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Home under contract. I believe Buyer has breached contract
I submitted reply to buyer on inspection items that were fixed and those that I will not be repairing. Per contract, I was to received a reply from buyer. "Buyer must notify seller in writing within…
Conducting a survey; As an online buyer, what is THE most important feature an agent can provide?
Market stats, lots of listings, local news & info, a phone call or...... NO phone call, lender info, buying & selling tips? Drop me a line with your unvarnished feedback.
When to hire a home inspector?
Hi! We're about to make an offer for a house in Brooklyn, NY. The house is over 50 years old and we're wondering at what stage we should hire a home inspector to look at the property. Is this…
Property zoned to allow mobile home on site?
Add some detail about your question
Can a buyer hire a different agent after the seller removes the home from the market but is later willing to sell.?
Buyer didn't sign BRA. Seller removed home from market after 2nd offer was made. Buyer has difficulty with English. Contract was to accept property "as is". Have tried to get explanations from agent,…
cancel my account
please cancel my account
Queensridge condo developement
Could someone tell me what the HOA is for Queensridge condos in the North West, 89156. Thank you.
How do I know if I'm getting taken advantage of as a buyer?
I am buying an REO property in New Jersey. I signed a contract and was approved. The appraisal came back SLIGHTLY above what I am buying the house for. My mortgage company; however, will not approve the…
Buying/selling without a realtor.
I live in a small condo building and one of the other owners is interested in buying my condo. He rents out the one he owns already. We discussed doing this between the two of us without realtors so no…
What are the odds of a non-investor being able to buy a home?
I have been wanting to move to Las Vegas for a really looooong time! I keep watching the market and when it dropped to bottom, so did the employment market and I had to hold on to my job. Now that I…
my renters are interested in buying my home in Little Rock, AR. I want a real estate agent to help me with the paperwork. What is the best procedure?
for me financially? For example, are there some things I could take care of myself, such as setting up the inspection? What is reasonable on a fee that I would pay an agent?
Can i get out this contract and if so how?
If i sign a as-is contract to buy a trailor and then find many leaks after 2 months of.living there and the park told me it didnt have any leaks and i also find out my neighbor has a much larger trailor…
Indianapolis area, resale potential, 250k and up, is a basement required?
We are trying to decide on two possible spec homes, one on a slab, one with a basement. The slab (3000 sq ft) has the better curb appeal (in our opinion), three car garage, and layout that we like. Negatives…
At SST - San Antonio, school begins at 8:00 a.m. Homeroom is from 7:30 - 7:55. My child is marked tardy at 7:35 a.m. Who is my POC outside SST?
According to Texas Law, a student is not counted as tardy if school has not yet started. I feel that they are singling my child out. I have questioned them in the past about 'their' policy,…
I need a mortgage.
So I have had 2 mortgage companies pre-approve me for a mortgage. Then I changed jobs because I need better hours for school. I went from making $11 an hour to making $7.25. I currently have no problems…
We're looking for information about Megatel Builders at Grayhawk in Forney?
~ Are they "really" reputable? ~ Do they keep committments ~ Is Grayhawk the place to live; if not where?
hi i was wondering if some one could give me a ball park figure of what the going rate (per a unit price) for multi family buildings are?
I'm in middle of looking at a couple of properties in irvington, in the Springfield/Stuyvesant area and I was told that the price is way to high
what is the property tax rate in Bakersfield, CA. Also, how much do you pay on average for property
insurance. I am looking to buy a $120,000 house. Please help me on the average monthly payment with taxes and insurance included. thanks
1337 St Petersburg Ave Mizpah, NJ 08342
I was wondering how much is wrong with this home? I'm approved for a VA loan of 117k and its been hard to find a house.
I have no cosigner
Can I buy a 490000 home I make 52000 a year if I put 20% down the home is a 2 family my score is 645 I had a bankruptcy 4 years ago
Septic vs. sewer: municipal water vs. well??? Help!!
Planning a move to either mahopac or yorktown within the year from the Bronx. I am finding that I can get alot more for my money in Mahopac but most houses are well/ sewer. In Yorktown, taxes seem a bit…
Looking for guidance on getting into a home around Lufkin, Tx area.
Credit scores range from 637-643 for me and around 680 for my wife. I am interested in FHA, USDA, and Texas first time home buyer programs. Contact me if you can help! :) :) :)
new home construction
Hi all. I also posted this in the rockland county section but I would like to post here. How do i even begin to go about looking into new home construction?
PMI Amount Question
I am in the early stages of purchasing a home in FL. Sales price is 264,500 and I am putting only 5% down at 4.75 APR. My bank has approved loan and sent me the prospective monthly payment sheet with insurance…
Recent college grad looking to buy first home
My husband and I are recent college grads and we both just accepted our first teaching jobs. We have been romanticizing with the idea of buying our first home for some time now but don't know if we…
I would like to invest a condo in Westchester area, and rent it out with a good return on investment ratio,
my budget will be around 200k to 400k. I assume anywhere has easy access to Metro North train with reasonable commute time to the city would be good place to look? any towns or complexes could be recommended?…
Will relocate to this area soon and look for buy a house in T/E school area. What is the property tax rate for this area?
Also anyone can tell me by zip code or city the Conestogate High school cover, so I can do a search to capture all foe sale list in trulia. Thanks.
Dearborn Heights, Detroit
We are an Investment company purchasing Investment properties for our foreign investors. We are looking for a french speaking property manager. Most of our properties are located in Dearborn Heights. It…
which middle school and high school do you have to go if you live riverview terrace Riverdale nj?
thanks -- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3053441502-91-Riverview-Ter-Riverdale-NJ-07457
i would be interested in looking at this place.Is it a bank owned house.?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3117883324-621-E-Rasor-Rd-Belfair-WA-98528?ecampaign=con_day_propertycomp_bk&eurl=www.trulia.com/property/3117883324-6…
I am looking for to purchase a rental house in Charlotte, and am looking for advise on which neighborhoods to focus on.
I am looking for to purchase a rental house in Charlotte, and am looking for advise on which neighborhoods to focus on. Here are my criteria- White collar neighborhood Newer property - 2000 or later Within…
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