $700monthly
We would like to pay no more than 700 a month, and stay close to the UTSA area. My husband works at UTSA and takes the bus to work.
Should I finance renovations that are not urgent with the mortgage?
I want to finish the basement of a house in order to add a bedroom and a bathroom. I am pondering whether I need to buy the house first and then get a renovation loan or I should finance it with the mortgage…
Are there any grants out there for me...a first time homeowner?
Im also looking to invest in a 2 family home.
First time:Rent to Own a House
We are looking for a house $100.000, first time home buyer's. Is there a company that might loan us a down payment/closing costs? @ a rate of a low monthly payment, less than $1000.00 a month, no credit…
How long after chapter7 bankrupcy can you get a mortgage
Why are many houses in East Aurora assessed so far below their market value?
I am interested in older homes in or near the village but concerned about the high taxes there. Have found homes for $179K with assessed value very near asking price and the taxes are $7000ish. But also…
Do I have to get approved by the condo association after my offer gets excepted on a all cash deal?
Lets say I have a felony record, could that be used against me for board approval even though I am paying cash to the buyer, and the buyer want's the deal to close?
How do I indicate that data is incorrect in Trulia.?
When I see house information in Trulia that is incorrect (from the last time the house was sold), is it possible to tag it so that it can be corrected??? The info is correct in the MLS.
Need help getting home loan with 600 fico. Married. $9k dwn pymnt. 150k home. dont want to run a bunch of inquiries on report. looking for real help.
My past credit history was not so good, it was low 500s, so last year I payed everything off and it slowly rose to 637. However...I have applied for 2 home loans at big banks this past year and have been…
Any good closing attorneys in Birmingham, AL?
I will need a good reliable company to handle all my closing transactions in the Birmingham area. Do you know any that handles all the closing transactions that is not too expensive?
Where to find new buyer agent?
I been contacting my buyers agent and he gets back to me very often. When I contact him to do an evaluation on a property I am interested in making an offer on, he is very slow to respond like now he is…
Looking for lenders to help with doctor's home loans
Hi , I'm Bobby, I'm a physician that just completed his fellowship and I'm currently moonlighting (working on 1099). My family and I just moved here and we are looking for a first home.…
Is it common practice to do appraisal before the FHA inspection? I brought up my concerns to by agent and he told me it was just how its done.
I am Buying a short sale and will have to pay for appraisal if its done before inspection even if house fails inspection.
Home Loan with 10% down
Hi There, Has any one applied for a Mortgage loan recently. I just talked to a mortgage broker at my bank yesterday for a loan on a house price of 800k. And he was saying if we have anything less that…
Are there any mortgage lenders in Houston, TX that will grant a FHA loan with a credit score of 580 - 600 and without absurd interest rate?
My ID was stolen a few years ago and my husband committed some past financial mistakes. The result is that our credit scores are less than stellar. We hired a year ago a law firm that's working on…
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