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How hard is to sell a reverse mortgage house in an area that has not depreciated and buy a foreclosure for?
cash in a depreciated area? a place where the house prices went down due to the economy
can anyone tell me about reverse mortgage short sales?
This would be a For sale by owner (still living). How would this work?
Can I buy my mother's house for the remainder of her mortgage balance?
Hi all, A few months ago my father passed away and my mother cannot continue to make the house payment. I was wondering if I can purchase the house from her for the remainder of the balance or if there…
My wife is 1099 and has been with her company for 23 months, her anniversary date there is December 26th. We're trying to get pre approved for a
loan to buy soon and trying to find assistance in getting a loan. Her credit score is over 600 and she has no debt, and we have money for a down payment. Are there any lenders out there willing to help…
What would it cost to finish the interior of a new construction home? The home is 3000 sq ft. The entire exterior is finished; windows installed.
The interior rooms are framed. There's no plumbing or electric. House is on community septic. Assuming the plumbing is roughed in.
Looking to buy a home in stone mountain, GA
Moving form Seattle to stone mountain,is it a good place to raise a family? We have 9 yrs old and 4yrs old.
Please change the square footage on the description of our house at 732 Carriage Lake Drive, a garage and FROG were added 20 years ago.
Why are you using the old footage on our house? 732 Carriage Lake Drive, Lexington, SC It is 2,616 now, please change on your description.
Stratford Place Condos?
Why are there so many units for sale in Stratford Place in Bridgewater? Is it because of flooding issues? a tax hike? HOA fee bump? crime?
I am looking for an owner financing or rent to own home. We are looking for a home in the Killeen, Texas area.
My wife and I have had difficulty with finding a realtor that will listen to our needs.
196 helfreds landing bridgewater?
Anything is wrong with this house. It has been empty for a while put on a market than removed. Also it requires flood insurace. Is this a flooding area? Thx
My agent, attorney and I are getting very fed up with our home inspectors who inspected the house 5 days ago. They have yet to give us our written
report. Meanwhile the house is still being shown and can very well receive a better offer as we wait for our report. I've called 2x and the owner of the company said they had a computer crash and…
Home Warranties...are they worth the cost??
I am buying a 30 yr old condo and most everything inside is original and I can't get the seller to provide a home warranty...would it be prudent for me to purchase anyway?
Can one realtor represent buyer and seller? What % should realtor get paid?
After the estate sale, a buyer approached our realtor and made an offer, before the house was on the market.
Was 3 Russell Mews, Middletown NY sold?
Home was in foreclosure and sale listing was removed 11/15/14. 6 Russell Mews still vacant. Any idea why these homes are not selling?
What is the status of home at 3 Russell Mews, Middletown, NY?
I see the listing was removed on 11/15/2014. Was this home sold or still in foreclosure? Thank you.
Has the home on 3 Russell Mews, Middletown NY 10940 been sold?
It was foreclosed and then listed for sale but I see the listing was removed on 11/15/14. Thank you.
Why does Trulia get addresses wrong?
Your software took my listing and put it on another street. Plus, no one responded to my requests to fix it.
Can the contract be changed after the closing?
We closed on our house over three days ago and got the keys. Just recently I've been told by my lender that apparently they forgot to get the obligation to pay back the loan note (I know it's…
Do negotiations AFTER the inspection period put the buyer's deposit at risk?
This pertains to the standard FR/BAR contract form in Florida. My realtor and I notified the seller of several repairs within the inspection period and requested an adjusted the price. The seller countered…
is speed hump a negative thing?
I saw some discussions about speed humps in residential neighborhood. Some say good and some say bad. I know YMMV. In my case, it is a speed hump at the entry to the residential community. It is on a major…
After contract is signed, what are the maximum days allowed til closing in the State of New York?
It was an all cash sale. The closing date was set for one month in advance. Deed and title all clear. But now I have learned that the seller is still looking for that perfect house to purchase for his…
"Cost per square ft. for a used home"
Estimate cost of used home per square ft.
I have 2 questions. 1. Verification of funds in advance of cash offer with 2% deposit. 2. Is legal representation required, by law at cash sale?
In CT RE law, for an all cash offering. Must the closing funds, due at closing from buyer, be verified in advance (by seller's agent) prior to submitting the original offer to seller? A deposit check…
I have read about CDD areas in Naples. Is there any advantage to buying there?
I am from Illinois, and am just starting to look for a condo in Naples. I have seen areas that are in CDD districts. From the way I have read it, it doesn't seem to be advantageous to be strapped…
I wish to buy a home that my mom and her 3 siblings inherited. My mom is giving us her portion.
How can I get a mortgage without financing my mom's portion? I'm being told I have to finance the full amount and my mom would just give me her portion after closing. I would rather not finance that portion…
On a Mobile home park: better to own or rent space?
I want to buy a new manufactured home in park. Is it wiser to own or rent the space? Advantages or disadvantages?
I am interested to buy a home with its own land: 3bdrm, 2bth, garage, storage on 1/4 - 1/2 acre cost bet. $50 to $150 Thousand How can you help me?
public transportation available rural setting ok CA - coastal area preferred from Contra Costa to San Diego
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